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Author Topic: Revenge of the Kell Hounds  (Read 3177 times)


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Revenge of the Kell Hounds
« on: 13 April 2014, 20:02:45 »
Revenge of the Kell Hounds

Lyran Commonwealth
1 November 3143

On 15 August 3142 most of Kell Hounds regiment was annihilated by Jade Falcons on Timkovichi by orbital bombardment.  Beginning in November 3143, a small unit began assaulting the Falcons’ OZ. They learned that the unit in question was calling itself the Kell Hounds; the assumption was that the Hounds had died on Timkovichi. These Hounds made fools of the Falcon and Horses garrisons all throughout the occupied territory time and time again. What took the Clanners a while to figure out was that this unit—which they had almost written off as pretenders using the Kell Hounds name for psychological purposes—was made up of retired Hounds brought back into action, new recruits, and the few survivors, all under the command of Callandre Kell, niece of the last Hounds commander, Evan Kell. The destruction of the Kell family mercenary unit had driven Callandre to extremes of grief, and she was determined to make the Falcons pay.

Kell Hounds - Destroy Repair Gantry, Ammo Crates and Communications Tower. Also to destroy as many Jade Falcons as possible.
Jade Falcons - Protect Repair Gantry, Ammo Crates. Kill or capture Calliandre Kell. Confirm attackers are Kell Hounds by capturing a pilot.

Turn 1

The Kelli Hounds entered from the far end of the map while the Jade Falcon's moved out from the Ammo Dump.
The Wolfhound takes a missile barrage from the Bane and suffers 2 crits (engine and medium laser) all other fire is ineffectual. The Communications Tower take a blow from the Pouncer's ER Large Laser.

Turn 2
(sorry no picture)
The Kelli Hounds continue their march on the ammo dump marching right up the middle of the field. The bulk of the Jade Falcons move into the forested hills surrounding the dump. The Crossbow makes a break to the side with a Point of Elementals along for the ride. The several Kell Hounds target the Crossbow who fails his PSR and fall in the water. Knock free the Elementals and one unlucky trooper getting squished in the mud! The Wolfhound unleashes a blast from the PPC Capacitor HPPC at the Communications Tower, blowing it to pieces

Turn 3

The Kell Hounds continue their push while the Jade Falcons hold their ground. The Pouncer falls to fire from the Rifleman IIC. The Repair Gantry is pummeled by long range fire from multiple Kell Hounds.

Turn 4

Some of the Kell Hounds 'Mechs enter the ammo dump and force the Jade Falcons to pull back some units. The Bane takes heavy fire and suffers 3 CT crits (2 engine hits and a heat sink). The Rifleman IIC takes a Gauss round to the head from the Mangonel. One Ammo Crate is destroyed.

Turn 5
(no picture)
The Arctic Wolf is swarmed by the point of Elementals. The Zeus takes several hits and suffers multiple crits (Hip and Gryo). The Hunchback IIC takes 12 SRMs to the rear armor and suffers a gyro hit.

Turn 6

The Kraken is killed by a gauss round from the Mangonel. All the remaining ammo crates are destroyed. The Kell Hounds greater numbers are starting push the Jade Falcons to the breaking point.

Turn 7

The Crossbow and Elementals are downed by combined fire. The pilot of the Verfloger alpha striked (back to back) and caused an over heat and ammo explosion. The Hunchback IIC takes fire from several units and falls destroying its last few points of internal structure.

The Kell Hounds took the win by completing all objectives while the Jade Falcons were only able to accomplish one by preventing the Zeus and the unfortunate Verfloger from escaping.

Fun game and completed in less than 5 hours!

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Re: Revenge of the Kell Hounds
« Reply #1 on: 14 April 2014, 10:10:03 »
Thanks for the great game, Sagittaire.  I see somebody went and got my Crossbow killed after I left.
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Re: Revenge of the Kell Hounds
« Reply #2 on: 14 April 2014, 18:43:42 »
Very cool. What CF did you use for the crates and the gantry?
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Re: Revenge of the Kell Hounds
« Reply #3 on: 15 April 2014, 22:27:34 »
I had a blast playing in this well run game. Thanks guys. Can't wait to come out for some more mayhem.