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Author Topic: Design Challenge: Post-Succession Wars Inner Sphere Heavy Corvette  (Read 302 times)


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Last Design Challenge for House Hydros for a bit.

As part of House Hyrdros and the Eiconian Conglomerate's reconstruction program after the Fourth Succession War, a massive defense bill was put forward and passed by the new Grand Executive. One very big part of this plan to rebuild and reform the Eiconian Security Forces in the bill was the reformation of the ESF-Navy around a new, advanced, and revolutionary program. The Conglomerate's first new WarShip class in Centuries.

After the reintroduction of many pieces of LosTech including the Compact KF-Drive and the (expected) new era of peace created by the rise of Second Star League over the coming decades, WarShips are making a comeback across the Inner Sphere and the Conglomerate wants in.

The Conglomerate places the order for their first WarShip as what was envisioned as the most numerous and important ship of the new fleet. A Heavy Corvette Class was ordered to serve as the mainline ship of the program. This Corvette had a few requirements placed upon them.

1. Be as heavily armed as possible.
2. Be as fast and maneuverable as possible.
3. Have DropShip capacity to aid in force projection.

These ships were meant to fill a tactical and strategic doctrine based upon, ironically, the greatest thorn in the Conglomerate's side for centuries, the Taurian Concordat and specifically their doctrine during the Reunification War. Using large fleets of light fleets to ambush stronger enemy battlegroups and defeat them through defeat in detail tactics.

These Corvettes would end up being the first class of WarShip to be finished by an Inner Sphere nation after the Succession Wars, entering service in 3046. However, due to the Conglomerate being located in Rimward section of the Sphere, they were unable to fight in the Clan Invasion, however they would see their first action with ships of the class being present in both the Coalition Force for Operation BULLDOG and joining the SLDF in Task Force SERPENT. The class would continue service in the ESF-N until well into the Dark Age with the last ship of the class only leaving service in the 3160s.