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A World Gone Black...
The year is 3072. The fires of the Word of Blake’s Jihad threaten to consume the Inner Sphere. On the borders of Capellan space, the vital world of Necromo has suddenly gone silent, perhaps the victim of a Blakist strike. But what could hit such a busy and well-defended planet so hard that even the Chancellor’s best would fail to call for help?

Time to find out...

BattleTech Adventures: Necromo Nightmare takes players to the dark world of Necromo, on the Confederation’s border with the Federated Suns — a world mysteriously silenced by a lightning attack by unknown forces. Can your team discover the cause of this shipyard planet’s unexplained blackout, and live to tell the tale? Necromo Nightmare includes a guide to this important world, personal biographies on several key players, and adventure Tracks designed for use with A Time of War: The BattleTech Role-Playing Game and the A Time of War Companion, as well as special rules, terrain guides, maps, and Record Sheets for key non-player characters and equipment unique to this story.

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