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3050 New Oslo Free Rasalhague Republic. World Wide Event 2017!

Can you stop the Clans? 
The Free Rasalhague Republic is under seige and crumbling as Clan Wolf steam rolls through the KungsArmé.
New Olso must stop as onslaught as  Gorton, Kingsley, and Thorpe Enterprises (GKT) attempts to pack up and flee.
Clan and IS forces will be available for play in this World Wide Event.
Set up  10 Clan Mechs and 5 Elementals v. 2 Mixed Companies IS Introductory level units.
City terrain and woods will be highlighted
Come on out and have a blast at this reported event.
Ground Combat / Re: Is this worth it?
« Last post by Kojak on Today at 19:56:23 »
You had me until the rocket launchers.
To be honest, I actually like the strong ambiguity of Aleksandr Kerensky as a character: he's simultaneously lauded as a military god and derided as a catastrophic failure, and both of those arguments are perfectly and simultaneously reasonable, which is interesting for someone whose actions and decisions were so consequential they arguably shaped the following four hundred years of human history, and possibly more.
It's there.  Likely you did a default search that has the option selected to not show units that don't have a BV.  Since it doesn't have an official record sheet, it also doesn't have an official BV.

Thank you, didn't realize that was a setting.
Non-Canon Units / Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
« Last post by Nav_Alpha on Today at 19:23:05 »
It's over. Four days - but it felt like 400. On the 20th of March, allied commanders officially declared Coventry liberated from the Word of Blake.
Yeah, sure. A suicide bomber blew himself up this morning in a CBD street and allied forces have suffered sniper and mortar attacks for the past week.
The Word managed to get a couple Level IIs off world and somehow run the blockade - but there's still certainly enough of them still here resisting.

Our last action was a case in point. The Cavaliere were tasked with reinforcing a Donegal Guard infantry company as it cleared several blocks of Port St William.
The Robes had been bottled up around the Mech factory and were just about done at this time, but there was still plenty of fighting.
My Mauler Lance was QRF, along with our BA platoon. The Donegal Guards were all on foot with just a couple Marsden IIs as they went door to door.
There was also some sort of Lyran special forces sniper team on overwatch.

There was plenty going on - but a real struggle for us. These were civilian homes and shops and there's not much you can do from the con of a 70 tonne war machine.
A couple Guards were taken out by snipers and even some MG nests before we got called in.
An explosion brought down an entire building wall and a couple squads of Purifiers came boiling out.
By the time we got there, the Robes had cut through a whole damn platoon and the other two were dug in to a row of terrace houses.
Frigg'in Word made us open fire on buildings full of civilians, then send infantry in with grenades and recoilless. Bastards.

By the time Galen Cox announced the Word's defeat all up, we had lost one mech (Hussar) that could be repaired and three totally destroyed (the old man's former Marauder, Daikyu and Valkyrie), along with a couple tanks and maybe two squads of PBIs.
We are doing a quick repair and rearm but we already got the move order - Stone is picking up our contract and shifting us to Skye. It's all very hush hush but they're expecting a counter attack.

Barretts have piloted my Warhammer for like.. three centuries. But I'm loaning it to Mo Cavalli. Because the Colonel is selling the captured Thug to me at a discount. Mo can drive (and sure as hell better not lose!) My Wammie, we move Occy up to a captured Flashman and apparently we have organised an old Dragon for Yasmin.
It's like a whole new lance!

- journal of Teige Barrett

Some people are saying this is the end of the Word - Coventry is the tipping point as nations unite against the Jihad and thus Devlin Stone can take on some sort of mantle of leadership.
I just wish those people could see the long lines of crippled and maimed men waiting for treatment in snow and sleet up to their knees. Or the hundreds of rifles hammered into the hillside, a helmet and link of dog tags on each.
The bombed Andrew blasted homes and work places across Coventry's capital?
Or even the shell shocked look my oldest son has after getting shot out of his Marauder.
The tipping point, eh?

- Felix Cavalli to embedded Solaris Broadcasting Service reporter (quotes unaired)
Off Topic / Re: Armored Fightning Vehicles MK III
« Last post by WarGod on Today at 19:16:46 »
Does that top picture have a machine gun and red cross on the same vehicle?  Isn't that...frowned upon?

Not any more.  That changed during the 2003 invasion, mainly because medics are required to defend their patients, and the Insugents did'nt give a crap if a vehicle was an marked ambulance or not.  but thats a opps on my part that is a model kit. 
Off Topic / FUSION! A glimpse inside a reactor
« Last post by cray on Today at 19:12:59 »
An ultra-high speed video of the start-up of a research reactor.
I think we have established the 1st/2nd SW were certainly more devastating in terms of taking numerous planets back to the Stone Age (or at least medieval-20th century) and just outright depopulating others as everyone tossed nukes and bio weapons around.

But people feel so strongly about the Jihad because it was new and a shock... and we got rules for it.

From an in world perspective: war had been conducted on a limited, feudal scale for centuries. Jump ships, civilians and factories were sacred and left alone.
The concept of total war being directed against a Clan as part of BULLDOG/SERPENT had people disgusted because it was so alien and harkened back to the barbaric succession wars days.

From a meta perspective: we finally got rules for nukes - effectively game enders in one round. It was totally alien to gamers used to playing out giant games of chess.
Off Topic / Re: Armored Fightning Vehicles MK III
« Last post by truetanker on Today at 19:00:58 »
It's the Paintball version...


MechWarrior Hall / Re: Mopar the Messiah the Thread...
« Last post by truetanker on Today at 18:59:03 »
I think Mopar would want Mrs. Mopar happier with that extra $275 bucks a month!

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