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Author Topic: Trojan-class DropShip (Modified) "Moja Pomsta"  (Read 340 times)


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Trojan-class DropShip (Modified) "Moja Pomsta"
« on: 08 April 2022, 15:46:09 »
Trojan-class DropShip (Modified) "Moja Pomsta"


The "Moja Pomsta" was a highly modified Danais or Trojan-class dropship that operated in the area between the Taurian Concordat and the Magistracy of Canopus in the early 29th century. This ship was known for its incredibly successful raiding efforts against Taurian shipping.

The ship itself was owned by Jana Cierny, known as “Red Jana” for the campaign of piracy that she waged against Taurian targets in the wake of the Magistacy-Concordat War. Unlike many pirates of the era, Jana rarely if ever made use of BattleMech forces. Instead they were masters of attacking shipping in transit.

The “Moja Pomsta” was one of three ships purchased by Jana Cierny following the short but vicious war between the Taurian Concordat and Magistracy of Canopus between 2813 and 2815. Jana and her husband had been wealthy land owners on Detroit III. The Cierny family had owned mineral rights to the lands around Ann Arbor for several centuries by the outbreak of war.

Jana’s husband Milan had an honorary commission as a member of the local militia. When the Red Chasseurs invaded the planet he was killed in the operation that attempted to contest their landfall.

Jana swore revenge. Following the war she sold her family’s holdings and purchased a small fleet of vessels to prosecute a personal vendetta against the Taurians. The flagship and primary offensive weapon of these fleet was the “Moja Pomsta”.


The “Moja Pomsta” was originally constructed as the “Knossos”, a Danais-class cargo dropship some time in the late 28th century. Shortly after its construction it was modified into the Trojan formation made famous by blockade runners during the Periphery Uprising.

Not much is known about the ship’s career as the “Knossos”, save that at some point it was sold into service with a firm in the Magistracy. In 2815 the ship was purchased by Jana Cierny, who modified it still further and renamed the ship to the “Mona Pomsta”

The modifications to the vessel were relatively simply, but extensive. The armament was kept intact, as was the small craft bay already equipped. A second small craft bay of approximately the same configuration was installed, along with a bay capable of launching and servicing a pair of aerospace fighters.

In addition, the life support systems of the vessel was vastly augmented. This was to accommodate a considerable increase of the number of people on board the vessel. To board other vessels Jana modified her ship to carry a reinforced company of infantry, trained as marines. These troops were intended to use the small craft carried to board target vessels and take their crews and more important passengers captive.

To house these captives a group of steerage-class quarters were built These quarters were cramped and spare, but they did allow Jana to hold captive whatever Taurian business-people and officials she came across.

To make all of these changes the available cargo space had to be cannibalized. Ultimately that this meant that while Jana had intended primarily to steal high value cargo from her targets, her most profitable booty taken from her victims was nearly always her prisoners.


Jana’s career as a pirate lasted for 5 years. Over that time she became notorious throughout the rimward part of the Inner Shere. It is estimated that she managed to steal over 150 kilotons of shipping from Taurian merchants and even the Taurian military over that time.

However, by 2021 Taurian anti-piracy efforts had begun to push her out of her preferred hunting grounds within the Periphery. She chose to expand her operations into the Capellan Confederation. By this time the Capellans had found themselves depleted by Ilsa Liao’s focus on conquering the Chesterton worlds of the Federated Suns, and their frontier had become rife with piracy.

This activity would eventually prove to be her downfall. A joint anti-piracy operation between the Capellan navy and the Taurian Defense Force eventually hunted her and her pirates down. The Capellans even managed to commit one of their few remaining WarShips, a frigate, to the endeavor. Against that firepower Jana could not fight, and eventually she found that she could not escape.

Jana Cierny died on January 3rd, 2822. In her last act as captain she attempted to ram the Capellan frigate with the “Mona Pomsta,” only for the dropship to be destroyed by fire during the attempt.
Code: [Select]
Trojan "Moja Pomsta"
Type: Civilian Spheriod
Mass: 3,200 tons
Technology Base: Inner Sphere (Standard)
Introduced: 2813
Mass: 3,200
Battle Value: 2,484
Tech Rating/Availability: D/X-E-D-D
Cost: 160,916,000 C-bills

Fuel: 250 tons (7,500)
Safe Thrust: 3
Maximum Thrust: 5
Heat Sinks: 84
Structural Integrity: 7

    Nose: 105
    Sides: 105/105
    Aft: 81

    Bay 1:  Small Craft (2)         2 Doors   
    Bay 2:  Small Craft (2)         2 Doors   
    Bay 3:  Fighter (2)             1 Door   
    Bay 4:  Infantry (Foot) (4)    1 Door   
    Bay 5:  Cargo (713.0 tons)      1 Door   

    90 rounds of LRM 20 ammunition (15 tons)

Escape Pods: 4
Life Boats: 0
Crew:  2 officers, 6 enlisted/non-rated, 4 gunners, 136 bay personnel, 6 passengers, 20 steerage       

Notes: Mounts 23 tons of standard aerospace armor.

Weapons:                    Capital Attack Values (Standard)
Arc (Heat)              Heat  SRV     MRV     LRV     ERV   Class       
Nose (18 Heat)
2 LRM 20                12   2(24)   2(24)   2(24)    0(0)  LRM         
    LRM 20 Ammo (30 shots)
2 Medium Laser           6   1(10)    0(0)    0(0)    0(0)  Laser       
RS/LS Fwd (26 Heat)
2 LRM 20                12   2(24)   2(24)   2(24)    0(0)  LRM         
    LRM 20 Ammo (30 shots)
2 Medium Laser          14   2(18)    1(8)    0(0)    0(0)  Laser       
    1 Large Laser
RS/LS Aft (6 Heat)
2 Medium Laser           6   1(10)    0(0)    0(0)    0(0)  Laser       
Aft (6 Heat)
2 Medium Laser           6   1(10)    0(0)    0(0)    0(0)  Laser