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Heavy Gear was spiritually influenced by Votoms.  Which believe if memory serves me right, does use hand held weapons as well. Their Mechs (They called Scopedogs) are very customization too. When i watched the series i thought it was neat method of making realmecha genres show.  Not super tough Gundam, but light cavalry machine. 

Mecha in Armored Trooper VOTOMS are called Armored Trooper (equivalent for BattleMech). Scapedog is a type of Armored Trooper (equivalent for Shadow Hawk). Besides Scapedog, there are other kinds of Armored Troopers. I haven't memorized what those are called.

Actually, closest equivalent for Armored Troopers would be (Heavy) Gear. In BattleTech case, ProtoMech without Enhanced Imaging thing.
Off Topic / Re: New Sci Fi Coming to Amazon Prime
« Last post by Matti on Today at 12:29:58 »
If you haven't read Banks, do yourself a favor my lad. He's seriously the best thing to happen to literary scifi in the last 30 years.
Aw damn! Sounds good, but I've already got started with another novel series. It's only 6 volumes, so I guess I can read it through in a month or 2 and then start with Banks.
The Periphery / Re: Bad population numbers for the OA?
« Last post by Kovax on Today at 12:23:28 »
Population numbers are neither too low, or too high.

They are exactly the number they were intended to be, as a author actually did write it. Call it the ultimate Author Fiat.
I feel sorry for the poor author who has to drive a Fiat.
The third Davion ShadowHawk came with a RAC/5. Then they moved on to a LAC for the fourth and made it more of a jack-of-all-trades again.
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Jumping to abandoned stars
« Last post by Kovax on Today at 12:20:09 »
Even a remote situation like that has "regular" traffic, although at 6 month intervals.  You're not the only ship that comes through on a long circular route, but possibly the only one for the next 6 months.  If you break down in the uninhabited system that you and the other ship(s) on the circuit need to traverse, you're going to have to sit and live off your supplies for 6 months until that next ship on the route or some other random traveler passes through, but you're not dead.

The planet you're expected to arrive in will know something is amiss when you don't show up 2-5 days after you're due, and will pass word along if they have HPG capability.  If they don't, then the other ship on your run will either find out when they show up in the uninhabited system where you broke down and receive your radio hail, or else when they arrive at the planet you were destined for, find out that you're missing, and then either head back a jump to search for you or carry word on to their next stop, which DOES have an HPG transmitter.

Basically, a jumpship, the dropship(s) it's hauling, and all of their crews and cargos are far too valuable NOT to keep track of, or spend an incredible amount of effort to recover.  If it doesn't show up, somebody is very certainly going to start searching.  If they can't find you after backtracking along your route, hunting for debris, messages, or other signs of a problem, and then carefully considering where else you could have gone, then they'll eventually write it off as another mysterious misjump or possible hijacking incident.  You're in little danger of being permanently abandoned along a known travel route.
Date: September 25, 3027
Location: Wyatt

Title: Kill Zone Over Wyatt

Author: William H. Keith, Jr.
Type: Scenario (BattleTechnology 0201)

Synopsis: FWL Admiral Janos Kleber launched this raid-in-force against Wyatt to relieve LCAF pressure elsewhere on the Steiner/Marik border, hoping to eliminate the salient into Marik space it represented.  His intent is to screen his DropShips to enable them to land on Wyatt intact and deploy the 4th Defenders of Andurien.

General Felix Mario Radnor, commander of the Wyatt garrison, deploys a squadron of new Davion-made Corsairs along with the militia fighters.  In a straight up fighter engagement, the Steiner forces have the edge, but would be overwhelmed if the attack force's four Unions get involved.

Lt. Sharlene Gurtman recounts that the 4th Andarien [sic] pilots came in at high-G and swarmed the defenders, led by the fearsome Red Eagle.

The FWL flotilla has 1 Slayer, 8 Stingrays, 2 Thrushes, 2 Sholagars, and 4 Unions.  The LCAF has 6 Corsairs, 3 Seydlitzes, 2 Lucifers, and 2 Chippewas.  They deploy on the standard AeroTech map, ignoring the moon and gravity effects marked there.

The FWL scores 100 points per DropShip that lands on Wyatt, and 1 point per ton of fighter destroyed. 

The LCAF scores 1 point per ton of fighter destroyed, 1 point per 5 points of damage done to a Marik DropShip, and 500 per DropShip destroyed.

The FWL is forced to retreat once 390 tons of fighters have been lost.  The Marik forces also withdraw if Admiral Kleiber's command ship is lost.

Slayer Pilot Dmitri Pawoloski's reputation is such that enemy pilots falter as they get close enough to see his Red Eagle paint scheme, applying a +1 to-hit penalty at medium range and a +2 penalty at close range.

Kensie Shaneyfelt's Corsair can only join the battle after a Steiner fighter is damaged by Pawoloski's Slayer.

