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Author Topic: Design Challenge: Big Assault DropShip  (Read 344 times)


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Design Challenge: Big Assault DropShip
« on: 01 February 2023, 17:33:08 »
Alright guys, this challenge is a simple one that has been partially inspired by Liam's Ghost's General War designs.

The rules are simple. Build an Assault Dropship in the ballpark of 10,000 tones designed for either Long Range in system patrols or to be permanently attached to a WarShip . These designs are made for the late Age of War and the early Star League and thus can only use technology available by 2570. IntroTech weaponry is preferable due to the fact that several of these in universe did actually remain in service through the Succession Wars.

Spheroid or Aerodyne are both options but all that is required is for it to be heavily armed, relatively fast, and carry a contingent of Marines for Pirate Hunting and Fleet Boarding Actions.

Alright guys, go.
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Re: Design Challenge: Big Assault DropShip
« Reply #1 on: 02 February 2023, 12:59:17 »
The Lafayette that I posted up might be something you could consider. I posted it as part of the two piece ships, but designed it as a standalone.

Tonnage of 14k, moves at 7/11. It's got advanced rules stuff, everything is basically introtech. And you can probably remove 4 fighters to add 3 small craft and there's plenty of room to fit a contingent of marines.