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Author Topic: Mass fraction saved with converting "non-functional" K-F drive to booby trap?  (Read 1021 times)


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I've been going through the Jihad era publications, and came across an entry for the Ancestral Home.  I am not that familiar with the aero rules, but it did get me thinking.  There would be no need for any computer control to handle navigation (and we all know that BT computers make the old tube-types look like "Twiggy").  There would be no need for any redundancies and no need for any storage of extra use reagents, coolant, external charging gear plus sail struts (would assume it would be "hot charged" as jump issues wouldn't be a concern), any shielding of any type, etc. 

Unless I'm missing something, kind of envision a setup with absolutely the barest minimum needed to work once in response to slapping the big red button.  So, thoughts on what percent mass savings one gets by reworking a derelict K-F drive to be the ultimate parting gift? 


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You still need the core itself, which is the lion's share of the cost and value. No hard numbers exist - TPTB delibeerately avoid that - but the ancillary systems you mentioned are presumably only a tiny fraction of the cost/value.

It's never been spelled out in canon but the rules and fluff make it pretty clear that broken KF drives are veritable gold (germanium) mines. If you can't repair the drive then you still can make a fortune simply from salvaging the refined germanium, for use in building a new KF core.
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The Ancestral Home had an fully installed drive. it just didn't work safely due to damage (presumably) to the core itself so they didn't use it. notably it still worked enough to perform a close proximity jump and wrecked the Perigard Zalman. the problem was just that the resulting KF field was highly unstable and destroyed the Ancestral Home too. more so than is normal for such close range jumps.

remember the Home was a training ship as much as it was a system defense vessel. even if the KF navigation computers were useless for letting the ship get around the system, they would still be used to train cadets in how to plot KF jumps.