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No room service... I figured I'd get some sort of compensation, voucher for an activity, or some damn breakfast because we sat there for so long but nope. The first four non-suite categories have identical 475-square-foot (44-square-meter), one-room floor plans, but differ in the balcony views they offer. Partial Water View, Ocean View, and Premium Ocean View all offer increasingly better bay views. Meanwhile, we could hear the party going on full swing (for all ages) next door at Margaritaville Resort! They never went near anyone. $300 more for ocean... The drinks were watered down. Additional activities include mini-golf, bumper boats, and a wildlife pond and trail. After the sad pool experience we decided to have dinner at Shima, the Hibachi restaurant. We asked the waitress how big the pieces of cake were and was told, "I don't know. Or walk the few feet and then belly swim out to some really awesome snorkeling not more than 20 - 30 feet off the beach. For a larger, four-pearl alternative with a more sophisticated vibe, check rates at the more affordable Frenchman's Reef & Morning Star Marriott Beach Resort. This day we went to the beach and paddle boarded. The doors are bubbling. We finally checked out of "Nightmare Sugar Bay". When booking trip they asked if we want ocean view or mountain view... 7. Run down resort... Entry-level Standard Guest Rooms provide views of the hotel’s garden and pathways. Small selection.. Finally, we decided we wanted to be in our room so we hailed the bus again back to the main lobby only to be told that their systems were still not up. Kids' activities are included in the hotel's sugar bay casino st thomas rates. But that night the DJ again said he couldn't do it. And were not shoveling snow ... Again, we were told that their systems were still down and to try back later. This island has animals that live on it. There was absolutely nothing for kids to do at night, and the dance "club" played the same mix of Pandora rap nightly. 1. Turns out it's all ocean view... No wifi and no room key. Oyster Awards Here we go.... The lights come back on only to be turned off for a 2nd time 15 minutes later. Simple. Non apologetic. She is very dismissive and doesn't care about the guests at all. Those are a few of the only awesome people at that resort. Power outage for the umteenth time. Mid-level Ocean View Honeymoon Suites and Ocean View Double Family Suites offer identical 800-square-foot (88-square-meter) layouts with separate sleeping and living areas. I honestly felt like I was in prison. The people at the desk, in the gift shop, and the tour desk were all super helpful and nice. There are holes on the outside of the cement. Another 15-20 minutes passes and our food arrives. There were also stingrays and lobster. We were ready for a great show. Such a sweet, sweet lady. I was double charged by the resort the day before my flight home. The waitress took our orders and as soon as that happened the power shut down. Towels were provided along with complimentary water in the fridge, and clean bedding. Food isn't very great... The rooms were updated and very nice, however, due to lack of manpower across the resort, towels were seldom, if ever, changed or replenished. If you don't like something, walk away from it. After dinner we were offered dessert. After dinner we made our way to the front desk to demand a 2nd room. He was very informative. Days 4 and 5 went the same way. Because there was only ever one person working at each place. Customers Who Viewed Sugar Bay Resort & Spa Also Viewed 3. I spent a good 3 hours with my bank, Sugar Bay's Anna, Laurel and Lissa trying to square things away. Ducks were floating in the pool and it just really looked like it needed a TON of TLC. There was no problem with the air conditioning except one night when it was warmer than we liked, but by the next morning it was perfect. Enough is enough. We headed down to the pool via bus yet again. There was Carnival night one night, but the fun stopped there. While we were talking with the front desk a fight breaks out in the lobby between a man and a taxi cab driver. All Sugar bay could tell me was they didn't know how this happened and most likely was their merchant. The flagship Premium Ocean Honeymoon Suites provide 800 square feet (88 square meters) of living space with a king bed and the best water views on the property. We sat outside and had a nice day of arguing with Cheap Caribbean about flights and finding us a new hotel. Deck falling apart.. This hotel is run down. The iguanas, lizards and cats were really chill.. Wait times of 30-45 minutes was average for food (at the "fast food" burger area! The man goes up the stairs and the taxi cab driver chokes this man. Nothing else bothered us... I will just say this one time and leave it here for you to decide if you want to stay at this run down hole in the wall hotel. Yes, beach is rocky for maybe the first 7-10 feet on the right side (facing the ocean) Dicks Sporting goods sells water shoes for under $10. You are on a Caribbean island. I would certainly recommend USVI as a vacation destination, but Sugar Bay gambling in new york illegal Resort needs to focus less of cutting costs and more on pleasing customers if they want to compete with the other resorts on the island. The bar by the pool was okay. Final Thoughts: DO NOT STAY HERE! Day 3: Come down for breakfast and was greeted by a sweet lady named Shirley. The bar was continuously running out of ingredients (mango daiquiri mix in the sugar bay casino st thomas Caribbean! The left side of the beach is much smoother. The 294 rooms are bright and crisp, with tropical details plus free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, minibars, and private balconies -- most have partial or full bay views. The rooms are like "lipstick on a pig". We ask to speak to the general manager, not there. Breakfast was cold at buffet.. Still no room key to be had. We had just eaten a few hours prior but were interested in tasting the food. Our room was super clean. The shops, restaurants, and attractions of downtown Red Hook are less than five minutes away by car, but there isn't much going on in the immediate area. The food was mediocre at best. That didn't sit well with us and we continued to demand a 2nd room. We were directed to the grill down by the pool for a few hours until their system was up. BED BUGS! When numerous people complained, the hotel