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What is the state of scientific knowledge within the Inner Sphere?

Is there knowledge of basic sciene, like Physics, Chemistry, Biology?

Do children learn science at school?

Do people study science at academies?

And if they do, do people research in their scientific fields?

Do people invent?

Wouldn't people be able to research and invent everything that was invented before?

And if not, why not?

What does Battletech canon say about that?


Until Recently How the Egyptians erected Obelisks.


Lots of things our ancient brethren built we still don;t have a firm grasp on how to do in the modern era.
Off Topic / Re: Star Trek Discovery
« Last post by YingJanshi on Today at 17:39:15 »
Oh don't quash their trekkie nerdrage with such things as fact about copyright, trademarks and the obligation to stop infrinctions to keep your rights.

Oh, CBS/Paramount had every right to step in. What's unfortunate about this whole debacle is that they could have protected their copyright and still earned the good graces of the fans. Because, well, they may own the IP, but it is the fans that make it profitable. Drive away fans, and it will won't be profitable to put any work into the franchise.

I don't really care about the Axanar movie one way or the other (nor do I really care about any of the other fan productions). But, it should be noted that up until this point CBS has given tacit approval for all of them. And in the case of Axanar, the team behind it had been in contact with multiple people at CBS (including executives) and all such contacts had been positive. The Axanar crew had even offered to pay any "profits" made to CBS. That was refused. Even JJ Abrams was trying to get CBS to drop the suit.

Anyway, the heart of the matter to me isn't whether Axanar went to far (which they clearly did, and have acknowledged such), but rather the way CBS reacted with their a"guidelines"; so how does one protect your intellectual property without alienating the fans that buy it from you. Because yes, legally you own it, but everyone that enjoys it, owns their experience of it.

Let's take another example: Topps sends a C&D letter to Amazon to take down all of the unlicensed BattleTech fiction from the Kindle store (yes, there actually is quite a bit on there, don't believe me, I'll PM you links), which is quite within their rights and duty to do so. But on top of that, they then say that if you want to write BattleTech fanfiction it can be no longer than a single paragraph and you are not allowed to upload it anywhere online. How quickly will that alienate the fans?
I dig it. Any one have any guesess on which clan had the deepest brian Chache reserves right before the invasion? Just curious

With the Clans' 'might makes right' mentality, you're probably looking at the more powerful Clans having deeper reserves in that regard (Wolf, Falcon, Jaguar, etc.). The other way to look at it is that weaker Clans likely needed to pull more out of their caches to keep up with losses as opposed to the more industrially-capable Clans. Losing, say, a Griffin IIC for the Jade Falcons means replacing it with another one, or a Hellhound, or something like that, while the Blood Spirits might have to pull out an old Phoenix Hawk or Crab or something like that because it's harder to build/trade for a replacement. That means the cupboard is much more bare after a couple hundred years for the Spirits or Mandrills or someone like that than it would be for the Wolves or Bears.
Fan Fiction / Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
« Last post by Vition2 on Today at 17:30:24 »
I suspect the Scorpions managed to salvage a portion of the Lum shipyards and were able to bring it with them in their exodus from the Homeworlds.  Meanwhile they may have been unable to bring an equivalent ground forces factory.

Regardless, very interesting updates - the Dragon seems to be taking it on just about all sides right now, the only real reprieve is on the longer portion of the Rasalhague border, and the Ravens...
Fan Articles / Re: WarShip of the Week: Cruiser
« Last post by Death by Lasers on Today at 16:57:33 »
Oops, I forgot to include the Cruiser :D.
Off Topic / Re: Fallout Minis
« Last post by JadeHellbringer on Today at 16:56:38 »
Spray 'n Pray is fantastic for that mission: the explosive property takes down groups of mole rats with ease, and since it's a silenced weapon it doesn't usually alert rats that aren't close by.

Mines help a ton too- obviously when they burrow and pop up they go right under the mines, but if you can find areas that are steel flooring (staircases for example) the rats can't come up through that- which means they have to come up nearby and rush at you. Planting a few mines at the edge of the dirt areas means they pop up right into a high-explosive greeting.

Also, power armor is important- if you have power armor on, the first bite won't have the poisoning effect, only the second one. So while it's not foolproof, it DOES give you one mulligan at least. (Stealth Boy armor helps too, keeps the number of rats aware of your presence to a minimum).

