. Slot in back of medicine cabinet

We all know they're there. Happily, they had the foresight to keep the cabinet in their garage, and kindly donated it to us for free. I’ll keep your model # case I run across them. After mini cooper black union jack license plate frame he died, my BIL said, "Look at the antique! As NoClueBoy mentioned, remodelers know about the slot and expect to find the razor blades. " and started to throw it away. Any ideas? Sometimes, slot in back of medicine cabinet even the service can't help. I thought the brand was just Miami… thanks to Pam I now know its Miami Carey, (it even says that on the drawings I feel dumb now). Often, we have to rebuild an entire wall or two and part of the floor because of the rot. We've been wracking our brains and we can't figure out why a previous homeowner would store razor blades in the wall. And an accesible behind-the-wall receptacle is way, way too much engineering and expense for something that was simply not considered a problem. Still looking though. His house had to be virtually rebuilt. Torgo and I are remodeling our bathroom. How hard would it have been to create a steel `pouch' for the blades to fall into? People didn't build those houses with the assumption that the walls would be torn into to satisfy some future design whim, and it's really not difficult at all to deal battle of malta poker 2012 with slot in back of medicine cabinet it if you do get inside the wall. For some reason I didn’t remember this post. Trying some resale shops, no luck. Would you mind if I borrow the relevant scan for a blog post I’m writing? The best part is the new ballast doesn’t require the individual starter plugs and it’s instant on. I told him that it was fairly new and took it. Having grown up in a house with these slots, with my father, brother and myself using them, I figured everyone knew what they were. In that case, there is a stud (or two) between the medicine cabinet and the plug location. A friend of mine went into the hospital because of the bad mold. Not yet. I recently picked up this catalog showcasing mid-century medicine cabinets, and I count 42 different variations. Even if not, it's super easy to scoop them up with a 6" blade, dump them in a trash bucket, and then diump that bucket into the job site dumpster which is then taken to the dump. What I don't understand is getting into a dither over the blades in the wall. I’ve just finished restoring a 660-10 on page 20 (upper left). It was not uncommon in the olden days to have a razor disposal slot located behind the sink in houses and hotels. Will be on the lookout for these now… oh and the receptor tub!! But when you're throwing one in every day or two, those odds add up. And, it's really not a problem for us remodelers, either. Pretty impressive to combine a blast of venom at a not-unreasonable solution to a problem with a completely out-of-left-field slagging of America. Looking over my floor plans again today and the medicine cabinets (Number 901), and the towel bars, (numbers 8021, and 8019), were used in my master bath. They still make safety razors, and you can still get the blades. 42! Usually it was just a fancy metal plate with a slit in it that lead to the space between the walls. Thanks in advance. Sometimes, they're rusted to a powder. Am I right: Were vintage medicine cabinets made in the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and 1970s so much more interesting — not to mention, heavier-duty — than today? An even bigger problem in most bathrooms is rot and mold. As for the mold, we have test kits. We acquired the cabinet from a neighbor, who had updated their bathroom. These were the old kind of blades; the old Gillette flat ones that were inserted into those antique safety razors. We have the “Ensemble”, original to our 1955 Sacramento Eichler, but not present when we bought it last August. In my experience, the conduit (or the wires themselves if really old) run high on that wall because the light is above eyelevel. If there are low plugs, they're usually to onde jogar poker em campinas the side of the sink which is centered with the mirror of the cabinet. Mrs. What I do with razor blades I use (not for shaving, but for crafts and stuff) is I wrap the blade in masking tape and then throw it out. I don't see where it's a situation that merits even one tenth of the whining and criticism exhibited in this thread. My first experience with this practice was in the 60's, when mom left the water running in the tub, and precipitated the plaster ceiling, and about 30 pounds of antique razor blades onto the floor of the library below. T-keela: He was using "antique" in heads up poker tournament rules the sense of "old and worthless" (as opposed to "valuable collectable"). Plus, check out the towel bars, soap dishes and other chromium, aka chrome-plated accessories. It was a surprise, and I wasn't very happy to have to clean slot in back of medicine cabinet them up. We found a bunch when we remodeled our bathroom too, I know someone said "remodelers know they're there", but what about do-it-yourselfers like us? It's arguably safer to dispose of a bunch of razor blades at once than to deal with 20 or 30 years of weekly garbage bags, each containing one or more razor blades. With some cleaning, it’s pretty much like new. Been looking at some high-line replacements at Rejuvenation, that would slot in back of medicine cabinet preserve the look at a pretty penny. If I find something, I’ll let you know. Almost every bit of flooring, drywall, etc.. I bought one for my dad back in the '90s (I think it's a Braun, but I'm not sure). I'll second what Extraneous and Sam Stone said, with the additional comment that a receptacle would not have made sense because it was reasonable at the time dakota magic casino watertown sd to assume that the volume reporting gambling winnings in michigan of blades over many years could exceed the receptacle's capacity. If it's the bad stuff, we hire a service to come out to take care of it. But of course, it's human nature to think "everyone knows" what you know, and "no one knows" what you don't know, so I understand the surprise of those who weren't aware of them and their purpose. After knocking out some old plaster we notice about 20-30 rusty razor blades amid the rubble. I still use it from time to time, but it doesn't do as good a job as my Mach 3. I wouldn't want to be dropping sharp metat things randomly into a space that has electrical wires. They went under in the 70’s I think. Some of those old blades were perfect for cutting out balsa-wood models. Heavy wire brushing, primed and light coats of appliance epoxy have it looking like new. Had to go, as did about a third of the framing. Thanks again Pam!! I informed him that A) It's only a few years old; B) It was not exactly cheap (I don't remember how much it cost, but it wasn't a $5 item I picked up at ultimate x poker pay table a drug store); and C) It was a gift that I gave to slot in back of medicine cabinet dad, so I'm taking it. So, finding replacements that are 30 – 40 years old might not be the way to go either. The one reason I would be leery of this practice is that there's wiring in between the walls. I have never run into any circumstance where the wires were behind or below the medicine cabinet. Thanks! I scan, therefore I am, and I’ve scanned all 34 pages… Of course Pam would have a story on Miami Carey!! Mine was apparently the Lahoma by Crane, if I am reading the drawing correctly. True, the odds are that you won't hit a wire, and that even if you do, you won't cut through the insulation. So they are not likely to get sliced up. Because it sounds like they're just hitting studs, plaster, and the odd insulated slot in back of medicine cabinet wire. The original ballast hummed, so I bought a replacement for $20 that supports two F14T12 bulbs. Even for a plug, they are usually either on the high light source, or the wire is dropped from the attic. At least with a steel canister, they'd have something to fall into and not be a huge problem to the people who had to maintain the building later on. I was reading it completely wrong, which is why I couldn’t find it. Let me know if you have any luck.