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Intelligence Report Buena Archonette (AU with thanks)
« on: 05 December 2017, 20:50:02 »
This is an in universe intelligence report for my AU originally written by James Tanaga it covers a new internal division inside the Lyran Commonwealth

My thanks to James Tanaga, I hope you all enjoy.

Lyran Commonwealth Internal Report - State of Buena Archonette
To: Archon Jessica Steiner
Date: 14th May 3111

Forwarded: General of the Armies Aiden Grey, Estates General Buena Archonette Oversight Committee

Archon Steiner,

As requested, I and my staff have formulated this report on the current state of the Buena Archonette. I will not mince words with you nor with your staff, Archon. The last two months have been hell to our friendship, not to mention our professional relationship. I will act with the powers vested in me by the Estates General. No more, no less. The Buena Archonette will NOT become another Isle of Skye I will not aid in the break-up of the Lyran Commonwealth that is not my duty.

I wish to be an asset to you Jessica and to remain your friend and ally, I am NOT here to play politics, I am also NOT here to be your gopher, nor the Estate General’s, nor anyone else for that matter!  What I AM here is to clean up the mess the former Duke kindly left to us upon his unfortunate death in the orbital bombardment of Son Hoa. You trusted me many times in the past. I ask you to trust me now. Let me DO my job!

Buena Archonette

Leader: Archonette Kathy Parks

Military Strength: 6 LCTs, 1 Combined-arms Regiment, 1 Independent Battalion, 5 Warships, 8 Militia LCTs, 1 training battalion

Buena Archonette Military Command

Currently, the military within the Archonette is in a state of flux. I know you and your staff are disinclined about my decision to disband the surviving elements of the Third, Seventh, and Sixteenth Lyran Regulars RCTs, but it was necessary those units’ recent actions and reduced strength made keeping them on active rolls untenable. Surviving elements were reassigned to the newly created First through Fourth Buena Guards LCTs.

Last month’s negotiations with the Southwest Covenant allowed the repatriation of surviving Lyran soldiers and their dependents, as well as the Periphery Star Guard Mercenary Regiment and their own dependents. The repatriated Lyran soldiers will soon form the Fifth Buena Guards LCT, though this unit will be light on equipment for at least another year.

The Periphery Star Guard Mercenary Regiment, meanwhile, has signed on with the Archonette as full members of the LCAF, ending their time as a mercenary unit. Having lost all their equipment at Poulsbo allowed me to successfully negotiate their entry, none of their personnel fancied being unemployed and dispossessed.  Their personnel have been split between all units assigned to the Buena Archonette to fill spaces in other units TO&E. Their arrival has also afforded us other opportunities, including beginning Phase II and Phase III of the planned Militia Heraldry Modernization Reform, allowing for three Schnelle Kräfte Rapid Response Units to be formed.  Following the formation of these initial units I have made preparation for the formation of Stolz units as well.  Should these be successful these units could be deployed across the Commonwealth and assist in the creation of new units.

The Sixth Buena Guards LCT, meanwhile, has been formed on paper, comprising various elements belonging to Militia forces within the Archonette, though will likely not be integrated together until around September at the earliest. While they have their own equipment, the Sixth will need further training until I consider them to be combat effective. Plans are at this time for them to be combat effective beginning January, 3113.

Speaking of Militia, I have decided to continue the reorganizing of RCTs to LCTs down to the Militia level. This part of the organization is set to begin in or around August and should present a strength of seven-eight LCTs once completed instead of the roughly three over-extended RCTs the Archonette currently fields.  This will spread the militia out more thinly but allow us to move faster and respond to threats from multiple areas instead of bunching our units into a position where they could be struck.

Finally on the ground, the War College of Buena has once again become federalized. This isn’t a matter of politics, Jessica, but of necessity. Its training battalion will now be a federal unit, allowing it to be dispatched if necessary. Unlike other training battalions, the First Buena Training Battalion is an entire BattleMech battalion. Just warning you of this now as I know certain politicians will cry foul for this. The institution itself will still continue to specialize in BattleMechs and technical support, while also allowing for Armour, vehicle, and infantry training.

