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General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Battletech Manual
« Last post by Tyler Jorgensson on Today at 22:23:09 »
Very useful to just give PDF's to all the players and have a physical copy lying at home: Answers a lot of questions across all time periods.  As soon as I remembered I bought it and actually flipped thru it I thought it was a gold mine for newbies.
 The 3Z is awesome overall. But it is not really a Royal. Or at least I would not classify it as a Royal design.
A Time of War / Re: Life Modules List?
« Last post by HABeas2 on Today at 22:18:38 »
Oh, if you're going for house rules, anything goes then.

Have fun with it!

- Herb
In the 4th SW Atlases - they had a description of some of the symbols - the VTOL unit was a rotor with a stick coming down the middle (to represent the shaft maybe?). 

The BTU uses symbology based on real world examples.  Things that are fictional like Mechs and ASFs and JumpShips get their own made up symbols, of course.
Sharing the SHAD love. Just made my first one, got a couple more waiting. Simply can't stand the Reseen SHAD, so looking forward to modding one to the RAC configuration O0
what kind of "combat aircraft"  would they be packing?
Clan Chatterweb / Re: MWDA: Spirit Cats and Protomechs?
« Last post by Colt Ward on Today at 21:57:57 »
I thought a 3150 entry announced it?
While Sam and I didn't play any games today, we did spend time trolling the clearance bins; we both found a couple of items. Unfortunately, the two Traveller star maps I picked up use 1/2 inch hexes; however, they are highly detailed. Sam located the newer Battletech books at the other end of the shelves; he also found a hardcopy of the new Battletech Manual (we forgot to check for the new TRO).
I like that 3025 company a lot... maybe substitute a Mongoose for one of the Locusts, just for variety?
Interesting idea, but not available to the AFFS per the MUL. That has been one of the drivers for unit selection.
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