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Author Topic: (Answered) Same skill field multiple times  (Read 4719 times)


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(Answered) Same skill field multiple times
« on: 07 October 2017, 18:47:16 »
Ok, so I'm looking at Clan Washout in Stage 4.  It requires either Truborn or Freeborn Sibko in Stage two, both of which give Clan Basic Training.  If you're Clan Ghost Bear or Hell's Horses you have the option, instead of washing out to a non-warrior caste, taking the Stage 2 Freeborn Cavalry or Infantry modules as a Stage 4 module... which, obviously, also gives Clan Basic Training.

So, do you take it twice?  I know the rules for the Master Schools list say that you can only have one basic training field, but it doesn't address skill fields taken outside of the schools in Stage 3 nor does it address skill fields taken from separate modules.  The clan skill fields are not part of any master school and can't be taken as one, so the way I read it, the one basic training rule doesn't apply here.
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Re: Same skill field multiple times
« Reply #1 on: 08 October 2017, 00:37:19 »
The restriction is only for Stage 3.
The solution is just ignore Paul.