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As I understand it, most APCs are tightly packed enough that there really isn't enough room for dangerous bouncing around when the ship goes inertial for turnover.
For those operating on the "DropShips are Higgins Boats" theory, why not?  They're only going to be in there a few hours tops.  They could lounge around the vehicle bay for most of that time, only buttoning up just before time to roll out.

Well, even assuming it's only a few hours, I don't know if the inside of an APC is designed to accommodate the rotation of the DropShip from acceleration to deceleration.
I'll be running a couple Battletech games at Broadsword III in Hamilton on May 6. I also run games a Black Knight Hobbies in Hamilton about once a month.

You can also look up Southern Ontario Battletech Society on Facebook. We have about 50 member who are in Southern Ontario.

BattleTech Miniatures / Re: Your Favorite top 5 IWM sculpts?
« Last post by Sellsword on Today at 16:32:38 »
The below 5 are my favorite.  They are all resculpts.

20-5128 Highlander -  Easy to assemble and repose if desired. Great detail.
20-440 Fireball - Looks exactly like the art in TRO3055R
20-385 Scarabus - See Fireball reason.
AR20-462 Sunder - Doesn't look like the Sunder Art but I don't care.  It looks better than the TRO entry.
BT-171 Bandersnatch -  Find a picture of the old sculpt, then compare it to this one.  So much improvement.

There is a lot of nostalgia for many of the old sculpt mechs and vehicles.  Many people still love the unseen versions.  And while my favorites are of older designs, that is only because this is the era that I play in and collect.  However, I believe the quality of IWM B-Tech miniatures has never been higher.  The LAMs and most of the 3145 & 3150 mechs that I've seen really kick the crap out of the early 3025 sculpts.  If you collection beyond 3085, you are in good hands.
Fan Fiction / Re: Home Again
« Last post by Easy on Today at 16:29:45 »
Slacker's, 34th Avenue and 10th Street
St. Williams, Coventry

Slacker's was a open-air front sandwich shop on the corner of 34th Avenue and 10th Street, where 34th ran into MidTown. Vegemite, kangaroo, corned beef, secret sauce, the works. Pastries, coffee, tea and blended fruit drinks attracted a breakfast crowd.

Across 34th, St. Williams Mass Transit streetcars ferried University students and Technology Park visitors to and from Downtown and Government Centre.

A man dressed in a business suit munched on a vegamite sandwich. He tried not to make a face after another quarter of the pastry disappeared into his mouth. After a swallow followed by chaser of fruit juice, he spoke at his comlink.

"Yes, Hauptmann, it is a serious matter. I am taking it seriously."

The man leaned back in the plastic patio chair outside on the sidewalk. Across the street, a cinderblock wall covered a construction site. Another rebuilding opportunity, courtesy of Clan Jade Falcon. Nobody seemed to get the point though. The cinderblock was covered in graffiti. The largest example, dominating the center of the chaotic manage of slogans and cartoons was a metal-clad Steiner fist with it's middle finger stuck out and the words, "But What About Peter?" written in gothic script around the outside. University anarchists and gangmembers were no political party worth encouraging. A strong hand was needed to guide the Alliance through it's growing pains. The man understood tough love.

Tough love was, you could say, Lohengren's motto. Tough love was for grateful patriots like himself, not these idealistic parlor punks. He spoke quickly and decisively.

"Alert Baker Team. Have them ready to fly in an hour. They will overwatch when we get up there to try to get a look at the cargo. Get the birds spooling up at Port St. Williams. Echo Team will be lifting in 30 minutes. Tell everybody to have their asses in the helos by liftoff-thirty or their are getting left here to take a friggin' taxi."

The man laid some cronur on the table and left the unfinished sandwich behind, then trotted behind Slacker's to the parking lot. He climbed into an expensive looking hover sedan. It rose on it's fans and quickly darted into the 34th Ave high-speed lane.

This thing really belonged to another branch, he reflected, but his Teams were the ones qualified to take down a DropShip on the ground. If somebody could fish a warrant out of their ass. He doubted anyone was going to want to just straight-up raid the Fort. He chuckled as he wove through the mid-morning traffic. Somebody said this new knight up there holding the fort had seen some serious sh*t in the Clan War. He tried to keep up with the reading, he really did, but in the end, choosing targets was above his pay-grade. What mattered was the Alliance, and the Archon, not his opinion.

If a lesson needed to be taught up at Fort Placer, the Hauptmann had called the right Team Leader.
Fan Fiction / Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
« Last post by Foxx Ital on Today at 16:29:13 »
Awesome stuff! Been meaning yo catch up for a long time and waant disappointed. How are my hellraisers? We still on wolot, watching everything around us burn?Or are we off to help the fedsuns against the combine!?
Off Topic / Re: NFL 2017-2018, all the teams move to L.A. edition
« Last post by Scotty on Today at 16:23:33 »
Maybe it's just my station showing, but if "payed millions to play for a bad team" is a ruined life, sign me up for the next one.
Off Topic / Re: "Agents of SHIELD" unofficial INHUMAN thread
« Last post by Lorcan Nagle on Today at 16:22:47 »
It'd be a hoot if they killed good Fitz, but brought evil Fitz and good Ward back to the real world
Off Topic / Re: NFL 2017-2018, all the teams move to L.A. edition
« Last post by monbvol on Today at 16:19:40 »
Off Topic / Re: Armored Fightning Vehicles MK III
« Last post by monbvol on Today at 16:17:23 »
Wrong turret for a Firefly.  Might be an Easy 6.
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