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The Streets of St Michelle
« on: 19 March 2017, 14:02:07 »
The little village of St. Michelle has been seen a lot of combat over the years.  It started life intended for a 6mm WWII product.  It has sense morphed into a sleepy back worlds periphery planet whose residents maintain their “primitive” town, ala firefly. The town sees many Mechs marching through its streets.

In the past, the town was simply placed on the board with no rhythm or reason.  Finally, the city council decided to but in some real roads.  It is so nice that the community has a space to park their cars now.

The buildings were painted and purchased from Timecast many years ago.  I wanted to create a proper suburbs area for the town. 

Please enjoy this small terrain project. 

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Re: The Streets of St Michelle
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That is some very nice work


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Re: The Streets of St Michelle
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I like it.  I will have to do something similar with my suburban houses.


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Re: The Streets of St Michelle
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Ditto on the awesome, here.  That's some fine damn suburban planning!
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