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Author Topic: Thunderer Class Destroyer  (Read 2141 times)


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Thunderer Class Destroyer
« on: 30 January 2011, 16:19:32 »
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Thunderer Class Destroyer

Tech: 3067
Mass: 550,000
Length: 650 meters
Sail Diameter: 1100 meters
Fuel: 3000(1500)
Tons/Burn-day: 39.5
Safe thust: 3
Max Thrust: 3
Sail Integrity: 4
KF Drive Integrity: 12
Heat Sinks: 3000 (6000)
Structural Integrity: 120

Armor: 900 tons standard armor
    Fore:       72
    Aft-Sides:  72
    Aft:        72

6 NAC/30
6 NAC/20
25 NL/35
14 AR 10
34 LRM 10
120 Small Lasers

2 NAC 30
2 AR-10
10 Small Laser
2 LRM-10

Fore R/L
5 NL/35
3 AR-10
20 Small Laser

5 NL/35
3 NAC/20
3 AR-10
10 Small Laser
10 LRM-10

2 NAC/30
10 Small Laser
5 LRM-10

5 NL35
10 Small Laser
2 LRM-10

Dropship: 3
Bay 1: Cargo (6,833)  Doors 2
Bay 2: Fighter (16)     Doors 5
Bay 3: Small Craft (8 ) Doors 2

Crew: 324
Passengers: 50
Marines: 25

escape pods: 50
lifeboats: 50

 In Late 3066 the MHC decided against starting up a warship program and sited very good reasons for the decision against a expensive endeavor.  Magistrice Centrella wishing for a warships program approached Chancellor Sun Tzu for help in this matter and he "gave" a incomplete impavido destroyer to tinker with.   Magistrice Centrella then stunned the Chancellor with a proposition he couldnt refuse, she bought the rights to the defunct capellan warhsip manufactur Delhi Warships(with her own money not the Magistrice's), Chancellor Sun Tzu allowed this deal to go through as he thought that the MAC could not possible build their own warship yards.  He was correct, somehow someway the Magistrice had bought a several derelict yards from other nations, which one are unkown, and had begun assemble of the Centrella Yards in early 3067.  By December the Yards were 75% complete and the incomplete impavido was hauled to the Yards for completion.  Magistic Centrella layed out her desired ship specs and called for other ideas form the Admirals to fllush out the new ship.

  Designed around the LNPPC weapon system the ship would use them as dropship killers, a NAC complement was added for ship to ship fighting with Naval Lasers to back up the NAC's or the LNPPC's.  120 small lasers were added for fighter defense and 34 LRM's were added to back up the fighter defense. 14 AR10's were added for extra ship killers or fighter defense missles.

  Only one vessel is in service and she is still doing trials.  The HMS(Her Majesty's Ship) Emma Centrella is the first of her kind and may be they last.
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