If you’ve not already seen it, take a look at the announcement where we talk about the coming Lance Packs for BattleTech that’ll bring a slew of miniatures to your table.

This is actually something we’ve been working on for ages, upon ages…I’ve got files dating back over a half decade where I posited […]

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The improved Introductory Box Set reprint is hitting hobby store shelves and player’s gaming tables and there’s been a ton of great comments, especially surrounding the huge increase in quality of the miniatures. We’re extremely excited to see that response match our own. This is the box set I’ve always wanted to see for BattleTech.


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It’s almost here…it’s almost here!

I love seeing any new BattleTech book hit the shelf, but seeing a new Introductory Box Set back on the shelf is particularly gratifying as I know it’s the single best tool for seducing people into playing our favorite game.

And while the previous box set was lauded for a […]

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Wars of the Republic Cover

On February 20, 2014 By

BattleTech: Wars of the Republic will be releasing in the near future, so thought I’d share the full graphic design cover.

For those not yet aware, we’ve got a Tumblr where we’re sharing art and thoughts on a variety of different things for all of our game lines. Over the last few weeks we […]

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Alpha Strike Companion Outline

On February 14, 2014 By

We’ve been kicking this around for a few weeks, both to make sure we’re happy with what we wanted, but also to fold in all of the community feedback and give us time to think about what suggestions might work and what are outside the parameters for this particular book.

As usual, though, I’m leaning […]

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I got in the following photos last week to approve…then promptly got really sick. As I dig my way out of that, sharing them.

The photos came in a spreadsheet from the printer to show what the exact assembly will be. I review and then approve (or ask for a modification) and the full […]

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As mentioned in the previous BattleBlog, we’re working on the art for Handbook: House Kurita. Additionally, I Tumblr about dissecting the Handbook covers determining how to build this cover.

Here’s the art notes that I generated and passed to Brent for review and to pass along to the artist.



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I’m pretty sure I dove into the depths of this with Handbook: House Liao, but it’s been a good long time and I felt it would be worth while to kick on the afterburner and skim this subject again with the the last of the Handbooks.

Art note generation on the Handbooks dwarfs the investment […]

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Knowing When You’re Wrong

On December 19, 2013 By

There’s a ton of skills involved in being a good line developer. Early in my career at FASA I can remember helping Bryan Nystul (then the BattleTech Line Developer) put together a job description. And man was I intimidated. Its a large, often almost eclectic set; and that doesn’t even includes the over-all temperament required.


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Reprints: Blessings & Banes

On December 13, 2013 By

A little walk behind the curtain.

We ran into the blessings & banes of reprints over the summer. We had the BattleTech Introductory Box Set, Total Warfare and A Time of War go out of stock all at the same time.

The initial reaction (and a correct one) is yea! That much of the line […]

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