Not much to say about the naval presence within the Archonette at this time except for the continuing lack of it. We'll get by with the five warships we have though.  I would suggest to the Archon that the units we have deployed in the Archonette be reorganised into their own squadron perhaps with a flagship.  This decision is up to Naval Command however and I will leave that to your discretion.

Our primary problem militarily is we are undermanned, under-equipped, and our primarily econo-military structure is now next to non-existent for the mid-long term. Should the StarCorp facility on Son Hoa be found recoverable, the facility would be moved to Buena and quickly be a boon to the entire Archonette and the Lyran Commonwealth shortly thereafter.  Unfortunately, the recovery/salvaging of this facility remains a low priority as we are still attempting to recover any survivors trapped in underground bunkers or transport tunnels on Son Hou.  Further support in this area would be appreciated.

Economics and Socially

Economically, the heart of the theatre was torn out by the attack on Son Hoa. I took emergency steps, relocating much of the surviving regional financial institutions to Buena. Additionally, the primary regional stock markets and the industrial market based on Son Hoa have been united with those at Buena. It won’t economically stabilize the region immediately, but will hopefully keep the Archonette afloat we will be relying on the Lyran state to funnel trade through our region.  Both the Southern Worlds Covenant and Free Worlds League’s District of Gibraltar are potential customers for such trade and passing through Archonette systems is likely to bring much needed finances into our worlds through passing visitors and additional trades.

If you need more information about the plan, see Minister Linda Frein on Tharkad. I’m following her game plan on this one.

Socially, everyone here seems to be just coming over their shock on what happened at Son Hoa. Every day, more and more civilians are calling for blood against the Circinus Federation. For now, I am controlling their rage and venting it where it will do the most good. We might need to act sooner rather than later and hit Circinus Federation, unless we want to anger the local populace. Just a heads up.


We’ve been crippled. Simple as that. And the last-minute move in the Estates General by the governors and nobles of Elijay, Herzberg, and Loburg to remain within Halfway Province doesn’t help matters. The Archonette NEEDED that industry!

What is done is done, though. No crying over spilled milk and I refuse to make a political mockery of it. It will take years to build up Buena to being the level Son Hoa once was, but it is doable. I know you don’t like it. Hell, I don’t like it, but Rim Motors is the best choice and offering them financial incentives to cross into the Lyran Commonwealth is potentially a good piece of business.

However, upon further review, I acknowledge I may have been too hasty in choosing the best plan for the Buena Archonette and not the best plan for the Lyran Commonwealth. Due to this, I will allow Lockheed-CBM and Tharkad Aerospace Group to subcontract with Arcturus Arms to expand their facility on Buena. That’s if Arcturus Arms agrees, Archon.

Education and Sciences

Unfortunately, the region lost most of its premier academies and research centres with the loss of Son Hoa. Simply put, the best and brightest were at Son Hoa. Yet it is perhaps the quickest to recover, thanks in large part to the library world of Teyvareb. Though its universities are not as well-considered as those found on Son Hoa, the world boasted the theatre’s backup data centre. Though it will be a few years yet, I am fully confident the Archonette will see both Buena and Teyvareb as worlds sporting premier learning opportunities outside of the capital.

Local Development

The loss of Son Hoa has really devastated the region, Jessica. I just CANNOT highlight this enough. I can’t promise miracles here only do what I can to assist you and the region.  One thing that will continuously influence the Archonette’s development and the development of the Lyran Commonwealth are our neighbours.  Along with Lyran Intelligence I have created an overview of our closest neighbours, the opportunities that they present to us and the potential threats from them.

Circinus Federation: The reborn nation effectively stabbed the region in its heart. And while the Archonette is reeling and recovering, it is quickly and efficiently strengthening its current position. LIC and independent intel sources have confirmed the voice in the holo-video as belonging to Calvin McIntyre, son of HR McIntyre and known student of the Word of Blake.

He seems to lead a force of anywhere between five and eight separate “divisions”, combined-arms units at roughly the same strength as an LCT, depending on their makeup (at least one has two Battalions of BattleMechs). These forces are believed to be mostly pirates who were recruited from the Cyclops Station.  Locating Cyclops Station should be the LIC’s primary focus going forwards.

