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Re: C3 Computer Systems?
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And don't forget that once your C3M brawler gets into optimal range, it can use the integral TAG on the Master to spot for artillery and/or semi-guided LRMs. And units like LRM-10 flatbed truck and the mechanized field artillery are good budget options since their BV will need to be adjusted for using the alternate ammo.


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Re: C3 Computer Systems?
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What a lot of people forget when calculating forces with C3, is that often the other side will have more units. BV has a system for calculating a BV offset when dealing with differing number of units, and this actually makes the other side's BV jump as well.  But most players don't do this step, so they run 12 C3 units against 18 standard units (roughly), when with the adjustments it would be against 16.
Where was this rule before it was errattaed?  I think I want to dig a bit deeper on it.
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Re: C3 Computer Systems?
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Tech Manual page 314 under Force Size