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Author Topic: Quickzell Dropship (Name Credit to Hellraiser)  (Read 1610 times)


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Quickzell Dropship (Name Credit to Hellraiser)
« on: 06 February 2016, 07:52:18 »
Digging back through my old notes, I found a design from right after the board crash back in 2011.  The premise was Quickscell corporation making a light vehicle transport.  In the original thread here, I made some errors in cost calculations that Hellraiser caught, and in the process he came up with the (very appropriate) name.  I think I've corrected the costs now (below), resulting in a still relatively cheap 75.6M C-bills.  I also did some initial layout in Visio, and was able to cram eight light vehicle cubicles into one level of a 26 meter external diameter hull (attached, with some MegaMek Goblin variants and Maxims for scale).  I can definitely fit two cargo elevators in to access the other four cubicles on the deck above (essentially the floor of the cubicle above is the elevator), and I'm debating on a second pair (which will be trickier).

Elevation-wise, I'm looking at a 5 meter tall engine room at the bottom of the ship (split into two levels with expanded steel decking), two 5 meter tall cargo decks, with three 2-2.5 meter decks above that.  The first will be for the vehicle bay personnel (60 of them, mostly in triple stacked bunks), the second will be where the crew quarters (6 personnel, 8 bunks using infantry bay quarters) and bridge are, while the third (tiny) deck will be for avionics and the nose airlock.

The large lasers will be allocated one to each forward and aft side arc, while the two small lasers will be mounted aft for point defense.

Code: [Select]
Tons   Cost
Tonnage: 1,000
Engine (3/5):   195 195,000
Drive Unit: 15,000
Attitude Thruster: 25,000
Landing Gear: 10,000
Docking Collar: 10,000
Fuel and Pumps (3,000):    51 10,000
SI (6):    12 600,000
Control:     7.5 210,000
Computer: 200,000
Life Support (for 66): 330,000
Sensors: 80,000
Fire Control Computer: 100,000
5 Gunnery Control Systems: 50,000
Crew (5+1G, Bay Quarters):  1.5 22,500 Bunks for 8
Armor (86+6 per face):    21.5 215,000
Heat Sinks (36 Free):     0 72,000
4 Large Lasers/2 Smalls:   21 422,500
12 Light Vehicle Bays:   600 120,000 Bunks for 60
Bay Doors (8):   8,000
Escape Pod (1):     7   5,000
Spares (1%):    10
Food/Water (~13 days):    43.5
Cargo:    30
Sub Total:       2,700,000
Final Multiplier (28):      75,600,000