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Author Topic: Design Challenge - Build "Gangplank"  (Read 2114 times)

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Design Challenge - Build "Gangplank"
« on: 08 February 2011, 16:55:06 »
I need a dropship.

Here are the rules:

1 - Must ONLY use the following class of weapons:

Rocket Launchers (Place priority here)
Machine Gun Arrays (Light, standard and heavy)
Autocannons (Standard)

2 - Must be able to transport Those Damned Scallywags!!!

3 - Must have a good amount of Cargo, complete with a Brewery (Yes, I'm not kidding) and other necessities...  maybe a bar?  Think pirate.

4 - DO NOT change the armor, structure or speed.  This thing can't be optimized... it's a crappy refit.

Have fun!
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