With two WarShips, one of which is the largest in the region, the Cirincus Federation will be a threat for the future unless we can concentrate on them, something we are unlikely to be able to do until the Clan threat is ended.

Unfortunately, I do not see any potential opportunities from this nation as long as Calvin McIntyre leads this breakaway nation.

Southwest Covenant Worlds: A collection of former Lyran worlds, these seven worlds declared their independence from the Lyran Commonwealth and seceded. In doing so, two respectably large mercenary commands and a relatively minor one have switched their allegiances over to the newly formed nation. The Seventeenth Recon Regiment aka Camacho's Caballeros, Haborym’s Legion, and Kelly's Armoured Regiment all consider the young nation their home.

The small nation appears to be in the middle of reorganizing its own military forces to defend the new worlds it calls its own, merging their militia Armour regiments with the four battalions belonging to the Seventeenth Recon Regiment, akin to Kelly's Armored Regiment. It seems these five units will be the core of their new military with the Seventeenth and Kelly’s essentially becoming house units.  The Haborym’s Legion has seemingly kept itself from being involved in these reforms and appear to be holding onto their mercenary routes. That particular unit is still rebuilding itself after forcibly ejecting Word of Blake liaison officers from the unit which were picked up during their time in the Free Worlds League strangest thing about Haborym’s Legion is their units appear to be spread out over at least three worlds

Finally, the small nation has signed on the Black Lance Mercenary Group to shore up their military forces. The long-time periphery mercenaries control two mobile factories which appear to be heavily modified DropShip hulls that have been permanently mounted to two Monolith-class JumpShips. Where exactly mercenaries gained these vessels we currently do not know only that the Black Lance Mercenary Group spend a lot of resources on defending them and refuse to allow visitors aboard. These mobile factories, along with the small factory on Poulsbo the run by the Haborym’s Legion, will keep the young nation well supplied, if limited to mostly older technology.

The Black Lance Mercenary Group are a potential opportunity to for the future should we be able to sway the Southwest Covenant Worlds to our cause then the mercenaries could be brought under contract and we could gain access to their mobile factories.

Rim Collection: The Rim Collection has long been seen as Erdvynn Province’s big brother. That it acted decisively and merged with the batted nation earlier this month just proves this point. The Rim Collection has lost the pride of their fleet, the RCS Resolute, along with a large number of naval and aerospace personnel, not to mention assets. This has coincided with their unveil of the York-class Hellstorm from Tukayyid and the withdrawal of two further warships from Clan Space back to the Rim Collection. Interestingly, the RCS Hellstorm is undergoing more work by the RCS Providence, suggesting it isn’t fully completed at this time. Furthermore, the Collection has recently suspended work on all JumpShips and have begun around the clock work on a pair of Warships at their Viborg shipyard. Altogether, the Collection is going to war soon and I don’t want to be the Circinus Federation when they do. With the Erdvynn Provincial Guard remnants now rolled into the Rim Guards, the Rim Collection Touman has added another cluster to its already burgeoning combat forces.

In the future the expanded Rim Collection is more likely going to turn its eyes back towards the Stone Spirits instead of our borders once it has finished with the Cirincus Federation.  Unfortunately its additional territory in the Erdvynn territories will likely tie them up for a while meaning the Stone Spirits may be a threat to Lyran space more than the Collections.  Already we’ve seen Fire Mandrill traders approach us on border worlds looking for deals unfortunately for the Mandrills they are not as experienced with dealing with the Inner Sphere as the Sea Foxes.

Archonette Kathy Parks
Buena Archonette’s Office
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Re: Intelligence Report Buena Archonette (AU with thanks)
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And here's mine

Star League Defence Force Addendum – EYES ONLY
30th June 3111

To: Exarch Victor Steiner-Davion, Commanding-General Victor Focht

From: Major-General Thomas Tykwer, Star League Intelligence Command, Intelligence/Analyst Division

Forwarded: Governor-General Devlin Stone


The bombardment of Son Hou was a war crime which the leadership of the reborn Cirincus Federation must pay for but as you can see above the loss of Son Hou has led to further changes inside the Commonwealth, the so-called Buena Archonette is one such change.  Generally speaking I don’t think we’ll see any type civil conflict following the formation of the Archonette it appears that it is far more benign than the Isle of Skye remains.

