. Ecw 10/10/06 divas extreme strip poker

Candice then took off Maria's bottoms and Maria's front and rear were blurred out. " Balls introduced the game. Balls said he's just dealing the cards. Balls picked the bottoms to go. The whole time this was going on, Balls pounded the table and chanted, "E-C-W". Dreamer is already screaming. He worked on Striker then landed a back kick to the face. Ariel is already screaming. Show took a tag and choked Sabu around the throat. Show landed a hard chop to the chest then Sabu tried to make a comeback, but Show ran him over with a fist. Dreamer made a comeback with a big kick in the corner. Which Diva or Vixen will bring her poker face to ECW in less than three weeks? Show shoved Sandman aside then landed punches to the gut followed by a frying pan chop to the chest. Ashley had the lowest card so she had to take something off. Punk. He went up top and landed the rolling rock for the pin on Striker. Definitely ecw 10/10/06 divas extreme strip poker not a strategically placed camera. Meanwhile, Thorn worked on Dreamer's shoulder and left arm. As Styles pointed out earlier, Gene Snitsky was in heaven. Sabu ran off RVD's back for a splash on Test in the corner. He said the next round is dealer's choice, which means he gets to pick what article of clothing is removed. Ashley told her to lighten up because she likes it. Punk continues to impress. RVD finally took the hot tag at 13:00. Punk made his comeback in the ring with a high-elevated dropkick off the ropes. - Balls welcomed us ecw 10/10/06 divas extreme strip poker back to Strip Poker. Candice wanted to know why everyone else has high cards and she just had a deuce. She took off her designer shoes. And, don't miss the must-see edition of ECW on Sci Fi. OK, so both are completely naked at this point with more blurring than a Vito match. - The did ring entrances for the six-man tag main event. Krystal nearly burst into a smile but maintained her mad face. Well, someone did como jugar poker con baraja espanola get naked on the show. Dreamer then snapped Thorn's neck against the top rope and executed the Dreamer DDT. She hummed some slot para tarjeta de memoria micro sd porn music and teased taking off her bra, but stopped. He applied the Anaconda Vice and Dupree tapped out. They went to a camera shot of her back. Test drove RVD to the corner then landed aggressive kicks to the stomach. Test picked up Sabu around the waist and repeatedly slammed him back-first into the ringpost with one hand. - Balls said it's time for another round. Dreamer drove Thorn to the corner early on. RVD hit a top rope Five Star frogsplash. Punk then caught Dupree off the apron with a powerslam. He teased RVD and Sandman by holding out Sabu's hand for a tag before pulling it back. Candice accused Maria of cheating. "I love ponies," Maria screamed out, channeling Brick from Anchorman. Ok, I'm going to write the following sentence and then check my pulse. Sabu and RVD then hit a combination Rolling Thunder splash and springboard leg drop. Krystal threw her shoes at Balls, who then tried to pick them up, but he stopped short. Styles said Dupree's tights are the same color as the official French flag of surrender. Punk went for a springboard move, but Dupree rolled out of the way. novo clube de poker em porto alegre The heels began working on Sandman. He caught Test's leg and landed a step through windmill kick to the face. Tune in to ECW on Sci Fi this week, as well as RAW and SmackDown to find out. Test came out and they focused on his bacne. " The girls were grossed out by Balls's erection. So, it's a pre-tape. Krystal said she has, and I quote, "Diamonds on my boobs. Meanwhile, Maria took off her bottoms at the Poker table. Show continued to dominate as Trinity lost her bottoms. If given proper consideration, this could be a feud to make money with. Maria then took off her bustier at Poker. The divas introduced what they were wearing. Rene Dupree was in a competitive, fundamentally sound match that gave me confidence in Dupree as a wrestler. Test dropped Sabu with a sidewalk slam out of the break. RVD started things with Test. Oh my. Striker tagged in and momentarily lost control before knocking ecw 10/10/06 divas extreme strip poker down Sabu with a jab. Krystal had the lowest card. RVD went up top for a Frog splash, but Test ran in. RVD flew onto Test on the outside then Sandman pounded away on Striker. He made the superman comeback with stiff right hand blows. Well, that's a smart tease to keep viewers tuned in when they might have thought Kelly Kelly's back was the only nakedness that was going to air tonight. A strategically placed camera for once. Krystal lost her top at poker and she showed off her icy bra. During Sandman's entrance, they went back to Poker where Ashley lost her bottoms leaving her with bra and panties. M. He followed with a high kick in the corner for a nearfall. She wasn't done. Suddenly, her theme music played. Maria then stripped off Candice's top, revealing her breasts, which were blurred out. Krystal told Balls to be careful with her ice. He looked down at his crotch and said, "Sorry, it has a mind of its own. After suplexing