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If you're looking old-school, may I recommend my Army Report 3025 series? Shameless self-promotion, I know, but these pull on the old, out-of-print, and not-available-free-at-the-moment old House Books from the FASA era.

I'm glad you linked to these; I've been looking thru them for the past hour. They are great, concise 3025 guides and I think great introductory material for new players and groups, also. Any plans to finish the series (Periphery, Mercenaries, and ComStar)?
MegaMek games / Re: Landed Dropship BV discrepancy
« Last post by neoancient on Today at 10:26:29 »
My guess is that it has to do with the change in MP. I fixed a similar problem with LAMs that showed an increase in BV when in airmech mode.
Clan Chatterweb / Re: Questions about Trials and other clan things
« Last post by sepion on Today at 10:24:56 »
Hi guys. If you don't mind I'll ask another question  ^-^

Are there rules what you have to do in a ToP? As in how the ToP has to happen?Because I'm an avid fanfiction reader I found some funny circumstances where for example CSJ I believe challenged the gov. of a planet to a ToP and said gov. said 'Okay, we will do a singing contest' ... Is something like that, doing a trial not in a combat situation but something else, playing chess, painting or sculpting something, etc., doable in canon? Or is that just fanon in that case.

Aside from that how do naval caches work? As far I understand it a naval chache belongs to the clans as a whole. So how does clan sea fox get those nice mothballed Potemkins?
MegaMek games / Re: Coming Soon to MegaMek
« Last post by neoancient on Today at 10:23:18 »
Just wondering if there are any plans for persistent op-fors in ATB?

Also, with the extinct parts working, how would Wolf's Dragoons fit in there? I don't think it's expressly stated but it is certainly hinted that they had the ability to reproduce most star-league era tech before the Helm Memory core, at the least before most Inner Sphere factions.

I started working on persistent OpFors for MekHQ (not just for AtB) about three and a half years ago and plug away at it from time to time. The force generator (which I also intend to offer as part of a new campaign wizard) has been almost finished for months now, but I've been busy with other features and haven't gotten around to the finishing touches. So yes, there are plans, but no ETA. At this point I would say likely next year, but I would have told you the same thing last year.

The rules for extinction in IO gives special consideration to ComStar but not to any other IS faction. The NIOPS Association comes to mind as another faction that had access to extinct SL tech. But MekHQ lets you choose whether to hide extinct tech.
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: SLDF Regimental Command Company
« Last post by Revanche on Today at 10:07:07 »
The new Battlemech Manual has a listing of what each mech has.

Starting on p. 90. Thank you, Iron Grenadier.
unsculpted protos:

Erinyes (3075)
Minotaur XP (XTRO Clans)
Basilisk (Quad) (Reaving)
Hobgoblin (Reaving)
Minotaur P2 (Prototypes)
Satyr XP (Prototypes)
Hippogriff (3145 Mercs)
The new Battlemech Manual has a listing of what each mech has.
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: The star Rigel
« Last post by cray on Today at 09:50:56 »
Uh, broken? How, exactly?

Not being 3D.

BTW, Cray, as you're here... did you have any particular real-world star in mind as being the one that the slowboat colony Columbia orbits?

Something close to Sol, less than 20 light-years away. I don't recall getting more specific than that.
I am not sure if the Reavings have even been made, let alone the 3145 protos.
Some have been made, but not all.
Sorry, my brain translated that as Omni for some reason.  Yeah, I would not expect the protos to ever be resculpted too small a market.  I am not sure if the Reavings have even been made, let alone the 3145 protos.
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