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I didn't want to change the Punt TOO much, but yeah, the torso swap and CASE location makes perfect sense.

Now for something that makes no sense at all!
Awesome II Mek
 Mixed (Base IS)
100 tons 
BV: 2,804
Cost: 33,057,333 C-bills

Movement: 4/6
Engine: 400 XL
Heat Sinks: 32 [64]
Cockpit: Small Cockpit
Gyro: Compact Gyro

Internal: 152 (Composite)
Armor: 232/307
                     Internal    Armor
Center Torso               31       38
Center Torso (rear)                 11
Right Torso                21       28
Right Torso (rear)                  11
Left Torso                 21       28
Left Torso (rear)                   11
Right Arm                  17       24
Left Arm                   17       24
Right Leg                  21       24
Left Leg                   21       24

Weapon                         Loc  Heat
RISC Hyper Laser                RT    24
RISC Hyper Laser                LT    24
RISC Hyper Laser                RA    24

Equipment                      Loc
Composite                      None
A 3-3-2 firing pattern should do well, just so long as you're willing to roll anything other than a 2 or 3!
Maybe I should actually get around to watch the S2 Subbed eps on GundamInfo's Youtube channel.
Not available in my country. Doesn't matter: I've already seen it on Crunchyroll. Just heads up to those who get the same message on YouTube as I did.
BattleTech Miniatures / Re: Wolverine II
« Last post by Hayden. on Today at 12:15:07 »
Really neat job!  Really, you could just throw this 'mech in with any unit and just say "Oh, the pilot is using a custom/personal paint job".  Beautiful work.
MegaMek games / Re: The Crazy Hits Thread - Reborn!
« Last post by celem on Today at 11:02:50 »
Code: [Select]
Weapons fire for Peregrine Attack VTOL (Kurita) #3 (Corsairs)
    Medium Laser at Hunchback HBK-4G (Capellan Confederation); needs 6, rolls 4 : misses

    Medium Laser at Hunchback HBK-4G (Capellan Confederation); needs 6, rolls 9 : hits  (using Rear table) RTR
        Hunchback HBK-4G (Capellan Confederation) takes 5 damage to RTR.
            Armor destroyed.
             11 Internal Structure remaining.
            Critical hit on RT. Roll is 11; 2 locations.
            CRITICAL HIT on +AC/20.
            CRITICAL HIT on +AC/20.

    SRM 4 at Hunchback HBK-4G (Capellan Confederation); needs 6, rolls 9 : 4 missile(s) hit (using Rear table).

        Hunchback HBK-4G (Capellan Confederation) takes 2 damage to RTR.
             9 Internal Structure remaining.
            Critical hit on RT. Roll is 10; 2 locations.
            CRITICAL HIT on +AC/20.
            CRITICAL HIT on +AC/20.

        Hunchback HBK-4G (Capellan Confederation) takes 2 damage to RA.
            14 Armor remaining.

        Hunchback HBK-4G (Capellan Confederation) takes 2 damage to LTR.
            2 Armor remaining.

        Hunchback HBK-4G (Capellan Confederation) takes 2 damage to RTR.
             7 Internal Structure remaining.
            Critical hit on RT. Roll is 5; no effect.

I hoped to distract it, the gunner was ludicrously thorough in de-fanging the Hunchie.
MegaMek games / Re: Anyone compiled the latest experimental Branch?
« Last post by Hammer on Today at 10:54:54 »
You can grab test development builds here -

BUT they will break Campaign files, will crash, do unexpected things so make sure of the the following.

1) Always install the daily build to a separate folder than your normal MegaMek install.
2) Only copy your customs and save to the Development build folder. Once those files are copied don't ever move them back to a regular build.
3) If you do find bugs or weirdness you should be part of the Slack channel to ask if it really a bug or not (
4) If you need to report a bug please follow this - AND make sure you put the day of the build you used.
5) Lastly DON"T EVER CROSS the streams ;)

Other than that have fun...
BattleTech Miniatures / Re: Wolverine II
« Last post by Luciora on Today at 10:43:16 »
Looks great!
One interesting thing to note, at least for combat engineers and logistics units, is that (unarmored) exoskeletons never went extinct.  Even 3025 units could use them if they can afford them.
I would personally love to see the job of the majority of the old PBI's (taking and holding ground, doing the main fighting, etc.) going to power armor equipped units, while those troopers using only body armor are used for security and other minimal danger positions.

Yes, I am a fan of Starship Troopers, especially the last two CGI movies, Invasion and Traitor of Mars (which shows one of the best examples I've seen so far of jump capable troopers...and actually had Rico telling his troops to move out "On the Bounce!")...

However, both Traitor of Mars, as well as the old "Roughnecks: The Starship Trooper Chronicles" did show one extreme downside of using power armor/battle armor on the field, at least as they, and BattleTech, have the units designed...namely, lack of power endurance...with a limited amount of power, you are limiting how long your troopers can last in the field...granted, they are also limited on things like ammo and food, but ammo can be conserved (or you just use your enemy's weapons you capture) and food can be foraged for on many planets, so they are not quite as limiting as power for your power/battle armor...

Still, I would like to see more units turning primarily to power armor for their former PBI's...

I hope you don't mind if I borrow some of those ideas.

Borrow away...  ;D

And if you have any other questions, you are welcome to PM or Email me too (this applies to everyone. It is why I attached an email address). I can't always promise to get right back, but I do try to respond.

Ground Combat / Re: The ShadowHawk and Alternate Loadouts.
« Last post by Saint on Today at 09:48:11 »
I like the 2K for the late Succession Wars and the 3K later on.

I have done pretty well with a custom config for 3025 play.

Drop the AC 5  for a Large Laser, 1 Heat sink ,2 jump jets and add a second LRM 5. She's still a skirmisher, but you get better mid to short range fire power. Don't be afraid to ride the heat curve however.  :)
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