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Author Topic: Hyperion-class Heavy Cruiser  (Read 5363 times)

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Hyperion-class Heavy Cruiser
« on: 05 February 2011, 13:06:35 »
I can't remember who originally posted this design however I've adapted it over the years and used it in my non-canon timeline which is what the fluff refers to

Hyperion-class Heavy Cruiser
Tech:                       Inner Sphere 2806/3060
Era:                    What if
Availability:         Limited (2 Exist)
Vessel Type:           WarShip
Mass:                       750,000 tons
Hull:                      Naval Grade Alpha Steel
K-F Drive System:        KF Mark XXV
Length:                  703 meters
Sail Diameter:           1,207 meters
Power Plant:             4 GM 8050 Starlifters
   Safe Thrust:          4   Maximum Thrust:       6
Armour Type:              Blue Nose 440CL Ferro-carbide
   2 Maelstrom AR-10 Missile Launchers
   16 Kreuss XX Naval Particle Projection Cannons
   8 Magna-55 Series Naval Lasers
   60 ExoStar Small Lasers
   36 Ripper Series A1 ER-Particle Projection Cannon’s
   21 McHenry Anti-Missile System
Manufacturer:            Ioto Galactic Enterprises and Bowie Industries
   Location:           Royal Shipyards of Port Sydney, Alarion
Communications System:     5T Vargas
Targeting & Tracking System:     Wolf 157

   The first and only Warship designed and built by the Lyran Commonwealth after the fall of the Star League, the Hyperion-class Heavy Cruiser is basic and utilitarian, designed to be built and operated with the minimal amount of time and effort.  The design first appeared three days following the fall of the Star League.

   Built with intimidation and independence in mind, the Hyperion-class packs a relatively good weapons layout into a no-frills hull. Using mainly energy-based weapons, the Hyperion is capable of going for extended periods of time without needing to re-supply with banks of Heavy Naval Lasers and Naval lasers lining the hull and conventional lasers and Particle Projection Cannons backing them up. The only ammo-dependant weapons system with the pair of Killer Whale Capital Missile Launchers (later upgraded to Maelstrom AR-10 multi-purpose missile launchers) in the nose.
   The Hyperion can carry a wing of thirty-six fighters and twelve small craft and carries a complement of sixty-four conventional marine troopers for internal defence and attacking other craft.  Unlike must designs, the Hyperion-class has no rotational sections, requiring the vessel to have crewmen trained to work in a micro gravity environment, part of the vessels carnivorous cargo bay on many vessels was converted into a gym facility while the gyms provided were turned over to other tasks.
   In the later 31st Century when the Lyran Alliance brought the last two Hyperions back into service.  The re-launched Hyperions were different from the standard model with the standard small lasers removed and replaced with anti-missile launchers and the addition of four brand-new (barely tested) Heavy Gauss Rifles.  Although the crew hardly anyone knew how to use the weapons and they were prone to breaking down in the first couple of months the Lyran Archon Katherine Steiner-Davion said they would  give the Lyran people confidence in the Lyran Navy and it would allow the research and development teams to work out the kinks in the powerful new weapons system.  For the first six months of 3060 the two Hyperions both carried an additional team of twenty technicians specifically on board to service the Heavy Gauss Rifles however these crews also proved helpful in keeping the ancient vessels fully operation as further wear and tear appeared over time.  When it came time to recall the additional techs Fleet Admiral Lyn Hood, commander of the Lyran navy and the Hyperion-class Athens requested that the techs remain.  Six months later the LAAF High Command recalled the Hyperion and both vessels were fitted with twelve Second-class Passenger Quarters for the additional techs who were permanently added to the Hyperion‘s crew complement and given commissions within the LAAF despite their civilian standing.

Battle History
   The Hyperion class has seen action in many battles, in several cases the Hyperion acted in support of the Tharkad-class Battlecruiser with two Hyperions and a Tharkad being able to send an entire Reinforced Aerospace Regiment into battle.  It was during the final Defence of Thorin in 2850 that the Hyperion-class suffered its last combat loss when the Alexandria was scuttled due to a damaged K-F Drive, the vessel did however prove the classes worth destroying nearly an entire regiment of Free Worlds League ground troops before damage caused its retirement from battle.

   Designed to escort the Tharkad-class Battlecruiser the last two Hyperion-class Cruisers were withdrawn form active service in 2851.  The two heavy cruiser Hulls, the LCS Cairo and the LCS Athens were mothballed their weapons removed and crews move onto other ships.  The weapons and spare parts were used on the LCS Invincible, the last Tharkad-class vessel, trying to keep that ancient vessel operational.  With no weapons the two unarmed Hyperion hulls were officially broken apart however they were actually moved to distant holding locations within the Alarion system there they were left to languish.
   As the Succession Wars moved on the vessels were abandoned to history, with the technical renaissance of the late 31st Century Ioto Enterprises looked to reactivate the Hyperions giving the Lyran Alliance Navy a more unique look and setting its navy aside from the resurgent AFFS Admiralty.  With no Tharkad-class Battle-cruisers to escort the vessel instead would fill the niche between the Fox-class Corvette and the Mjolnir-class Battle-cruiser.

Code: [Select]
Hyperion-class Heavy Cruiser WarShip      750,000 tons
Equipment:                                                            Mass 
Power Plant                                                        180,000
Thrust                          Safe Thrust 4
                                Maximum Thrust 6
Kearny-Fuchida Jump Drive       Compact (Integrity 16)             339,375
Lithium Fusion Battery                                               7,500
Jump Sail (Detachable)                                               0,068
Structual Integrity                        75                       56,250
Heat Sinks (Double)                        2,300 (4,600)             1,633
Bridge and Control systems                                           1,875
Armour (Ferro Carbide)                     948pts                    1,124.5
        Fore             174
        Fore Left/Right  158
        Aft Left/Right   158
        Aft              142

        Bay 1:   Fighters (36) with 6 doors                          5,400
                 Small Craft (12)                                    2,400
        Bay 2:   Cargo with 2 doors                                 62,574

Life Boats                                  20                       0,140
Escape Pods:                                60                       0,420

Crew and Passengers:
    60 Officers                                                      0,600
   200 Crew                                                          0,140
    50 Gunners                                                       0,350
    12 2nd Class Quarters                                            0,084
    64 Marine Troopers                                               0,320

Weapons and Equipment      Location    Damage (C)       Max Range    Mass
2 AR-10                      Nose      Varies            Varies      0,500
2 Heavy NPPC                 Nose      30                Extreme     6,000
3 AMS                        Nose       --             Point Defence 0,001.5
4 Heavy Gauss Rifle          Nose  10/6/4 (100/60/40)    Long        0,072
2 NL-55                      FL/R      11                Extreme     4,400
6 ER PPC                     FL/R       6 (60)           Long        0,042
2 AMS                        FL/R       --             Point Defence 0,002
3 Heavy NPPC                 BSL/R     45                Extreme    18,000
3 Heavy NPPC                 BSL/R     45                Extreme    18,000
4 AMS                        BSL/R      --             Point Defence 0,004
2 NL-55                      RL/R      11                Extreme     4,400
6 ER PPC                     RL/R       6 (60)           Long        0,042
2 AMS                        RL/R       --             Point Defence 0,002
2 Heavy NPPC                 Aft       30                Extreme     6,000
2 AMS                        Aft        --             Point Defence 0,001
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As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.

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Re: Hyperion-class Heavy Cruiser
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I like it!