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Accuracy is intended but is not guaranteed. The lady basically said tuff luck .. Hopefully the casino cleans up there act. The food was great. It's like he tries to bring down your fun.... Play responsibly. We are both retired and take trips to casinos and resorts frequently. We will be back. Occasionally when you walk around a casino you can see a payout or two. There was no $1000 there for me to win. Every time you play you will have a chance to win a random jackpot between $20,000 and $50,000 - the Jumbo Jackpot **MUST* hit by $50,00 and always reseeds at $20k. I am no gambler so i have nothing to add or detract from the gaming, but I do know that only a fool would think they will ever hit it big all the time,or even at all, and then write a bad review when they lost money. My wife and I have been going here since they opened. Whenever I attempt to play here I lose > 85% of my sessions. We used to go in and be out of money within an hour. Hope your experience is better then ours. Clean environment besides your average empty glasses and beer bottles, same at any other place. I consistently win >60% of my sessions going back 3 years at any location I play except Gun Lake Casino. Gun Lake is a complete joke in that regard. We just returned from having a meal at the Sand Hill Cafe and as usual it was fantastic. Find another casino - this one's worth nothing but skipping. There are thousands of jurisdictions worldwide with access to the internet. Now I know why they give people food vouchers. Now I can go sit at age to gamble at gun lake casino the 3 card table on $80 and leave with $900. My next table after being up $3k they switched dealers on me 3x in 20 minutes! You would have better luck burning your money than playing slots here. On Thursdays the 23rd only.. I am new to it, I have won twice and lost twice, so the verdict is still out. At this casino it is always down, and I see other people lose too. A pit boss said "it's entertainment". We waited and waited and waited finally the couple next to us got up and said good luck! Black jack and roulette are my games of choice. Gives us more time to chat. And we didn't walk away broke and angry. I eat at sandhill every chance I get. I do not have the patience. Her response was it was there you just couldn't see it !!!! Johnny Rockets are exactly the same everywhere you go, from Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles to Gun Lake Casino in Wayland - so you can always count on 100% fresh all-natural beef burgers, and a great variety of fries with any topping you can imagine. When the casino is busy, the smoke is so bad you can hardly breathe, and the slots are so tight that you're out of money way too soon. Dirty.... The links on our site are for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is your responsibility to determine whether it is legal for you to place a wager in the jurisdiction in which you are located based on local regulatory and age restrictions. There was never a time that I was "ahead", which took the fun right out. Drinks are always coming around and take's maybe 5 min to get a beer from waitress, keep in mind she is taking other orders plus having to walk to bar. They should've had employees at the doors and at the line telling people that. This is would not be the total problem except I have had 4 in soring eagle, 2 in fire keepers, and 1 in four winds. The pit boss pleasant. I don't expect to win big every time or even win but I do expect to spend a few hours on couple hundred dollars. People need to lighting up, it's not Vegas, I started going to Gun Lake in July 2015. They told us just look around watch the waitress's and waiters just don't get turned off like we did, well we did and will not be returning anytime soon!!! Our results not good! Friday nights are crazy, it is hard to find a machine to sit down at if you are playing slots, I know that the buffet expansion will help with more room and more table games so we will see how that goes! World Casino Directory is an independent information provider and does not process any money. I'll drive the extra 30-40 minutes to one that I know I can sit at a slot machine for more than 5 golden nugget atlantic city blackjack rules minutes, and if I loose, then at least I had fun doing so. The dealers and bosses are great, as well as the ladies behind the bar, but I won't ever gamble here again. The food really is great. We will just travel to a different cleaner casino that cares a little more. We've been to several casinos in MI and surrounding states, but Gun Lake is horrible at giving you an entertaining experience. I have never been one to complaint about an casino experience or even write a review but in this case Gun lake casino truly needs to clean up its act. I'm not a smoker but after being at the casino I felt like I smoked a few cartons of cigs. Is there anything else you need. But at the moment it is still being built. Our last visit was the last straw. Every time it hits, all players using their passport cards will get $25 in free play added to help celebrate the winner. If you choose to go good luck and we wish you the best. Slow roast prime rib and lobster tails or a half pound filet mignon. If your planning on visiting Gun Lake you may want to save your money and plan to drive a little further, trust me when I tell you that age to gamble at gun lake casino you will have a better time and better comps. My wife and I went to enjoy and have some fun, eat, gamble. Do not waste your money! I couldn't do their job. Somebody is. Spoke with marketing and told them about not having the chance at $1000... On my last trip I played 2 different tables. Come on in and swipe your passport card and your guaranteed $20 up to $1000.. Sandhill Café offers vast variety from the simplest of fare to exquisite upscale dining; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If been reading the reviews from disgruntled people and I cannot understand what it is they are expecting. She spent the whole night vomiting and diarrhea to the point we may need a ER visit,she age to gamble at gun lake casino is extremely sick. slot machine halloween 3 online I did... A buddy of mine have frequented the casino numerous times since then and are finally done. Not one time did someone mention to the tens of us waiting in line that the servers were age to gamble at gun lake casino down so there was no