Below you will find a selection of materials you can download and use for free.

Quick Start Rules

These PDFs have everything you need to dive into the various ways in which you can enjoy the BattleTech universe at your gaming table. Only a selection of the total rule set is included to ease you in to things. A great, easy way to ‘test-drive’ the Introductory Box Set or a particular rulebook before picking them up, or even as a teaching aid.

BattleTech Quick-Start Rules

The BattleTech Quick-Start rules includes rules, recordsheets and maps to play a surprising variety of the full BattleTech Board Game contained in the Introductory Box Set. Also included are eight pages of fiction.

The Spanish Language version of the BattleTech Quick-Start Rules.

The French Language version of the BattleTech Quick-Start Rules.

BattleForce Quick-Start Rules

BattleForce is the BatteTech game of lightning-fast combat. These rules ramp up standard-style game play to a fast-playing system that retains the feel of BattleTech. While the full rules are contained in Strategic Operations, these quick-start rules contain everything needed to play a BattleForce game, including maps and counters.

A Time of War Quick-Start Rules

The Quick-Start Rules for A Time of War: The BattleTech RPG includes rules, recordsheets and a brief adventure to get you familiar with the game and its mechanics.

A Time of War Quick-Start Rules
(Free RPG Day 2012)

This Quick-Start Rules booklet for A Time of War: The BattleTech RPG was part of Free RPG Day 2012; while the rules are the same as the PDF above, it includes new characters and a new adventure!

Chaos Campaign (E-CAT35400X)

The Chaos Campaign is a system to run your own campaign in a variety of BattleTech‘s game systems. Intended to provide some depth, while keeping logistics tracking to a minimum, the Chaos Campaign system is used in many recent books.

The Turning Points PDF-only campaign series uses this system extensively.

Record Sheets

Players may find these pre-filled record sheets useful when starting out. Beyond these free record sheets, players will find full line of print record sheets that include a selection of units from a given Technical Readout, as well as PDF-only Unabridged record sheets with all the various units and variants.

Introductory Box Set Record Sheets (& Counters)

These are the same record sheets found in the Introductory Box Set, provided for ease of printing-out and using; also includes a sheet of BattleMech counters players can print out and use.

Quick-Strike: Introductory ’Mech Cards (Record Sheets)

The Quick-Strike Rules system is a simple adaptation of the BattleForce gameplay system using more flexible tactical-scale miniature rules. As noted above, while the full BattleForce rules are found inStrategic Operations, players can download the free PDF of the BattleForce Quick-Start Rules, above, to get a feeling for that tactical game system and how it meshes with the Miniatures Rules to create the Quick-Strike Rules.

Quick-Strike Unit Cards (Record Sheets) are for use with that system. These free sheets show you the conversion of the record sheets from the Introductory Box Set, while full Quick-Strike Unit Cards are available on the Record Sheets (E-pub) page, for various Technical Readouts.

Long Tom

The existing record sheets for the Long Tom Mobile Artillery unit are invalid under the current ruleset. As such, we are making corrected record sheets available for download so that players can use the Long Tom in official play.

Long Tom Mobile Artillery LT-MOD-25

Long Tom Mobile Artillery (Ammunition Carriage)

Long Tom Mobile Artillery (Support Carriage)

Alpha Strike Mapboard Play

If you enjoy playing Alpha Strike but prefer play on mapboards using hexes, you may find the rules below useful in your games.

Mapboard Play PDF

These are the rules tables from Alpha Strike converted for hex-based mapboard play.

BattleForce Counters

If you enjoy playing the BattleForce game included in the Strategic Operations book, you may find these counters useful in your games.

A full line of faction-specific BattleForce counters is available.

Basic Counters

These are the basic counters as presented in Strategic Operations.

BattleForce Faction Counters: Mercenaries

Full BattleForce Unit counters, geared towards Mercenary faction use.

BattleForce Faction Counters: Miscellaneous

Full BattleForce counters for a variety of rules, including buildings, fire and smoke, minefields and more.


HexPacks are a flexible map system aid for the BattleTech game system. Designed for use in conjunction with other pre-printed mapsheets (such as those from the Introductory Box Set), the system’s flexibility allows for easy modifications to existing mapsheets. Below is a PDF that expands upon a promotional HexTile released alongside HexPack: Cities and Roads.

HexPack Promotion 1

An expanded PDF of additional pre-constructed buildings, and DropShip record sheets, based upon the rules sheet found in the DropShip Promotional HexTile connected to HexPack: Cities and Roads.

