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Author Topic: [Destiny] 'Mech Scale Physical Attack Damage  (Read 1359 times)


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[Destiny] 'Mech Scale Physical Attack Damage
« on: 06 September 2020, 14:50:03 »
p. 43 (repeated on p. 239): Physical Attacks Table

The first note states, to "Round up the end result to the nearest whole number." (emphasis added)

Is rounding up correct, or should it state "round up or down"?  Either way, it appears numerous examples need to be reworked.

Kick damage for the 80-ton Awesome (p. 165) is shown as 6 while the 80-ton Gargoyle on p. 229 is 5.
If we round up, the 35-ton Adder's kick damage (p. 224) should be 3, not 2.
If we round to the nearest whole number, 20-ton kick damage (Locust, Stinger, and Wasp on p. 158 plus the Fire Moth on p. 223) is 1, not 2.
There may be other errors, these are just the ones that I looked over.