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And, of course, the Rebels have their share of fighters, and I also have picked up the pack of freelancers that go by the titles of bounty hunters and smugglers (Rogues and Villians).

I've started on the famous ships, and will work my way through the others soon.

Being as small as they are, they're easy to paint except for some details. I'll have to play around with red stripes for Dengar's Punishing one, which will be fun.

Obviously, more to come on this front.
Of course, there are a bunch of extra squadron options, a few of which I've picked up and started painting, too.

The Imperials have a range of other TIE fighters, which I haven't quite finished yet because of another project, as well as shuttles and a few other support craft, which I'm still in the middle of working on.

General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Infantry in CBT - the POLL
« Last post by sadlerbw on Today at 18:06:14 »
Refresh my memory here. Are digging in and hidden units base rules, or are they advanced/optional stuff from TacOps? I feel like digging in, at least, is a TacOps thing. Doesn't invalidate any points about using it, I just tend to avoid most advanced rules if I am playing in meat-space. I do use them more in MegaMek though. Actually...I don't use them at all much anymore. I mostly play Alpha Strike these days and the infantry rules are quite different.

I will grant that infantry make fantastic spotters with a couple caveats: you either need to be able to deploy them where you want during setup, or you need APC's or the like to move them around. Otherwise, they have a tough time getting to where the fight is, even on reasonably small maps.

I think the basic problem, for me anyway, is that I just don't have fun playing infantry. Battle Armor I can tolerate, though I still don't love them, but regular infantry? Meh. They are about as fun as a one-legged Hunchback: Sure it might be a threat, but it isn't all that interesting if you are the one playing it.
So, one of the things out of Fantasy Flight's series of games that does need paint is all the Armada Fighter and support squadron stuff.

A refresher the core game comes with 4 X-Wing Squadrons and 6 TIE Squadrons in addition to the CR-90, Nebulon, and Victory Star Destroyer.

The squadron figures come in a mere plastic color, Gunmetal for Imperials and cream white for Rebels.

There's enough detail on them that they're worth painting up.

I apologize for the pics, but lighting can be hard to get right with white and gray figurines. This is not the flash, and I even had something of a filter/block up, too.
Last Rifle Mech for a while.  Hopefully. 

The HBK-4R.  When the 4G really wants to reach out and nearly headcap someone.

Code: [Select]
Hunchback HBK-4R
Base Tech Level: Experimental (IS)
Level          Era
Experimental    - 
Advanced        - 
Standard      3145+
Tech Rating: D/C-F-X-X

Weight: 50 tons
BV: 1,010
Cost: 3,253,375 C-bills
Source: TRO 3039 - Star League

Movement: 4/6
Engine: 200
Heat Sinks: 10
Gyro: Standard Gyro

Internal: 83
Armor: 160/169
                     Internal  Armor   
Head                        3      9   
Center Torso               16     26   
Center Torso (rear)                5   
Right Torso                12     20   
Right Torso (rear)                 4   
Left Torso                 12     20   
Left Torso (rear)                  4   
Right Arm                   8     16   
Left Arm                    8     16   
Right Leg                  12     20   
Left Leg                   12     20   

Weapons                Loc  Heat 
Medium Laser            LA    3   
Medium Laser            RA    3   
Small Laser             HD    1   
Rifle (Cannon, Heavy)   RT    4   
Rifle (Cannon, Heavy)   RT    4   

Ammo              Loc  Shots 
Heavy Rifle Ammo   LT      6 
Heavy Rifle Ammo   LT      6 
Heavy Rifle Ammo   LT      6 

Battle Fists (LA)<br/>
Battle Fists (RA)
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Best melee mechs
« Last post by Sartris on Today at 17:52:41 »
I only play with Introductory tech, so not sure how useful this recommendation will be for you, but I've always loved the Banshee for melee, particularly the 3Q variant.  Charge into combat, then punch and kick and blast away with the AC/20 to add insult to injury.  Really fun.  Nice 'Mech for fighting in close quarters arena and/or city battles.

I've used the 3Q in all eras of play and it's a terror every month of every year. I applaud your taste.
Blazer Phoenix Hawk LAM.  Needs to stagger its fire a bit, but it's a LAM with a headcapper and no ammo:

Code: [Select]
Phoenix Hawk LAM PHX-HK3
Base Tech Level: Experimental (IS)
Level            Era   
Experimental  2901-3076
Advanced        3077+ 
Standard          -   
Extinct         3085+ 
Tech Rating: D/X-E-F-F

Weight: 50 tons
BV: 1,567
Cost: 4,440,500 C-bills
Source: TRO3085

Movement: 5/8/5
AirMech: 2/3/15/23
Fighter: 5/8
Engine: 250
Heat Sinks: 12
Gyro: Standard Gyro

Internal: 83
Armor: 128/169
                     Internal  Armor   
Head                        3      6   
Center Torso               16     23   
Center Torso (rear)                5   
Right Torso                12     18   
Right Torso (rear)                 4   
Left Torso                 12     18   
Left Torso (rear)                  4   
Right Arm                   8     10   
Left Arm                    8     10   
Right Leg                  12     15   
Left Leg                   12     15   

Weapons                       Loc  Heat 
Binary Laser (Blazer) Cannon   RT   16   
Variation on the STG-A10 Stinger LAM, dropping the 11th heat sink and two small lasers to add a second medium laser and an ER Flamer.

Code: [Select]
Stinger LAM STG-A11
Base Tech Level: Experimental (IS)
Level          Era
Experimental    - 
Advanced      3090+
Standard        - 
Extinct       3090+
Tech Rating: D/X-X-F-F

Weight: 30 tons
BV: 1,001
Cost: 2,414,653 C-bills
Source: TRO3085

Movement: 6/9/6
AirMech: 2/3/18/27
Fighter: 6/9
Engine: 180
Heat Sinks: 10
Gyro: Standard Gyro

Internal: 51
Armor: 80/105
                     Internal  Armor   
Head                        3      9   
Center Torso               10     12   
Center Torso (rear)                3   
Right Torso                 7      9   
Right Torso (rear)                 3   
Left Torso                  7      9   
Left Torso (rear)                  3   
Right Arm                   5      6   
Left Arm                    5      6   
Right Leg                   7     10   
Left Leg                    7     10   

Weapons       Loc  Heat 
Small Laser    LA    1   
Small Laser    RA    1   
Medium Laser   RT    3   
ER Flamer      CT    4   
Medium Laser   LT    3   
Off Topic / Re: Do tank crews ever get "carsick"?
« Last post by elf25s on Today at 17:42:04 »
during deployment back during desert storm my buddy was in motor pool he can attest that after being assigned kp duty for doing something silly not dangerous he had been stuck on cleaning detail of apc and armor crew compartments that yes tankers do get car sick. there was one in particular he recalls because it was same crew and same tank he ended cleaning up after made it no fun to be stuck on that detail whenever they got back...and barf bags do not seal as tightly as you think
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Best Infantry by Era?
« Last post by Weirdo on Today at 17:40:02 »
This question can't be answered without a lot more qualifiers. Best at what? Doing raw damage at any range? Doing damage at a specific range? Being cool? Being cheap? Surviving damage? Not taking damage? Being Zug's favorite for any reason at all?
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