Thorn, Dreamer screamed and ran into a back elbow smash. The girls asked what was wrong. He executed a swinging neck breaker for a nearfall. Back to the split screen, Candice lost her bustier and she was down to bra and panties. - The divas discussed hot guys on Raw. Styles said the match was up next. Sabu took a tag during the distraction then Show clubbed him across the back with a forearm blow. Nice sequence. Sandman was busted open when Show walked to the ring as the first heel opponent. He then introduced all the divas who were participating. RELATED CONTENT - Balls Mahoney was wearing the green banking visor and he welcomed us to Extreme Strip Poker. Sabu came back with a DDT on Show out of nowhere. Maria asked if Candice was afraid or embarrassed. The show closed with naked Candice mounting naked Maria and a strategically placed camera shot of Krystal's rear as she bent over to try to break up the fight. Maria, who was sitting next to Kelly, turned to Kelly with an inquisitive look on her face. The fans chanted for Punk after the opening bell. Balls cut off that discussion for another round. Candice stripped off Maria's top revealing her breasts, which were blurred out. Ashley spanked Krystal and Krystal took exception. Striker then came off the top and Sabu landed a back kick to the face to block Striker. Back to a full screen of the ring, Punk worked on Dupree in the corner then landed a high back body drop. Test tagged in and worked on Sabu. Clause with a giant red outfit. However, Dreamer caught Thorn with a lift up spinebuster for a nearfall. Sandman matt savage poker net worth tagged in and landed left hands to Test's forehead. She unsnapped her bra and took it off as the other divas hooted and hollered. The other divas tried to separate Candice and Maria. Dupree took Punk back into the ring and scored a nearfall. RVD jumped over him then landed a back kick from his feet. Sabu slipped to the outside. Krystal wanted to know what was up with Kelly Kelly and C. They filmed this from the WWE HQ studios. Test ran over Sabu with a clothesline to cut off Sabu once again. Wow. Thorn avoided a corner move and Sandman ate the corner ringpost. He buried his head in his hands to cover his shame. They discussed Cena ecw 10/10/06 divas extreme strip poker as a sex object. Styles and Tazz said the same lines about Punk's straight edge character that we've heard for two months. Dupree nailed Punk in the face with a back elbow smash in the opposite corner then he knocked Punk off the apron to the base of the announce table. Back ecw 10/10/06 divas extreme strip poker to WWE studious, Trinity took off her leopard print top after losing a hand. After mass confusion, Striker was still out cold on the mat. Back in the ring, Thorn executed a lift up spinebuster of his own and scored a close nearfall. She took off her shirt revealing a red and black bra. How will the Vixens and Divas prepare for this provocative game of chance? Test reversed a whip to the ropes and dropped Sandman with an elbow. WINNER: Punk via submission in 4:00. RVD came back with a back elbow smash into a quick turnaround splash. He then said he loves this job. On the split screen, Ashley took off her designer shoes. "It's not a sin to show Balls some skin," he said. Maria played innocent and Candice wasn't buying it so... Styles said someone is going to get naked. She still wasn't done. RVD came out followed by Sabu. Ariel distracted Dreamer on the outside then Thorn caught him from behind. They mounted each other, which means there was genitalia contact. He couldn't make a tag when Test came in and attacked him. She took off her top. Kelly had the low card so she had to take something off. Back in the ring, Striker scored a nearfall. He made the cover for the win to end Thorn's streak. They did a split screen with Kelly Kelly losing her shoes. Striker then came out. She took off her plaid skirt and danced. - Balls welcomed us back to Poker. Ariel looked like Mrs. Suddenly, a cat fight broke out and Maria stripped Candice of her bottoms. Krystal had the lowest card. He hosted the weekly Pro ecw 10/10/06 divas extreme strip poker Wrestling Focus radio show on KFAN in rendezvous casino brighton dress code the early 1990s and hosted the Ultimate Insiders DVD series distributed in retail falcon diner at ameristar casino st charles mo 63301 stories internationally in the mid-2000s including interviews filmed in Los Angeles with Vince Russo & Ed Ferrara and Matt & Jeff Hardy. Show took a tag then Sandman and time stood still. He currently hosts the most listened to pro wrestling audio show in the world, (the PWTorch Livecast, top ranked in iTunes) PWTorch offers a VIP membership for $10 a month (or less with an annual sub). It includes nearly 25 years worth of archives from our coverage of pro wrestling dating back to PWTorch Newsletters from the late-'80s filled with insider secrets from every era that are available to VIPers in digital PDF format and Keller's radio show from the early 1990s. The fans chanted for RVD. Candice had the lowest card. Krystal removed her bottoms. Kelly Kelly said she can't drink since she's only 19. Sandman wanted a tag so RVD granted his wish.