Author Topic: Carmen's 'Mech Refits & Sheep Station  (Read 110 times)


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Carmen's 'Mech Refits & Sheep Station
« on: 15 July 2017, 07:14:16 »

Artwork by Graymouser, HBS Battletech Community


I'm someone who picked up Battletech because I loved the upcoming HBS computer game of the same name. Funny how that works right? I used to play MechWarrior 3, 4, and both MechCommander games but never thought there was something much bigger and more epic behind it.

Thanks to the HBS community I'm trying out roleplaying and writing my own short stories, none of which are notable yet besides adding flavor to BattleTech (computer game) scenarios I've written for the forums there.

Since the game was highly moddable (even without Developer tools) I decided to try my hand at modifying the 'Mechs to have more useful loadouts. It's mentioned somewhere in a post here on this boards that the stock loadouts are about 50% optimal. Things like replacing the JM6-S's AC2s with LRM5s actually make quite a big difference. So here's some fanart for my wacky fictional 'Mech variants and I hope you find a giggle in them somewhere.

Sun Zhang Aggressor Lance

Kali Yama "Mata Kali" Orion Retrofit

Defiance Industries MechJ├Ąger

(Click to view full-size images)

Ps. Oh I was also doing up a re-design of the Classic Leopard DropShip because I like the space shuttle style lifting body design. Not sure what to make of it but I wanted to draft the internal structure as well so we can use the spaces inside for roleplaying purposes.

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Re: Carmen's 'Mech Refits & Sheep Station
« Reply #1 on: 15 July 2017, 16:31:57 »
Hi! Welcome to the forums.

Does the HBS game give you much option in terms of representing changed weapons? Or are you manually altering weapons tubes in the image?

I do like the Orion designs, albeit not keen on the HBS art for one of my favourite 'Mechs. ;)

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Re: Carmen's 'Mech Refits & Sheep Station
« Reply #2 on: 17 July 2017, 10:10:18 »
There will certainly be a MechLab in the final version of the game releasing end of the year but all the hardpoints are already pre-scripted in the mech files.

So by looking at the manifest and hardpoint files you can see where they're going to allow placement of which weapons and what externally-visible loadouts will appear. At the time of doing up this set of Orions I didn't see the left lower torso PPC hardpoint so shoved everything in the arms. If you shoehorn ridiculous loadouts in there then the visual effects don't appear at all. I use the MWO MechLab to make the builds legal before sharing the files.

There's quite a sizable modding community in the current beta, since HBS deliberately didn't hide any of the game files.

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Re: Carmen's 'Mech Refits & Sheep Station
« Reply #3 on: 17 July 2017, 10:23:44 »
I wonder how those builders correlate to the tabletop BT design rules?

(Disclaimer - I've played neither MWO nor the new HBS BT ... so I'm basically clueless but curious.)
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