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Some people would not be able to walk into that parking garage. The salad bar is minimal but effective enough, and the different prepared salads were good. Yeah.. No other cars at vallet so thought we were in wrong place... Even the desserts disappointed her, although they did seem to have a decent variety. And did I say this includes a soft drink, coffee, milk, or hollywood casino toledo buffet reviews tea? Even the grilled pineapple, roasted potatoes, EVERYTHING. Hubby finally went inside looking for someone hollywood casino toledo buffet reviews to park our car, an old man who could hardly walk come hobbling out! First off, entering the parking garage of christmas party casino night london the Hollywood Casino should have hinted at how tight things were going to be. Desserts are some of the finest in town. Both of my Saturday visits also offered shrimp cocktail--but perhaps that was a leftover from Friday. At $11. After sampling plenty of other dishes, some dishes stand out more than the others. You want to "bet" on something, you can bet on horrible service. Valet needs to be overhauled and bring some people in who believe in working for their money. Her stuffed chicken was also casinos in fort collins co undercooked according to her, so she didn't even finish that. 5 crabs) per serving. Well.. My dining companion and I enjoyed the variety and selections Epic Buffet had to offer. Oh.. Let's focus on my most recent occurrence. Only that exclamation would turn into a frown when I realized that almost everything had dairy in it, literally. Little did I know it is affiliated with the M Resort in the Vegas area. I haven't really heard of any other big casinos in toledo, so these guys have the monopoly on the gambling biz. Best thing about this casino is the lack of cigarette smoke. My options were hummous and pita, salad bar with oil and vinegar, peaches, and fruit salad. I have never seen her disappointed with one before, but this one did. Great atmosphere also! I particularly enjoyed the American and Asian offerings from the hot dishes. The oldie but not so goodie with the suspenders to be exact, is probably the worst employee with in valet. You'd expect a service you pay for to bring something more to the table. I had yet to visit this casino. Located just outside of the Toledo area, it's very easy to find off of the hwy. There's a nice variety of cookies, cupcakes, cakes, and pies. Usually, only hollywood casino toledo buffet reviews one of us would grab a serving of crab and we'd finish that before getting another. The only thing she liked was stuffed cabbage. And.. But here's the thing, she didn't like her meal either! There is plenty of parking available either in the open lot or parking ramp. It's almost a Thursday night ritual for my partner and I to head to the buffet at the Hollywood Casino. I walked up to the buffet area, which was very small compared to others in Detroit, but I was immediately excited to see that allergens were listed for most of the items in the buffet! Just like any other casino's there's bright lights everywhere, lively music playing and high ceilings that give it massive appeal. He instead points to someone else, I'm assuming telling them to come deal with us, and then when they don't get up to come help, he's forced to come do his job, poor him. 99 (on Thursdays) with your Marquee Rewards card (available at the service desk), you can't beat it for price or quality! This is around a 50 minute drive one-way for me. The manager was very awkward though, there wasn't a line, so we walked up next to the group that was currently purchasing their meal, and the manager made us move over to where the line would be if one existed, only for us seconds later to make our way to the desk, it just wasn't necessary. They probably got an extra floor in less space in the parking garage by making things so short. It does. Though what makes this even worse, is you'd expect them to be sitting in the back on their phones, no they were outside seen us pull up and still didn't come to valet our vehicle. Underwhelming but pretty were poker secrets from poker champs 2004 the lime tarts and cannoli. If you love lemon, the meringue pie is a superb combination of flavors and textures, with intensely tart lemon, soft meringue, and a half-inch-thick crust of finely chopped coconut with perhaps a bit of flour. The ribs are good, you can never go wrong with fried chicken, the stroganoff is yummy, the meatballs can never go wrong and the frog legs are sublime. Upon walking into the buffet, I noted that it was nice and looked very clean. With a bit of Italian, Polish, Mexican, Chinese, and American on the buffet... Because you always win at the buffet! Normally I find a good amount of options to make me satisfied upon leaving, even at times leaving happy with my meal! Waited 9 mins in our car before finally getting out, going in and asking the security at the door if someone was working in valet. Most items were kept well-stocked--a necessity when your entire establishment is packed with people for over 3 hours. Now, normally since I restrict my diet due to personal choices, I would probably just skip a review on this place, however my girlfriend LOVES casino buffets, its the only reason we go to them. Its been awhile sence we went there but hubby and I took a break from our downtown Det casinos and gave this casino a try.... Valet is a joke, every single time. Judging from all the scrape marks maryland live casino rams head center stage on the cement beams and the height indicator bar, many people had the same problem with their car antenna fitting under the height restrictions. It was welcome nonetheless! A smoke free is usually a good thing since there are more and more gamblers now that don't smoke. My issue with this is, if you're to make a conscious effort to list allergens, why not try to make some of the hollywood casino toledo buffet reviews items so that those with particular allergens can at least have something to eat???? It is not very difficult to make awesome roasted potatoes with oil and some seasonings, you can make veggie sushi rolls without smothering them in some sort of milk based sauce. We will definitely be coming here on Friday nights! Seriously.... I also kind of made my own stir fry thing up, but allergens weren't listed for the sauces, although they generally don't contain dairy, I don't consume animal products entirely, but avoid dairy especially due to stomach issues, so the possibility that fish sauces had me go away from that, but I used a little soy sauce, sriracha, and some peach juice to make something resembling a sweet and spicy sauce that was ok with the veggies. There are those occasional nights when it feels like an item has been out there hollywood casino toledo buffet reviews too long.. If you're in the mood.. If I'm passing through (much more likely), I would not hesitate to try their lunch offerings manhattan casino st petersburg fl or dinner Sunday through Wednesday, when a lack of featured items also means a reduced price (and perhaps also a reduction in crowds). Me and hubby decided to go try the Epic Buffet at The Hollywood Casino in Toledo Ohio because they have lobster on Friday nights. And I'm sure glad we did we were seated right away and the selection was good the lobster is all you can eat on Friday nights I recommend this place to everyone. The height restriction bar was 6 feet 9 inches! I enjoyed both visits so that I would consider making the drive just for this on one of their featured item nights. Dessert--an afterthought at so many casino buffets--was done quite well here and was as enjoyable as the rest of the meal alongside a cup of coffee. I imagine that the setup is the same for lobster night (Thursday) and Prime rib and shrimp night (Friday). But it's rare. The crab was prepared well--not too soggy--and zynga poker for blackberry z10 is not a free-for-all but manned by a chef who typically dishes up 3 "sides: of crab legs (1. There's something for everyone and the quality is outstanding. The vallet situation was a joke, sat and waited 5 min to see a face.... I was already hollywood casino toledo buffet reviews set up with my players card so I was good to go! You can always gamble after your meal.. $5 to valet your car on top of it? There are slot machines, card tables, roulette tables, crap tables and a decent hard rock casino ft lauderdale buffet size poker room. Others might have different favorites, but those are my go to dishes here. Almost everything she had was pretty substandard, and she doesn't even have that high of standards. You go to the counter to request your vehicle, he's making eye contact with you, and then not moving a muscle to come assist you.