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A Time of War / Re: AToW programs?
« Last post by Lamont-Cranston on Today at 11:08:32 »
That looks like it'll be good when finished Restemayer.
Off Topic / Re: Argentinian sub missing
« Last post by DaveMac on Today at 11:07:26 »
Explosion detected near site of missing Argentinian submarine, navy confirms

Just hope it was quick
Sure you aren't thinking of the Gallant?

(I like both mechs cuz of looks)

Also remember the bellerophron was liberally produced in the Jihad era’s retrotech craze. Probably more made then during the age of war.
Aerospace Combat / Re: Hunting Leviathans
« Last post by sadlerbw on Today at 10:48:19 »
How do you kill a Leviathan? Give it a Jade Falcon pilot   ;D

Seriously though, I still feel like the best way to deal with any warship is lots and lots of nukes. It worked for thinning out the fleets in the succession wars, and it worked in the jihad. No reason you can’t get it to work on a single ship. Sneak one into a shipment of spare parts headed for the big Lev, and you don’t even need any warships or fighters.

In general sabotage is pretty effective. Once you get a spy on the engineering crew, there are all sorts of nasty things you can do. Hell, you don’t even need to kill it completely. Just get the jump core to crack and it becomes the universes biggest system monitor.

Now, assuming you don’t want to use such shenanigans, and you want to legitimately blow it up on a hex map with a minimum of advanced rules, I’d go for a fighter and small craft swarm of massive proportions. Get as many big fighters and small craft with stuff like improved heavy large lasers, UAC20s, and heavy Gauss rifles as I can. The Huscarl C isn’t a bad choice, or the Xerxes 3, or Sabutai A should work. If you are ok with dark age stuff, the Scytha F and Jenghiz F would be pretty nice, or the TIG-40 gunboat. The idea would be to throw so many squadrons at the thing that it literally doesn’t have enough mech-scale weapons bays to kill them all before they bore through the armor and supporting craft. Basically, make as much of that capital-scale weaponry useless as possible. It would be an almost unmanageably large battle to play out physically, and would probably be boring, but it should work.
Fan Fiction / Re: BattleTech FanFiction Tribble Emporium
« Last post by MattV on Today at 10:40:09 »
Ok, so this is a crazy one, even by my standards: Girls und BattleMechs

Basically, take the basic premise of GuP, but translate it to BattleTech. Rather than tanks, it's BattleMechs, with the nation themed schools replaced with Successor State/Clan themed ones; St. Gloriana becomes New Avalon, Saunders becomes Steiner, things like that.

Anyway, have fun.
I actually read that one somewhere,  can't  remember any specifics thou...
Come on! some of you guys have picked the Vikings to loose week after week and they have not.  Today is probably one of the only games of the season that I will watch and you are picking them to win?!?!  Thanks a lot...
Fan Art / Re: The BattleMaster BLR-1G
« Last post by Zonalar on Today at 10:05:00 »
Thank you for all the kind replies! I had 85 tons of fun drawing this 'mech. I'm not sure if the legs are supposed to be bend backwards for the battlemaster, but there seemed to be enough variety around the mechs, that it wouldn't hurt. Also I feel like it makes the 'mech walking more "believable" and give it weight to the steps with the bulky form :)
Hobby Tips and Tricks / Re: WiP: Classic'ed Phoenix Warhammer
« Last post by shadhawk on Today at 09:55:41 »
nice mix of old and new  8)
I need to look at the objective. Pdf
I tgink it wasnt very unplayable in original form.

They didn’t produce a new variant.
Ground Combat / Re: Infantry Support Options
« Last post by Challenger on Today at 09:45:28 »
Challenger: the two marksmen rifles being close to real life is one of the reasons I really like that load out. 

I think its a pretty cool idea.

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