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Off Topic / Re: Star Wars The Last Jedi Spoilerrific Discussion
« Last post by monbvol on Today at 16:23:37 »
That would have been much better.
Fan Articles / Re: Mech of the Week - JG-XXXX Juggernaut
« Last post by Nightsong on Today at 16:15:49 »
Well, it’s because MGs were nightmares in Solaris rules. No heat, could fire every turn (S7 rules broke each BT turn into 4 parts but weapons had a fire delay. MGs didn’t) so a Piranha or a Juggy could chew you up very quickly.
Combat Vehicles / Re: Gerrida Assault Hovertank w. Art
« Last post by Tymers Realm on Today at 16:02:09 »
Somebody has watched the Heavy Object anime recently I think.
Pretty much my thoughts....
Fan Art / Re: WIP - Yellow Jacket need help
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 15:50:38 »
Centerline is definitely better for something that weighs 50% the weight of the entire vehicle...
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: How many unlisted mechs?
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 15:45:35 »
Planets are pretty big places.  An additional regiment (or even 5) could easily be so spread out as to be as immaterial you suggest.
Off Topic / Re: Star Wars The Last Jedi Spoilerrific Discussion
« Last post by iamfanboy on Today at 15:43:34 »
So. The sneaking aboard subplot wasn't bad per se; my problem is how it started. Not sneaking away and standing up for what's important is a lesson he learned in the LAST movie, dammit, and any time you've got a character relearning old lessons in movies it's dead plot.

How I would have done it:

1) Finn and Poe hatch the plan. Maybe have Rose involved because the plan involves using an escape pod to just drift into the chaser fleet and she's the guard. Have shady guy involved because he's an expert slicer already working for the Resistance as a part-time thing and just got kind of swept up in the evacuation - perhaps he's a traitor already, perhaps he was a freelancer and didn't have time to leave on his own so he's mad about losing his ship. Give him MOTIVATION to betray.

2) Poe, Rose, slicer drift into the fleet. Maybe have some tense moments where a flyby of the pod doesn't pick up anything thanks to the slicer's efforts, maybe have the conversation about the source of the weapons here too. Have slicer reveal the Resistance BOMBER instead of an X-Wing so that Rose has to confront that maybe the Resistance isn't so squeaky-clean either - part of the failure of that little reveal is that Finn already doesn't believe much in the resistance, so why would he care? Focus on Rose's response!

3) They board the ship, and the rest of the subplot proceeds unchanged.

Ten minutes versus thirty-odd minutes. I still think it needs to be there to break up the Jedi training, but it was mostly... filler. I was watching an old MST3K episode (Fire Women of Venus) and that's what it reminded me of: the tensionless field walking and watching dials while they 'fly' to wherever it is they were going. Venus? Probably.
MegaMek games / Re: Steve's Dedicated Server Thread
« Last post by SteveRestless on Today at 15:21:12 »
Host had to reboot for Meltdown/Spectre, so I updated the server as I brought it back up.
Off Topic / Re: Star Wars The Last Jedi Spoilerrific Discussion
« Last post by YingJanshi on Today at 15:21:05 »
So, what would you have liked them to have done with Finn instead?

I honestly, have no idea. Of course, it's not like they've done much with him anyway. Hopefully he gets to do a lot more in Episode 9.
BattleTech Miniatures / Re: Infantry - Foot/Motor/Mech
« Last post by Ronin Actual on Today at 15:16:16 »
Very nice! I like the GHQ minis for infantry too. I use some U.S. HMMWVs for motor and German Fennek for Mech.
The resemblance is so uncanny (and not traditionally heroic) that I'm wondering myself.

The illustration looks to be a Jim Holloway; I believe he's still active in the gaming industry and it might be possible to track down the source and get this 80s pop monkey off our collective back?   ;)
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