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Off Topic / Re: Aviation Pictures Part Trois
« Last post by I am Belch II on Today at 19:37:41 »
The F104 was used by so many nations. It was fast but a death trap. It sure wasn't a dogfighter or anything close to that mission. I remember someone telling me that the wings were so thin and sharp that they had to put something on the wings so people didn't cut or worse when they bumped into it.
It was so much better then Force Awakens. It was very good some things were a little forced.  Some parts were just beyond awesome.
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Off Topic / Re: Aviation Pictures Part Trois
« Last post by CrossfirePilot on Today at 19:19:30 »
I love the F104.  So what if the landing speed is faster than most top fuel drag racers!
Maybe there's something preventing computers or droids from handling hyperspace travel.  We've never seen any ship, not even the highly droid-dependany Trade Federation, have anyone but living pilots make the jump
Off Topic / Re: Armored Fightning Vehicles MK III
« Last post by Empyrus on Today at 18:48:51 »
Well, Americans did do similar things occasionally (though fortunately their system is mostly consistent).
F-5 Tiger to F-20 Tigershark for example, though in this case the designation was a marketing trick really, and the plane ended up staying mostly on drawing boards with no buyers.
And then there's the Super Hornet, though it is is more like a new plane with old designation.

Keeping track of Russian designations is difficult for sure. I assume it is marketing ultimately, higher number is usually more advanced so...
Like, the PAK-FA got Su-57 designation. Though i guess part of the reason could be that the first number is "generation".
For example Su-27 updated to more capable Su-33/35 (or whatever it was), then there's the more advanced but never produced Su-47 from 90s, and PAK-FA/Su-57 represents another entirely new generation.
Picture, thousand words, and all that.

That's not a ship, that's a torpedo battery with engines attached.

and from the FB post:

Off Topic / Re: Armored Fightning Vehicles MK III
« Last post by Fat Guy on Today at 18:39:22 »
Yes, it's a highly modified and updated T-72 - but it's not a completely new tank.

That would be like calling the F-15E (highly modified and updated over the C/D) the F-24.

Curiously, the Russians like doing this. The latest version of the MiG-29 is the MiG-35, and the newest Hind is the Mi-35.

Don't even get me started on all the different Flanker numbers...
Oh how I wish I could install nit sinks on some of the threads on this forum...
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