Militarily the reorganisation of several Lyran Guard regiments and the wholesale company-store of the Periphery Star Guard has led to the formation of several other units.  The Lyran military is also in the middle of a general reorganisation which began with the formation of the Fesnyng Rapid Response Units.  It appears that the Buena Archonette is pushing on with the Schnelle Kräfte and Stolz units being formed from militia units to support the Lyrans’ defence.  Like the Fesnyng these new units have been formed with mobility in mind and are able to be transported in one or two DropShips however unlike the Fesnyng which is designed about lighter/stealthy forces the Schnelle Kräfte appear to be designed around a medium/heavy battle-line type formation while the Stolz units are arranged along the lines of an assault battalion.  The first three Schnelle Kräfte have been assigned to the same regimental formation for training but in combat we believe they will be deployed separately.

The Archonette is lucky to get the WarShips that it currently has I will be surprised if the Lyran High Command give them anything bigger than the Hyperion-class Heavy Cruisers they already have assigned to their defences.

The Archonette’s analysis of their periphery neighbours is accurate.  The Cirincus Federation is a pirate realm just like the one that preceded it.  With its leader a zealot of the Word of Blake and as dangerous as the rest of the order.  With luck the reborn Federation will bring all former members of the Word of Blake together into one place where we can eliminate them once and for all.  Star League Defence Forces stand ready to be deployed against the Cirincus Federation however there needs to be some way of bringing order to the region once Cirincus has been brought to heel.

The Southwest Covenant has pulled together purely because of the destruction of Son Hou and the lack of coordination that followed.  Hopefully now that Buena is trying to asset some control these worlds will return to the Lyran fold.  At present it is my belief that the SLDF should make no approach on the Covenant instead wait and see where they turn for support.

What is of interest in the Covenant is the Black Lance mercenaries and the mobile factories.  This unit spent years in the periphery where it gained the factories we do not know although their production capacities appear to be restricted to tech dating before 3050 they are still very impressive assets.

Now that Erdvynn Province is consigned to history the Rim Collection is in a state of rebuilding.  Officially the Periphery/Clan nation is at war with the Cirincus Federation however neither side has engaged in open combat since the Cirincus Federation’s formation and the destruction of the Rim Collection WarShip Resolute.  The Rim Collection’s military is already impressive and is organized along clan lines but its politicians are based on the Inner Sphere and periphery.  This nation continuously evolving with both Clan and Inner Sphere cultures vying for control at present there is no clear indication to which side will be triumphant.

One factor that the Buena Archonette seems to be overlooking is the Free Worlds League.  While they share no borders with the FWL its recent actions in bringing the Lothian League into their ranks shows that there is an expansionist movement inside the League.  The Southwest Covenant Worlds and those claimed by the Cirincus Federation could significantly increase the FWL’s influence in the area should they be swayed to House Marik’s cause.

Fortunately as things stand each military is taking several steps back from the open conflict as they reorganize and prepare their forces for the next stage of the conflict.  As it stands the only nations which the SLDF are currently interested in assisting are the Lyran Commonwealth and the Free Worlds League and neither have requested our assistance.  As I stated previously the Cirincus Federation is a pirate state run by war-criminals who should be brought to justice by any means however we should not make such a move without having a contingency in place for those worlds.  We do not want to eliminate the Cirincus Federation and essentially create a new Rim Worlds Republic with a Clan spin in the Rim Collection.

With Respect
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Re: Intelligence Report Buena Archonette (AU with thanks)
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I really like this, the hyper-focus to a specific area of a larger realm really appeals to me.  I wish there were more like this, but I also understand how much work was put into this, making it difficult to do this for other regions.


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Re: Intelligence Report Buena Archonette (AU with thanks)
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Wow, well done and focused
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