Solaris Melee Challenge

Solaris VII. The Game World. Where novice and veteran Mechwarriors come to try their hand at fame and fortune – or go down in flames, forgotten and penniless. This tournament attempts to immerse participants in the glitz, glamour, danger, and risk of arena combat and the ever-fickle attention of the audience. The brutality of Mech combat takes second seat to the all-important make-or-break attitude of the audience. Players in this tournament participate as a pilot, gaining Fame and Wealth based on showmanship, battlefield savvy, and experience while participating in combat, sponsorship, and stable membership.

Trial of Bloodright

This tournament offers players the opportunity to wage honorable battle to be one of the 25 Bloodnamed warriors sharing in the legacy of one of the Clan’s founders. Genetically engineered and bred for centuries for honor and glory, Clan warriors lust for a Bloodname for years and many never make the cut. Can you win the Trial of Bloodright?

Box Set Table Card

Included in the Box Set is a handy Table Card on card stock, that has many of the frequently used tables of the Board Game. You can use this PDF to print some of your own. It probably helps if you can also print it on cardstock, or thicker paper.

Interstellar Operations Open Beta Test

In Interstellar Operations, players are staged up to the final scale of play (above Tactical Operations and Strategic Operations), where they can assume the roles of a House Lord or Clan Khan and dominate the galaxy. Interstellar Operations rules represent months in the BattleTech universe, the time frame for conquering numerous star systems.

Interstellar Operations is currently under development, with no release date set yet. However, part of that development is to release every section in an Open Beta Playtest that will allow players to use the rules and provide feedback. The first PDF is found below…more PDFs will be adding in the coming weeks and months.

Note that these PDFs are NOT final; they have no art, “p. XX”s exist, and so on. They are provided in a clear, pre-final form for use, but the final layout with art and additional corrections (as determined by the playtest) will be different.

Once you’ve had a chance to fully digest the rules and put them to use, feel free to visit the forums at, specifically, the “Catalyst Asks You!” section. For each PDF there will be two threads. The first will be the “errata” thread; a “no discussion” thread where all you’re doing is providing specific feedback on the document as is; i.e. “This rule doesn’t work and here’s why” thread. The second will be the “discussion” thread, where players can discuss the rules, request insight into why rules were done a certain way, provide a wish list of additional content, and so on. More rules covering each thread can be found in those threads.

The online names of all players that participate in these threads will be collated and included in the final book (no other recompense will be involved).

Interstellar Operations Open Beta Playtest: Solar System Generation

The rules in this section provide gamemasters with guidelines for producing more detailed star systems, planets, and even inhabited worlds. They are not meant as firm rules, but simply guidelines for GMs and players who do not feel like creating systems from scratch.

Interstellar Operations Open Beta Playtest: Creating A Force

The rules in this section are intended to allow players to produce military forces of almost any type, and to do so relatively quickly. Significant freedom is granted in the process, requiring some restraint on the part of the players.

Interstellar Operations Open Beta Playtest: Creating A Force

This section provides rules or operating the forces generated using the Creating A Force rules, including delving into reputation, hirings, and so on.

Scenarios and Sources

A collection of various scenarios and source material that have been published online.


Prior to launching Operation ANGEL REQUIEM to attack the Word of Blake’s Gabriel outpost, Chandrasekhar Kurita and his people gathered information on the mercenary commands who would participate in the assault. These files, along with Hachiman Taro corporate notes and information on the Word’s Hidden Worlds, were released to the public during GenCon 2009.

Dark Age

The Dark Age period represents a jump forward in time of some five decades from the end of the Word of Blake Jihad in 3081. The following documents can be used to catch up on the events, personalities and changes of the new setting.

Touring the Stars

An in-universe look at the major factions, their histories and their status quo as of 3130.

Republic of the Sphere

A brief examination of the Republic’s government and history. Also includes short biographies of the prominent personalities of the early Dark Age era.

Republic Worlds

A gazeteer of the worlds that compose the Republic. (Note: Not all worlds are fully described.)

3132-3134 INN

3135 PDA Journals

3136 LinkNet

3136 Levin’s List

Collections of in-universe news articles and personal journals that paint a vivid picture of life in the mid-32nd century from just before the HPG blackout into the years of Fortress Republic.

MechWarrior: Dark Age Dossiers and Pilot Cards

MechWarrior: Dark Age Sneak Peeks

Two collections of information about the MechWarrior: Dark Age game sets and playing pieces.