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Author Topic: (Answered) Question raised by the conciousness check question  (Read 2077 times)


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In the conciousness check question He was asking about the 1m/3 hit a mechwarrior takes when his mech falls, but to my knowledge a mechwarrior should never have to take that damage, since they should be wearing a neuro helmet, which has a melee bar value of 4) would they ever take that damage?
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Re: Question raised by the conciousness check question
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A table in the Tactical Combat Addendum identifies what the damage effects are for the various Total Warfare-scale pilot hits, in AToW role-playing terms. These damage effects vary with the nature of the cause:

Damage from falling, 1 point in Total Warfare (in the event of a failed "seatbelt check", of course), is 1M / 3 in AToW. This damage generally requires a hit location roll in AToW or--if not using Hit Locations rules--hits the character in the torso. This damage can be affected by personal armor.

Damage from an ammo explosion, 2 points in TW rules, is 0E/4D in AToW. this damage is not affected by armor at all.

Damage from a cockpit location hit, 1 point in Total Warfare, is 1B / 3 in AToW. This damage, like the falling damage, can be affected by armor.

Hopefully, this helps.

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