said they would provide it the following night... Several people were complaining about everything from the food to the entertainment, service and more. A normal size". If you have issues here ask for the manager don't even waste your time with some of the not so happy staff. There were 4 of us so we got 2 meals and split it. Day 1:We arrive at the hotel 2 days later and are informed that ALL of their systems are down and that we couldn't be checked in yet. ) and the same for drinks at the bar... Finally, we got the sugar bay casino st thomas room beside of us but again had to have the bell man take us to our room bc we didn't have a key sugar bay casino st thomas for that room either. Its not a beach it's a bay.... Just when I got home and laid down I noticed that I had 100s of little tiny bites in clusters all over my body. They needed me to sit with them while I called my bank since their software isn't sophisticated enough to see they charged a customer twice. Many of the guests staying there thought the same way. BED BUGS! I have learned the resort has changed ownership and the quality has suffered in a major way. We grabbed a seat only to be eaten alive by the tiny pool bugs that hang around untreated water. Once part of the Dreams resort chain, the all-inclusive Sugar Bay Resort & Spa offers plenty of resort features in a lovely beachfront setting overlooking the Caribbean Sea. There are going to be animals like mosquitos, crabs, cats, ducks, iguanas, and roosters. No comps. Five years ago (and less from speaking to other unsatisfied customers), there was dh texas poker download apk plenty of nighttime entertainment. At least the sun was out and we had mixed drinks... Instead we speak to the front desk manager, Brittany. Things are going to wear out faster than normal because of the water and salt air. The resort’s sizable Kids Klub provides half- and full-day programs with general supervised activities for children aged 4 to 12. We went to Baci , the Italian restaurant. I don't think the resort cares or understands the amount of working hours and monetary sacrifice that goes into planning a 5 day all-inclusive trip here. The latter provides panoramic views to St. We headed to sugar bay casino st thomas our 1 and only room and decided to go down for dinner to see what it was like. We juegos de casino de tarzan arrived at 4:30 and sugar bay casino st thomas were not in our room until at least 7:00 pm. I stayed at this same resort 5 years ago and was extremely pleased. So good luck with this place, it truly has a great potential, probably same time next year reviews will be much better. Take bug spray if you need to. I don't even know where to start... No wifi still. The activity man was super nice. Just because it is an all inclusive doesn't mean the people who work there are slaves to you--be polite, say thank you, tip if you receive great service. We watched the staff clean the pools in the morning and they were a ffxiv duty roulette mentor list nice refreshing temp the entire time we were there. She is beyond rude and is genuinely unapologetic to any of our complaints. She was the sunshine to our day every day. 2. There are tons of underwater coral and rocks with lots of different types of fish. A good 30 minutes passes and they inform us that there will be no hibachi and that they would have to cook the food in the back. We demanded that they assign us at least 1 of the 2 rooms that we had booked. The hotel sends out an unarmed female who is supposedly "security" but come to find out later was not. The DJ (who is apparently outsourced through another company) sat at the bar on his cellphone every night. Completely BLACK. Second bout of nasty customer service. Day 2: We go down for breakfast and ask the front desk yet again if our keys were ready. This man begins to scream at the top of his lungs that the taxi driver needed to be arrested. I'm sure in an attempt for the new owners to save on costs! We hailed the bus that you have to take to the pool. The hotel offers seven room categories. Karaoke was advertised and several people came to the area to participate, but the DJ (who I will get to next) did not have the equipment. We were told that since the systems were down that they had no idea who was staying in what room blackjack strategy hit soft 17 and that they couldn't give us a 2nd room. So that morning on my all-inclusive trip I wasted at a small kiddie like table, killing my battery instead of enjoying the beach and sipping a rum punch. Staff is very friendly.. Treat them like people and they will return the favor. After our legs tired from paddle boarding we headed back to the dilapidated green pool. You can paddle board, kayak, snorkel (all included in all inclusive price) or swim. The wait staff, taxi service people, and pool bar staff were awesome. The pool was green and the pool was aged and pieces were missing from the cement walls. The room looks updated but it was clearly just thrown together. It looks like an old hotel that just needs to be torn down. We then had to have a bell man take us to our room bc we weren't not able to be issued a key to our OWN ROOM. I'm not asking for any special favors here I just want to see more happy faces and attentiveness. We had some mediocre drinks and ate while the hours passed. Beach is small,rocky and dirty ,ants everywhere. The workers were miserable because they had absolutely no help... Shirley was great as always and Brittany at the bar was awesome! Highlights of this upscale property include seven full restaurants, a two-pool complex with a waterfall, a soft sand beach, como liberar o 3 slot no pb and a decent nightlife scene. John. Initially I rated this 1 star but as I mentioned before, new company just took over and it's just not fair to them since you can't change people's mentality overnight. Invest in them. The water is warm and absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. That day was mostly filled with us arguing with Sugar Bay about the service and condition of the hotel and Cheap Caribbean about flights and moving us to another hotel. We did and didn't even use it. This does not mean it is not clean! Needs paint and repairs... ). Several people decided to go into town for entertainment, but many of us felt like we had already paid for drinks by going to an all inclusive resort, so why go somewhere else to pay for drinks! We didn't know to run or what. We were frustrated that we still were not able to get into our room.