Notes: So, it seems that my guess that the Corsairs are the fruit of the FedCom treaty was right on the nose.  The garrison seems to have just 2 Lucifers and 2 Chippewas, while the 10th Skye contributes the Corsairs and three Seydlitzes.

This "raid in force" seems a bit understrength - only one reinforced battalion.  Where are the rest of the 4th Defenders of Andurien?  And where are the other fighter carriers?  The FWL force has 13 fighters, but the four Unions only have room for 8.  Did the other five fighters come from the small craft bays on the FWL JumpShips?  There should have been at least one more Leopard CV in the FWL lineup.

And where are the rest of the 10th Skye Rangers?  If the ratio of 2 fighters per company holds, then there are 4-5 companies of Rangers onworld, plus another two companies of militia forces.  If that's the case, why are 6-7 companies of LCAF forces worried overmuch about 4 companies of Defenders, given the 10th Skye's veteran status?

Interestingly, none of the pilots have skill levels.  Was Gunnery not used in the original AeroTech ruleset?

The statement of motivation explains why Wyatt is being hit - to facilitate strategic maneuvering on the Lyran/League border.  But this makes the unit choice very out of character.  Since taking power, Dame Catherine Humphreys has routinely withheld her provincial forces (the Defenders of Andurien) from the FWLM, citing the need to retain them under the Home Defense Act.  Why would she green-light the use of the 4th Defenders on a raid-in-force intended to affect the strategic balance on the Lyran border?

On tactics, I would recommend that the Lyrans concentrate on the DropShips.  They're Victory Point fountains.  Burn at top speed to get to the Droppers and concentrate on one at a time.  Watch to see if the Mariks are particularly protective of any particular one, and focus on that (angling to win the engagement in one fell swoop by smoking the Admiral).  Form a compact group and hit the target ship from one direction - doing damage to the same armor facing and only taking return fire from one facing's weapons.  With luck, you can cripple or destroy a DropShip in a single pass.  The first pass will, of course, be the most effective, with Marik fighters tearing at your flanks.  On the plus side, the Thrushes and Sholagars are only minimally armed.  The Stingrays and Slayer are the main threats.

For the League, I would recommend sending your fighters in well ahead of the DropShips to try to thin out Steiner numbers.  Have three DropShips follow in a second wave, with the fighters of the first wave doubling back to escort them.  Have the fourth DropShip hang further back.  The Admiral's command ship should be one of the Second Wave ships, with the lagging one a decoy that may draw off some of the Lyran fighters.

If the Lyrans swarm your ships, take the opportunity to concentrate your fire and rack up points on kills.  If any of your DropShips gets hammered, make sure to reorient to have your strongest armor facing their attacks.  Keep up the pretense if they go after the Admiral's ship - don't give any sign that you're particularly protective - but perhaps bring in the decoy closer to make it a more attractive target.  You only have to cross 20 hexes, so if you can trick the Lyrans into splitting their focus, most of your force should land intact.
I like flamers; effective, versatile, safe.

Hardly ever play with infantry, though (or even vehicles), so it's not really in issue in my games.
There was US release of Votoms box set for entire series (old one, not the anniversary new OVAs) couple years back.
My wife got me really nice boxed one that came in a tin "ammo case", i've not poked around seeing it's still available since DVDs are on decline these days.
Ground Combat / Re: The ShadowHawk and Alternate Loadouts.
« Last post by Wrangler on Today at 11:58:28 »
Hope you guys don't mind me jumping in to the conversation late.  The Davions did try fix the problem with the 2D with the 2D2, which wasn't much improvement. Adding Streak-2 launcher, adding 2nd Laser to the Left armor and bring up the armor slightly. this is a 3049 machine. 

Maybe IF it ever comes out, there a third Davion variant of the Shadow Hawk they tried to get in production in XTRO: Succession Wars II.  Maybe...doubt it...usually most of those are failures or experimentals (for era).  Blazer would been cool see mounted on the Shadow Hawk for that time period, but i don't know if it would have heatsinks to handle it unless their using a 2K model Shadow Hawk as basis.

So far, modern Shadow Hawks go, i like 3K and 12C models.
I'm not so much into the 12C because i don't think it's as common as the Kurita one and it has big XL engine in it. 
Both packing Heavy PPCs and single ER Medium Laser.
A missile goes, the 12C has MML7, while the 3K has MML5.

Armor goes 3K has Heavy Ferro-Fibrous (w/case), which is nice. 12C has  Light FF armor, but it's much faster, going 90 kph.

I still like utilitarian-ish 3K better for Merc campaigns since (aside from the armor) it has easier chance of getting parts and being fixed.   
Off Topic / Re: Star Wars Thread IV - A New Hype
« Last post by Daemion on Today at 11:55:39 »
Oh. I was thinking the Fantasy Flight Board Game of the same name. In a way, it made me think of Empires at War in a lot of ways, but it had its own mechanics, and influence by completing missions helped advance the clock for the Rebellion while the Empire spent time searching for a singular hidden rebel base on the Galactic Map.
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