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Author Topic: Design Challenge: Dark Age Assault Cruiser.  (Read 330 times)


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Design Challenge: Dark Age Assault Cruiser.
« on: 10 September 2022, 14:26:20 »
Alright guys, for those of you that have taken part in my previous design challenges know and for those who don't, in the AU I'm currently writing, the Republic Era and the subsequent Dark Age saw a Naval Renaissance for the various factions of the Inner Sphere and Periphery.

Among the various Naval Building schemes of the Era was a project by the United Coreward Federation's Aerospace Force when as part of the 400 Ship Fleet program, they ordered a versatile and multi-role WarShip titled the Heavy Cruiser-Assault design. This ship was designed to serve as a part of the Federation's Rapid Reaction Doctrine by carrying one of the Marine Corps' Marine Expeditionary Regiments integrally to allow for the high speed deployment of the unit via orbital drop pods.

For reference, an MER consists of a Battalion of Mechs supported by two Battalions of Battle Armor with a fourth Battalion of conventional infantry for usage as reserves and security.

Additionally, these ships are meant to serve as support assets in fleet combat with them being designed with a secondary purpose as a light carrier of ASFs, Small Craft, and Pocket WarShips and a decently sized armament for fending off attackers and to support its marines on the ground. Specifically, a decent missile armament is requested as to allow for the deployment of strategic arms in the event of a vast strategic escalation.

Otherwise, the only other requirements are to be 900,000 tons and be equipped with flagship facilities.

1. Oops, forgot to put the date. Strategic Aerospace Command ordered these ships in 3110 with the first ship coming online in 3118.
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Re: Design Challenge: Dark Age Assault Cruiser.
« Reply #1 on: 14 September 2022, 22:47:52 »
I'll probably pass on this one..... although I might deliver it a month later because an idea struck me. Like the idea in theory, in design I've never been able to make something... work.