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Author Topic: Erikson class Escort Carrier (primitive)  (Read 245 times)

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Erikson class Escort Carrier (primitive)
« on: 08 February 2020, 07:10:38 »
Built throughout the first half of the twenty fifth century, the Erikson served as one of the primary combat platforms of the navy of the Principality of Rasalhague. Though under Combine domination and occupation since 2367, the Principality officially retained a degree of autonomy (in practice this varied considerably depending the governor placed in power by the Combine) and was expected to take responsibility for its own defense to at least some degree, though it was still not permitted enough troops and weapons to present a significant risk of revolt.

The Erikson illustrates just how much leway the Combine was willing to give its vassal. The Erikson is small and only lightly armed, even for its small size it's fairly undergunned. Its fighter complement was meant to be its primary weapon, but even this was generally made up of lightweight, obsolete SB-26 Sabres rotated out of service with the Combine military, with only a few ships with impeccable loyalty to the Combine governor given access to newer and better fighters. The mass saved in these areas did allow for other advantages, however. The ship boasted a fairly good jump range and a reasonably tough hull, traits which made it a fairly capable patrol ship for the under developed territories of the Rasalhague Military District.

As it was designed for commerce protection, patrol duty, and showing the flag, the Combine likely hoped that the Principality's fleet of Eriksons would have largely uneventful careers. While this was true for the most part, the tumultuous affairs of both the Principality and their Combine overlords during the 25th century meant that not only was this not always the case, but often the Erikson would find itself staring down the guns of its Combine "allies". Despite vigorous vetting and oversight to ensure the loyalty of the Principality's military, it was not unheard of for the occasional ship to simply go rogue, either in support of an ongoing uprising or simply to strike back at their Combine overlords. Daniel Sorenson's rebellion against Governor Jason Kurita in 2421 saw many ships flock to his banner, with the entire Principality fleet coming under his control after he gained power over the state and declared his opposition to the Von Rohrs coordinators. Many of these same ships would see action at the start of the 26th century, during the skirmishes and battles that would lead up to the overthrow of Kruger Von Rohrs by Martin McAllister and the end of the Von Rohrs line in 2510.

Following the unification of the Principality of Rasalhague and the Draconis Combine in the same year, the Principality's fleet was integrated into that of the larger Combine fleet, and the obsolete Eriksons in service were quickly retired and scrapped.

Erikson class Escort Carrier
Mass: 50,000 tons
Technology Base: Inner Sphere (Advanced)
Introduced: 2470
Mass: 50,000
Battle Value: 3,743
Tech Rating/Availability: D/D-X-X-X
Cost: 3,617,960,000 C-bills

Fuel: 3,000 tons (30,000)
Safe Thrust: 2
Maximum Thrust: 3
Sail Integrity: 3
KF Drive Integrity: 4
Jump Range: 20
Heat Sinks: 122
Structural Integrity: 90

    Nose: 11
    Fore Sides: 10/10
    Aft Sides: 10/10
    Aft: 11

    Bay 1:  Fighter (12)            3 Doors   
    Bay 2:  Small Craft (2)         1 Door   
    Bay 3:  Cargo (796.0 tons)      1 Door   

    480 rounds of AC/5 ammunition (24 tons)

Dropship Capacity: 0
Grav Decks: 0
Escape Pods: 20
Life Boats: 0
Crew:  10 officers, 45 enlisted/non-rated, 5 gunners, 34 bay personnel      

Notes: Mounts 34 tons of standard aerospace armor.

Weapons:                    Capital Attack Values (Standard)
Arc (Heat)              Heat  SRV     MRV     LRV      ERV    Class       
Nose (28 Heat)
4 Medium Laser          28   4(36)   2(16)    0(0)     0(0)   Laser       
    2 Large Laser
FRS/FLS (3 Heat)
3 AC/5                   3   2(15)   2(15)    0(0)     0(0)   AC         
    AC/5 Ammo (120 shots)
ARS/ALS (31 Heat)
4 Medium Laser          28   4(36)   2(16)    0(0)     0(0)   Laser       
    2 Large Laser
3 AC/5                   3   2(15)   2(15)    0(0)     0(0)   AC         
    AC/5 Ammo (120 shots)
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Re: Erikson class Escort Carrier (primitive)
« Reply #1 on: 08 February 2020, 09:17:18 »
With the exception that it is a Warship, it's reminiscent of the larger Quetzacouatl.
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