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Author Topic: Design Challenge: Four Dark Age WarShips  (Read 442 times)


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Design Challenge: Four Dark Age WarShips
« on: 16 June 2022, 12:42:19 »
Alright guys, some more designs for AU.

In the aftermath of Grey Monday, the General Staff of the United Coreward Federation Armed Forces was called to meeting with the newly ascended Marshal of the Federation, David Falke, and several Federation allies. The topic of discussion was simple, the strategic plan of the Federation going forward for national defense and military procurement. To do so, the General Staff examined war scenarios ranging from the very plausible such as Brushfire Wars in the Periphery that the Federation had been engaged in for some time to possible but unlikely scenarios such as a major invasion by another Great House to the downright Black Swan situations like a Second Clan Invasion. In all situations examined, due to the HPG Blackout, the vast size of the Federation, and various other concerns that the best solution to the issues at hand was military QRFs with maximum strategic mobility and adaptability able to bring vast amounts of troops and firepower to bear at a moment's notice.

In short, the Federation needed WarShips and a lot of them. The CFAF over the course of the year drew up ambitious and revolutionary plans to expand the Federation's Aerospace Force's strength from 40 WarShips to over 240 Hulls by the end of the 3150s. The Marshal got the so-called 200 Ship Fleet Act rammed through the Congress through the invocation of the National Defense Act of 2354. While the program is expected to be ungodly expensive, its proponents claim that the orbital and strategic supremacy the program will provide the Federation for generations or even centuries will more than repay their construction costs.

The 200 Ship Fleet Program's central pillar was the development and introduction of Four new WarShip classes designed to make up total bulk of all new tonnage being constructed for the program. The program called for development programs fora new Destroyer under the DD-X program, a new Heavy Cruiser under the CL-X program, a new Battleship under the BB-X program, and a new Super Carrier under the CV-X program.

DD-X Program

The DD-X is intended to be the next generation face and frontline unit of the Federation Aerospace Force. As such, it was called for a 650,000 ton ship designed to be a multi-role warfighter. The ship's primary missions though were long ranged patrol, capital escort, and orbital fire support.

CA-X Program

The CA-X is intended to be the command ship for Destroyer Groups and the main line combatant of the program. Developmentally, it's the developmental successor to the Block-II Universal Heavy Cruiser (or the New Pittsburgh class in Federation service) though a request is put out to try to merge in elements of the Block-1 and increase the DropShip capacity for more versatility in service. The maximum weight placed down for the program is 925,000 tons.

BB-X Program

The BB-X is intended to be a 1.7 million ton Battleship, the largest constructed by the Inner Sphere since Star League. These ships are designed to anchor direct action groups or serve as a heavy carrier escort as a heavily armored and heavily armed gunner platform with reasonable mobility. This ship is designed to be able to fight any other capital ship in the Sphere other than the Ghost Bears' remaining Leviathan.

CV-X Program

The CV-X is the centerpiece of the 200 Ship Fleet program. Due to the Aerospace Cectric nature of the Federation's Doctrine (a direct descendant of Ancient NATO's AirLand Battle Doctrine) Carriers play a central role in their fleets, with the entire Aerospace Force centered around Carrier Battlegroups. The CV-X is intended to be the Federation and House Falke's first new carrier class since the Star League Era Condor class. The CV-X is intended to have similar capabilities to the Condors and at first supplement and eventually replace the two remaining, ancient, ships of the class still in service.
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