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Author Topic: Reven's oddball challenge "Make It BIG"...  (Read 351 times)


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Reven's oddball challenge "Make It BIG"...
« on: 18 November 2021, 09:44:24 »
So I got this plot bunny not leaving me alone and I thought I'd see what folks thought about how a nation would go about this.

So I'm thinking of trying to recreate the Expanse's Belters in battletech, being a Periphery nation out in the black that is completely mobile. So when the Star League came a knocking to try and subjugate them, their plan was Australia vs Emu simple.

Run Away.

They had been building large "Ark" Style ships (importing the Raven Alliance idea to the distant past) and had been building bigger and bigger ships.

So my challenge is... a distinct plot idea that keeps popping up is the idea that at one point this group decides to go all out and when a Star League task force led by the Battleship Farragut jumps into the system, they get a rather rude shock. While they approach and demand the immediate surrender two of the so-called arks seem to turn towards them. And then the SLDF realizes that those are not ark ships at all. These two flagships and their supporting fleet of smaller craft are meant to hold off the SLDF until the arks jump away and then run away themselves.

Design me a pair of Battleships/Carriers/whatever, using what would be roughly Periphery technology in 2550-2570-ish era tech. But it weighs between 2 Million and 2.5 Million tons. It's quite literally bigger than anything the Star League has ever seen. Along with a few dozen Pinto Destroyers and other support craft (I haven't had time to think about what cruisers these folks might dream up) these two ships in theory should be able to stop most of what a usual SLDF fleet would have. I'm sorta basing the SLDF forces on what they used on Canopus.

I know the idea is silly, just bear with me...