That mission is a bitch- on this second playthrough I've actively been avoiding it just because it's such a beast. But... I hit level 81 earlier today, so it's probably time to suck it up and get started. Times like this, I miss Moira's glowing stick from Megaton...
Fan Articles / Re: WarShip of the Week: Cruiser
« Last post by Death by Lasers on Today at 16:51:28 »
  I did some rough estimates of ship masses just to see how dense some Btech warships are.  I also put an illustration showing an Aegis at canon size compared to it at tank and naval ship densities.  I'm thinking they could either be built like Tanks since they don't need to be buoyant or like naval ships if they need to be roomy enough for light but bulky equipment and crew quarters. 

  Even at only 243 meters in length the Cruiser has about the same density as most Btech ships.  It looks tiny but that compact frame holds a lot of volume. 

Weight: 500,000 tons
Volume (est.): 4,294,164 m^3
Density: 116 kg/m^3

Weight: 750,000 tons
Volume (est.): 9,639,000 m^3
Density: 78 kg/m^3

Weight: 97,000 tons
Volume (est.): 415,000 m^3
Density: 233 kg/m^3

Weight: 62 tons
Volume (est.): 51 m^3
Density: 1,208 kg/m^3
Off Topic / Re: Naval Pictures III: Splice The Main Brace!
« Last post by JadeHellbringer on Today at 16:47:14 »
Essentially all pre-ironclad naval wars involved lots of ship trading. Wasn't it a French ship that changed sides like 5 or 6 times?

Hell, even ironclads sometimes did. Meet the Huascar.

Built in Great Britain, she was the flagship of the Peruvian Navy from her commissioning in late 1866 until her capture by Chile at the Battle of Angamos in late 1879. She served her new nation for another 1897, when she was retired due to damage from an engine explosion (and total obsolescence). She was then restored as a functioning museum ship/coast defense vessel in 1934, restored to her original armament as a museum-only vessel in the 1950s, and now serves as one of the only remaining examples of monitor/ironclad history in the world, and a beloved memorial and museum to the navies of both Chile and Peru (while owned by Chile, Peru assists in keeping her in good condition financially, and it isn't uncommon for her to fly both country's flags while under way)
Off Topic / Re: Naval Pictures III: Splice The Main Brace!
« Last post by Ruger on Today at 16:41:41 »
War of 1812, the British Brig Frolic fighting Sloop of War, USS Wasp.

I have not delved into the War of 1812 much.  One thing is certain, is they were certainly swapping ships alot in this one.  High Theft Seas indeed!

Fun fact, this USS Wasp that fought the HMS Frolic was the first of four USS Wasp's to serve in the US Navy during the War of 1812 (which actually lasted into 1815, despite the name given to this war)...the first was a sloop-of-war and was the longest serving one, lasting from 1807 to 1812 in US Navy service, and then until 1814 in Royal Navy service...the second was a lightly armed schooner and was used mostly as a privateer in the 1812 to 1813 time frame...the third was a sloop that served on Lake Champlain from 1813 to 1814, was also very lightly armed, and saw no combat before being returned to her owners in 1814...

The fourth served less than a year before she was lost. Another sloop-of-war, she fought and defeated three Royal Navy ships over the course of two raiding voyages against British commerce...the first was a Cruizer-class brig-sloop named HMS Reindeer during her first raiding voyage, the next was the brig HMS Avon, and finally the small brig HMS Atalanta (the latter two during her second voyage...and there is some question as to the last actually having been commissioned in the Royal Navy...apparently no record of this commission can be found, and she was operating as a merchant brig during her capture...interestingly enough, she was originally an American privateer during the war)...during her second raiding voyage, she also encountered a convoy of 10 ships escorted by a 74 gun third-rate ship of the line, HMS Armada...despite that vessel's presence, the 22 gun USS Wasp (well 2 long guns and 20 carronades) managed to capture one of the brigs in the convoy and was working on another when she was chased off by the larger warship...unfortunately, this tough little ship was lost in October of 1814, when she most likely foundered in a storm and sank...

There have been 11 ships named Wasp in the US Navy, with two being carriers that served in WW2 (CV-7 and CV-18...the latter served from 1943 to 1972, and earned 8 battle stars for service in WW2), and the current one being the lead ship of the Wasp-class amphibious assault ships.

Fan Fiction / Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
« Last post by cawest on Today at 16:38:47 »
I'm confused.  the GS are short weapons, but they could make four CA sized warships of a completely new design?  that has to be an interesting back story.
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