. Pros and cons of lowering the gambling age to 18

In the United States and most countries around the world, the legal age of majority is 18. Although there would be increases in the 18-20 age demographic in these statistics, these would be offset by reductions in the older age groups. Give me a break. Perhaps it is felt that drinking and gambling are too dangerous for people under the age of 21. Next, you say that lowering the drinking age would have no real danger on society and other Americans' lives and liberties, however, this could not be farther from the truth. My point here is that kids who want to binge drink are going to do so no matter what, but there are actually kids who want to just drink moderately at the age of 18, and they should be able to do so. What I meant to say earlier was that the states were not neccesarily concerned with our personal health when making the MLDA 21, but that by lowering it to 18, the disease issue would be one of the reasons it would be bad for the populace as a whole. At 18 years old you are able to get married, have sex, raise a family, vote for President and even be drafted into the military. There are a number of things that someone at the age of 18 can’t do, but someone at the age of 21 can do. You can’t run to be the President of the United States until age 35. There really is no need to argue the point. I have always wondered why the legal drinking and gambling age in this country is 21 years old. Why, if at 18 we can do all of these things, can we not drink and gamble? Your point that between the years 1970-1975 the lowered the drinking age from 21 to 18, thus causing more alcohol related incidents is intriguing, however I'd like to focus on the time period for a moment. According to the American Medical Association, there was a 141% increase in DWI accidents in states that had a MLDA of 18 years old. I suppose it is possible that they feel that drinking and gambling are addicting and that people in their teens will be unable to resist their addicted urges. Traffic accidents and fatalities due to drinking come from new drinkers of any age. Finally, you never really deal with gambling, which is fine, but again, for that AND for the MLDA, it is up to the states, and what you are proposing is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and against the Tenth Amendment. In addition, traffic fatalities increased 35% in these sates, which just shows how dangerous the road would be. It is for this reason that binge drinking is not as highly prevalent in Europe as it is here. Finally, in regards to Europe, dullurd makes a good point that I forgot to mention. Someone can’t rent a car until the age of 25. With this point in mind, I would even consider dropping the age down to even maybe 16 like it is in some European countries, but I'll focus on the age of 18 for purposes of this debate. I understand your concern that drunk driving can infringe on other people's lives, but just because there are a few accidents does not mean that pros and cons of lowering the gambling age to 18 tipos de juegos para casinos people who can be drafted and given the license to kill, cannot drink a little. So let's see how our kids will react maybe it will be beneficial but lets see. Gambling in a casino, adopting a child, or even purchasing pros and cons of lowering the gambling age to 18 a handgun can’t be done in most areas at the age of 18. In 2009 data, the age group with the highest percentage of drivers with an illegal blood alcohol content pros and cons of lowering the gambling age to 18 level was the 21-24 age demographic. pros and cons of lowering the gambling age to 18 However, this is because in America drinking is outlawed for younger kids, so they use drinking as a way to rebel against their parents and the law. Why then, is the national legal age for drinking and gambling not 18, but 21? And whats the point if i can go on a cruise and gamble as well. If our government gives us the freedom to enlist in our military and say "be safe and god bless you and thank you for your service" then I'm pretty sure losing $50 or winning $500 is not a bad thing. If you mess up that's your fault... Despite the fact that people are considered adults at this age, they are unable to do certain things, such as being able to legally drink. By lowering the drinking age, you greatly increase the risks of accidents on the road, showing just how much lowring the MLDA would harm society. With the legal drinking age being 21, there are 3 years that a person is an adult where they have certain activities restricted, which may be considered pros and cons of lowering the gambling age to 18 a restriction of a right. pros and cons of lowering the gambling age to 18 These rights are guaranteed for the states, and to make federal laws concerning it AT ALL is against our forefathers' wishes and against the Bill of Rights. Thank you. Besides, it's not like teenagers who want to drink can't get their hands on alcohol very easily anyway. Not to mention at the age of 18 diamond casino in savannah ga in this country we are allowed to purchase and smoke cigarettes. During this time period lowering the drinking age should have been expected to cause problems just because of the disarray and teen rebellion that was occurring at the time. Hence, if you lower the drinking age from 21 to 18 you will not see a significant increase in binge drinking and drunken driving in today's educated, modernized age. Well in response to this I would have to say that just because someone is under 18 that does not mean that they will get addicted easier, people of older ages can often get addicted anyway. There are some definite advantages and disadvantages to lowering the drinking age to 18. They should not be punished for the irresponsibility of their peers. Drinking isn’t the only right that comes at 21 in the US. What you will see instead, is an increase in the number of teens who drink moderately and socially. Just to start with, I agree with you that the government should in no way gain MORE power than they have right now, pros and cons of lowering the gambling age to 18 and that they should not be protecting us against ourselves, one of the main problems kendo scheduler slot by position with the War on Drugs and prohibition, but that's another debate. Mainly this is because younger teens are able to drink with their parents and friends socially, so as how do craps table minimums work to learn how to control their drinking habits as opposed to abusing their freedom when they reach college. I'd argue that if drinking were made legal at a pros and cons of lowering the gambling age to 18 younger age, kids wouldn't binge as much because it would no longer be as powerful of a form of rebellion. To rap up all this my point is that today's population is much more responsible when it comes to drunk driving than it used to be. Libertarian, I respect your argument and am impressed by the research that you have put into your response, however I cannot be swayed. In conclusion I restate my point that even though excess drinking can lead to health problems, if at the age of 18 people are mature and responsible enough to choose this nation's leaders and to be able to raise children of their own, then they are definitely responsible and mature enough to decide if they should drink alcohol or not. According to the government we are adults at the age of 18. The government can't keep regulating everything that we do, that takes the responsibility away from the citizens themselves and creates a lazy, passive national population. It's your life.... In European countries you don't see a lot of binge drinking occur. During the years 1970-1975 we were in Vietnam and we were also in the "peace and love" hippie movement. Kids may be not mature enough to do other things like ride a car or fill out warranty cards but adults make worse decisions in gambling than a kid would more than 70% of adults lose money in casinos but for kids it's 0% because they never got a chance!! The Pros of Lowering the Drinking Age to 18 One thing I found interesting about your last comment was that you said that a New York study found that kids who drink earlier eventually end up binging more later in life.