way of getting any money out. Zero amenities, shady pit bosses, unfair game strategy. Gun Lake cares nothing about keeping people's business, just their money. I have never seen a payout here. I agree. This place is a complete joke. The casino features an 83,000 sq ft gaming floor with over 1,600 slots and 33 gaming tables. age to gamble at gun lake casino What we seen imprimante epson stylus geant casino some of the workers doing was just disgusting! Received a email.. I would hate to say the place is rigged, but the frequency which the dealer pulls 21 off a crappy up-card or draws 5 cards to make a hand is utterly astounding. The quarter slots are few and far between. Yeah the service is slow but we kind of like it that way. If you win, great when you don't let's not blame the employees. Stoped for dinner after the RV show around 7:45 my wife had the chicken parmachan chicken special within two hours she was getting sick. Avoid this casino! Wtf What a joke im not rich but i do spend up two a few thousand a month there... We heard from a couple largest casino in vicksburg ms of the patrons that the machines were down. To all you naysayers, go see a movie, or something other than gambling. So what is the problem???? I say all of that to say this, With the amount of times we have visited Gun lake, coupled with the amount I play, it is impossible not to have accidently hit a pay out. Classic breakfast platters and skillets for breakfast, fast snacks 24 hours a day, burgers wraps, salads and more for lunch and just about anything you desire for dinner. The screen showed all my winning chances! At my first table once I was up $1k the dealer was switched on me 2x as an intentional move by the pit boss to throw the game and attempt to move cash back to the house. Completely. From Grand Rapids head south about 25 miles toward Kalamazoo and take exit 61 off US-131. Or even better, announcing it over the loudspeakers. I get its gambling and the risk of losing is always there, but the frequency which the players lose is just incredible. Try the shakes and malts and you'll know why Johnny Rockets is famous! Ventilation in this place is poor! My wife and I come here often, about 3 times a month, we both play age to gamble at gun lake casino slots and I play tables as well, have no complaint's at all, I have lost 400 in a night, and gained 800 other nights, it is your average casino, you can't expect to win big by putting 20 in a slot and hoping for a jackpot, I bet high and low. My husband and I both "earned" gold cards (read: gave them enough thousands of dollars and got little a bump in status as a thank you), but when we stopped going as often, instead of enticing us with restaurant coupons or free slot play to get us back, we got our slot play cut. No big deal, slot machines are terrible odds as it is. We have frequented Gun Lake more then any of the others primarily due to its close proximity to our home (about 25mins), and in four years I have never had one hand pay in this place, and my wife has had 1. I chose my picks and won $20 in free slot play.... I asked what about you sending me a email saying I was granted $20 but could win $1000. I will not be back to this place. Too smoky. We have frequented the casino several times but this is my first review. So we stood in line at the cashier to get an advance off our debit or credit card. How is that if i never had a chance because it was not on the board... No signs, no warning, just 20 minutes of wasted time waiting in line. “The Industrial Hemp Farming Act, would help change our outdated federal laws and clear a pathway to provide appropriate crop insurance protections for industrial hemp farmers. Just turned our stomachs. Wow what a joke..... My favorite game is Player's Edge 21. The property held a soft opening and then a grand opening on Feb 11, 2011. There was two employees trying to get people through the line but all they could do was disburse people's vouchers from cash they made at the machines. Air quality poor, pay out terrible, resturant well if you have a ton of time to waste their you go. I do agree that "this isn't Vegas" as one reviewer noted. Other casinos I visit I'm up and down during the visits. Never again will I eat in this casino judging from the reviews I should have known better. Everyone who works there has been very friendly quest for stuff blackjack obstacle and all other guests are willing to help you learn a new game if you need that help. I lost about $100 in less tan 30 minutes on the penny and quarter slots. It was extremely busy and we had to go from ATM to ATM to try and find one that worked. ” Gun Lake Casino is located at 1123 129th Avenue in Wayland, Michigan. I am a frequent patron, I have been up and down. My wife and I have been in the Grand Rapids area for a little more then 4 years, we have been to every casino within driving range, (Soring Eagle, Fire keepers, little river and Four Winds. Bob the pit boss is kind of a dick and doesn't laugh with the salle paderewski casino de montbenon lausanne patrons. Take it for what its worth, no one can be that unlucky only in one place, unless that place ensures that you are unlucky, not to mention that they have the worst point and comps players club program of any place I have ever been. Yeah, nice treatment of your regulars. Well used to!! I even had two others in Indiana and 1 in Vegas during the same 4 year period. The nearest hotel is about 10 miles away. The service was very slow in the restaurant. I feel like the new addition will bring me rolling hills casino rv park reviews back to reality and I will age to gamble at gun lake casino start losing again. Feeling lucky? Our last visit, as I said, was the last straw. I'm not a big slot machine player, however I can honestly say I've never been "up" playing slots there. “If our farmers are going to invest their resources to grow industrial hemp and help build our local economy, they should have the peace of mind that their investments are going to be protected if a natural disaster comes and wipes out their harvest,” said Gillibrand, a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee. They are finally starting to pay us back. No one is forcing anyone to play roulette, or blackjack which I consider two of the hardest games to win. I'm a high stakes player that tracks every session. They should've had employees stationed at the doors letting people know that right away but no. Great!