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Off Topic / Re: Star Wars Thread IV - A New Hype
« Last post by iamfanboy on Today at 05:54:36 »
I know hating on Lucas is all the rage these days, but it seems rather disingenuous to blame him for Christiansen's failures on camera. None of the other actors turned in the kind of bizarre, wooden deliveries Hayden did in Episodes II & III, and I thought Ewan McGregor's Obi-Wan is phenomenal. The interaction between Hayden & George may not have worked out for the best, but clearly it wasn't a combination that had the same negative impact on every actor involved.
"When everywhere you walk smells like dogshit, it's time to check your shoes." All of the actors turned out terrible performances - Ewan McGregor's Obi-Wan sounds whiny and panicked half the time, which I never realized until I saw the TCW Obi-Wan and realized that the tone Lucas was trying to achieve was 'snarky and sarcastic'.

I've been hating on Lucas since Episode 1 released - in fact, I can pinpoint the exact moment I started hating Lucas: about one-eighth of the way through the podracing sequence where, in a crowded premiere, i stood up in the theater and shouted "GO POD RACER GO!!" Nothing he has done or said since has convinced me of anything other than a man completely out of his depth.

So I recently stumbled onto The Clone Wars behind the scenes stuff, and found out that almost every  one of the arcs that I hated had Lucas' wangprints all over them. "let's remake Godzilla and King Kong!" Lucas' idea. "Let's send 3P0 and R2D2 on a Gulliver's Travel style hallucination journey!" Lucas' idea. "What if Jar Jar and Mace Windu teamed up to rescue a princess that, hehee, fell in love with Jar Jar!" Lucas' idea. "What if the Mon Calamari needed the only other aquatic species we've ever seen as warriors to rescue them!" Lucas' idea. "What if a virus was about to be released on Naboo that would kill a bunch of people!"

...You get the idea whose idea it was. The worst (and most hilarious) part is that watching these people talk about the face-palmingly dumb ideas Lucas created you can see, SEE that they know how dumb it is, and yet can't tell him because he's their boss and has created the kind of environment where if he looked outside and said, "The snow is black," they'd agree with him. Or get fired.

Star Wars is a collaborative storytelling element. Maybe Lucas was the sole voice at one point on Star Wars (doubtful if the rumors about how Luke Starkiller was supposed to be 40 and C-3P0 was supposed to be a smarmy car salesman are true), but now it belongs to each author who adds something to it, and there's a solid directorial vision that knows what it wants to say.
I know that summa you youngsters like 'em just fine, but I absolutely despise all the 'mechs that came along with the nonsense that happened after the "official timeline" advancing past, say, 3047.
Clan 'mechs? Blech! I hate everything about them, and especially the storyline. 

In my universe, that abortion that is the Clan Invasion never happened, and never will. The clock is stopped, and that calendar page ain't never gonna turn!

Also, you damn kids get offa my lawn!  <shakes fist!>
From a purely stylistic standpoint, I like it.  It lends a certain dignity to otherwise ridiculous names--something a wily Game Master can use to great advantage.

I just used Operation PROSPERITY ROOSTER for a campaign with my Grade 8 lads to tip a hat to our Chinese New Year. Which is Year of the Chicken, ah?
By favourite demand:

Company A, 1st Battalion

Heavy Lance

From left to right:
Tai-i (= Captain) Gyo Chu in a "Warhammer"
Chu-i (= Lieutenant) Imazeki Shobo in an "Archer"
Heishi (= Private) David Lin in a "Thunderbolt"
Heishi (= Private) Emmet Casey in a "Crusader"

These are just great! The individual embellishments add great personality.
Off Topic / Re: Star Wars Thread IV - A New Hype
« Last post by marauder648 on Today at 05:14:08 »
Re Hayden, i'll just say this "Avatar the last Airbender movie." he wrecked that role too, and again was 'helped' in doing this by a god aweful script written by someone who seemingly hated the source material.
Like the way the League III class is looking, hopefully the FWLN will get some?

Politically the League is as interesting as always.
BattleTech Miniatures / Re: Homebrew #12 the Griffin!
« Last post by Hayden. on Today at 03:58:59 »
Great work, I love the use of the toothpick!
Well I bought a new car.  Well new to me. 

It's a 2013 Cadillac CTS Performance Wagon.  3.6L V6 with a 6 speed automatic and 32K miles.  Original sticker was $51K   :o

I paid what VW is going to give me for my Passat plus $600.  Makes commuting in the Bay Area so much easier.

Sweet Cthulhu that is a nice-looking car. I wish I had nice vehicle to drive.  :(
MechWarrior Hall / Re: WORD ASSOCIATION 23: The Last Word?
« Last post by Clangador on Today at 03:52:14 »
1st Jaguar Guards Bravo Assault Star "Black Hawk" Mech
Reinforcements for the attackers: Black Hawk plastic miniature from the old CityTech (2nd edition) box.

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