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Author Topic: Pump Shotgun Recoil mod?  (Read 4623 times)


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Pump Shotgun Recoil mod?
« on: 25 June 2019, 21:57:09 »
Page 268 of ATOW has the Pump Shotgun and the Pump Shotgun (Sawed-Off), both of which have under their notes section "Recoil -1".

However, there is no burst rating for the weapon, and the Recoil Mod is only applied when firing in burst rating.

So the question is..

Is this just a mistake, and it should be deleted?


Is this supposed to be an indication of some inherent difficulty in firing the gun, and should be an Attack modifier (such as the Elephant gun, with its "-2 to attack roll") of -1


Is the recoil mod right, and it should have a burst rating?


Something else?