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Off Topic / Re: Aviation Pictures Part Trois
« Last post by HobbesHurlbut on Today at 11:24:51 »
There were actually 2 different proposals for a navalized Apache:

That's the same subject. What I remember was an artwork from a little book from a series about weapons, that book was all about Apache. I had another one that was all about B-17. And another about Supermarine Spitfire.

That artwork depicts those sketches with color and weather effect (the bottom one with the stormy sky and a lightning strike in the background).
So still more than a year out. I imagine the parties are still in talks and it doesn't look like anything new on the website collecting the court documents -- unless I missed something. I really wish I could be a fly on the wall in either lawyer's office.

I was thinking that the idea of how a layman's view might help us. Those that are ignorant (not in the pejorative sense) of these kinds of fictional universes might not be able to tell the difference of any of these -- much the way that my dad couldn't tell the difference between Alternative rock songs.

"They all sound the same!"

"Yeah, dad, because they use guitars, have a male vocalist, and are in 4/4 time. What do you want?"

But all those songs were different -- at least to me. And different enough that artists didn't sue each other. So what then if the Rifleman and Defender have arms ending in double-barrel cannons? That's the way it is because they each carry symmetrical weapons load outs with two big guns in each arm -- it is what it is and you can't copyright that.

That's if there isn't a settlement first. Unfortunately, monbvol, having been summoned to jury duty once myself, they won't accept you on the jury if you have even a whiff of knowledge about the case. The lawyers will smell you out and you won't get picked.

Yeah, that's the key point here.  Hell, I'd wager the prosecution will not accept any lawyer on the case that's even a whiff of a mecha fan.  Someone who liked Transformers?  Nope.  Someone who likes Giant Robots?  Not a chance.  Watched Robotech as a kid?  Oh heck no!  Pacific Rim?  Not gonna happen.

They will want the most boring, not geeky people they can find.  Even people from Detail Oriented Professions are typically not accepted on Juries either.  That works against the side we want to win here.  Lawyers trying to lead them on or not, remember, the other side's lawyer is trying to tell them the opposite, that this IS similar.

12 Bored, unhappy to be on Jury Duty people, deciding this.  That's what we're looking at.  12 people like abou's dad who might not care about the minutiae distinctions here, and instead might think all giant robots look alike because that's what HG's lawyer will be trying to convince them of.

That's scary.  Worst case scenario to be fair, but still a bit scary if the jury selection works out poorly.
Love the royal thug...but i love thugs period.
Fan Articles / Re: ProtoMech of the Week - Delphyne
« Last post by HobbesHurlbut on Today at 11:18:29 »
Here is a new re-designed (inofficial) artwork of the Delphyne made by Matt Plog:
Oh I quite like his explanation for the difference between his artwork and the original art  :D
BattleMechs / Re: Typhon
« Last post by Sharpnel on Today at 11:18:16 »
I wish the art were mine. I found it ages ago at Deviant Art and cannot remember the name of the artist.
Anyone still following 4 Cut hero? I'm following it on Lezhin. Have read up to chapter 75 (Free releases). It is really still a hoot! XD, I love the author's take on tropes for video games and fantasy games.
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Gen Con 2017 New Releases
« Last post by Dulahan on Today at 11:16:46 »
I don't think there's a single other point of argument on this forum that makes me more irritated than the idea that simplifying Total Warfare at all in any way equals Alpha Strike.  I could take an hour and write my own simplified BattleTech ruleset that was still more complicated than Alpha Strike.  And I say that as someone who loves Alpha Strike to a frankly unreasonable extent.

There's a huge gulf between TW and AS.

True story.

And for what it's worth. I'd be all for a rebooted 'system' for the main game.  Keep the feel, like the core mechanics.  Make it smoother.  Maybe rebalance the tech a bit but in a way that all the canon builds are still there.  We'll always have the old way to play if we want.  But just redo it entirely.  They want to get rid of DHS?  Find a way to do it!  Or maybe only have it DHS if it's outside the Engine so it remains a real choice that takes slots to get the benefit.  As long as this is coupled with -other- rebalancing to make builds work, and remain similar, that's cool! (And please don't focus on the DHS suggestions, they're probably terrible, I'm just using it as a quick and easy example, not the gospel thing I think needs doing)

I'm reminded of when a certain minor league baseball player was Denver's QB.  Defense and a solid running game took that team to a Division title and a win in the Wild Card round, despite effectively a rookiee QB who was a subpar passer.
MegaMek games / Re: Campaign Rules: Against the Bot Thread #4
« Last post by dragonkid11 on Today at 11:09:54 »
I lost another mech to ammo explosion, AGAIN.

With the same pilot! She now have lost the unit three bloody mechs.

As soon as case is available, I'm shoving it in no matter what.
Fan Art / Re: Schreck PPC Carrier
« Last post by Hptm. Streiger on Today at 11:05:46 »
Oh Gamilas? Yamato 2199 - Is it bad when I never heard of those before - but aye there are similarity's.

BTW. NFX did the Shreck for Kerbal Space Program  O0
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