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Off Topic / Re: World of Warships Beta
« Last post by HobbesHurlbut on Today at 22:41:28 »
You forgot to mention her zombie-like repair party. That more or less make up for her "squishiness" as a battleship. Also, the AP on her suck compared to other battleships of her tier, HE performs much better on her.
In general, most of the Royals were designed to be solid improvements on the original.  I've always gotten good mileage when I've used them, anyway.

I loved the Wolverine II so much I paid to make it a mini

Heresy!  Rampant heresy!

More seriously, the WLV-7H isn't too shabby but I'm not overly fond of the Ultra/5 in most applications (I make an exception for the Jupiter) and quite attached to the Marik variants of the Wolverine.  As a main-line upgrade of the classic WLV-6R, it's not a bad choice and certainly truer to the original than my beloved WLV-7M.
Aerospace Combat / Re: Planetary defense with space stations
« Last post by Liam's Ghost on Today at 22:29:46 »
Battlesat is still in TRO3057 revised, complete with its naval laser.
Fan Designs and Rules / Re: IS XL engine vulnerability
« Last post by monbvol on Today at 22:21:10 »
Another thought to consider.

Salvage.  Any engine that takes 3 hits makes the mech mounting it a mission kill.  Since the XLE and LFE put engine critical slots in the side torsos it makes it much easier to salvage a relatively intact mech where a SFE equipped mech is a lot more likely to be a shot to piece wreck before it stops.
Aerospace Combat / Re: Planetary defense with space stations
« Last post by Mendrugo on Today at 22:15:13 »
All of this is wrong. Space stations can use naval weapons, and battlesats still exist.

Sorry - you are correct about large stations mounting capital weapons.  However, when 3057 came out with BattleSpace stats for the BattleSat with a NL35, it was pointed out that the BattleSat was smaller than a DropShip, leading to questions of why it could mount a capital weapon, when a DropShip couldn't.  The BattleSat was removed when 3057 was revised.

Developer statements have repeatedly asserted over the years that they intentionally decimated the WarShip fleets and avoided canonizing the mobile orbital guns seen in MechWarrior 3, MechCommander, and MechAssault because they made it too likely that BattleMech troop carriers would be shot down before landing, pulling the focus away from the core gameplay of tactical ground combat.
Yeah they had to do copyright to make breach of contract even possible.
The Blitz isn't really a scout mech anyway: it's a skirmisher that waits until the big mechs are brawling before running in and giving one of them a depleted uranium suppository.
The Blitzkrieg doesn't seem any more like a line mech than the Alliance produced Clint and Assassin variants of the 3060s. The 8/12/8 Cicadas from the FWL have more armor. The Blitzkrieg is also the direct successor to the lighter Hollander, making it more comparable to the Kit Fox A that the Hollander was intended to mimic.

The Clan Invasion taught the Lyrans some lessons, and the tech resurgence allowed them to make better, faster mechs. We get locally produced heavy cav designs like the Falconer and Barghest, and by the late Jihad and Republic eras there are variants of the Uziel and Zeus X that cross 8 hexes in a jump.

These faster mechs make a great compliment to the traditional Lyran heavy lances and show that the Lyran forces of the Civil War era and later are closer to the diversity that Alessandro and Katrina were looking for at the turn of the century.
The BLR-1Gb is my personal ride (nicknamed Icon and painted like Optimus Prime)

The 66b mongoose competes with the Raven as my favorite scout platform

I loved the Wolverine II so much I paid to make it a mini

I will take the Warhammer 6Rb over the 6R if i can even slightly justify it.

The crockett i have been played with once or twice. It's okay.

And the atlas II... *whistles*
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Missing record sheets
« Last post by Sartris on Today at 21:19:18 »
There are 13 designs from ER:2750 that don't have an RS

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