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additional question. would having a lance or more mechs for security would be advisable?

i was thinking about location for the factory not being on the ground for security reasons more like in asteroid belt or long range orbit.
to be honest the best security is to make the factory somewhat hard to get to, and from, and somewhat obscure.

if its an orbital factory, sure having some marines (infantry) as security, definitely battle armor (if available) and a few mechs might make sense, but I would also plan to have aerospace fighters and  some combat dropships, along with as many combat satellites as you can get away with.

for a ground factory, one trick I would try to do, is have underground trams, being the primary access and deliveries to and from the factory, preferably with security checkpoints well outside the factory proper.  and with the actual tram connections at the next towns over IE there are several towns/cities at least 10 miles away from the actual factory, the supplies (and workers) board subways and are transported underground to the actual factory complex. all materials leave the factory in a similar manner.
If you are really sneaky, the trams are sealed (vacuum tight) and run through evacuated tunnels, on maglev tram lines, thus no (or very little) sound to use to track the tram cars, and if you lie about how fast the trams actually run, and take measures to scramble things like inertial trackers, you could make it really difficult for people who don't really know to figure out exactly where your factory really is.

of course at that point your factory is in many ways an actual castle brian, just with significant manufacturing capability.
Aerospace Combat / Re: Merlin vs Lung Wang P2
« Last post by Vition2 on Today at 23:30:22 »
The vessels are much more even than is being presented, with subcaps lacking the range advantages of capitals (Though, and the Merlin having a frightful fore itself.

Not really, here's a breakdown at each range using standard weapons scale (technically the SCL/3s are one hex short of the maximum Extreme range for this scale, but isn't enough to disqualify this as a general example):

Lung Wang P2


1: 9 of which is only suffering medium range penalties and can bracket to reduce penalties further
2: 9 of which is only suffering medium range penalties and can bracket to reduce penalties further
3: 9 of which is not suffering any range penalties and can bracket to reduce penalties or gain bonuses.

I'll note that in each case I'm using the nose and one side, it's not until they get to short range that the Merlin's maneuverability will allow it to have any sort of advantage - basically, if it wins initiative when at short range it can avoid most of the Lung Wang's damage, but the same can be said in the reverse.  The truth is the Lung Wang P2 has an advantage at all ranges, and significant advantages in the extreme and long range brackets.

Note: Maxxx was correct that both ships are spheroids and thus do not have wings, I had taken that into account when I made my prediction (calculating based off a single side adding to the nose damage), so it doesn't change anything.
BattleTech Game Errata / Re: BattleMech Manual - 9 December 2017 (v1.3)
« Last post by Xotl on Today at 23:21:24 »
The mistake seems to be on p. 127.  Per TacOps p. 412, caseless ammo is not eligible for Protos.

Delete the reference on p. 127.

This one is killing me. I can picture the actor but can't think of his name or any movie he's been in.  Older man... light blue eyes, almost always in a suit or other "rich/powerful guy" clothing. Can't say he's a superstar but he's been in a lot of movies, often as the bad guy.

First person I thought of was Giancarlo Giannini (played Mathis in Casino Royal), but I don't think he had bright blue eyes.
Off Topic / Re: NHL 2017-2018, now with 3% more kniggets
« Last post by Dragon Cat on Today at 23:01:15 »
Interesting decision against Bruins for Maple Leafs that saw decision on ice stand against a Coach Challenge for goal interference with 1:30 left in 3rd Period
Fan Fiction / Re: Kapteyn Universe (KU) Relaunch
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 22:48:09 »
Cool... I suppose I'll be reading that as it comes out then...
I generally don't recommend using a hobby knife to cut anything except paper or thin materials on a cutting mat, simply because it's so easy to stab yourself. Less than $10 on Amazon or the like will get you the flush cutters, and freedom from knife wounds. Snip snip snip snip and you're done vs. time to heat water, soak the mini, and carefully carve off the edges (assuming you don't need to spend time dressing a wound or getting stitches).  ;)
Fan Fiction / Re: Kapteyn Universe (KU) Relaunch
« Last post by Blacknova on Today at 22:39:45 »
That was the centerpiece of another big change in that part of space.
Fan Fiction / Re: Kapteyn Universe (KU) Relaunch
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 22:37:51 »
Question: did anyone take the Lothian League the first time around?
Off Topic / Re: NHL 2017-2018, now with 3% more kniggets
« Last post by gyedid on Today at 22:31:10 »
Monday, 3 p.m. EDT.

Cheers, Gabe
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