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Author Topic: 3025 Draconis Combine versus Periphery battle report  (Read 1356 times)


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3025 Draconis Combine versus Periphery battle report
« on: 22 October 2012, 10:47:21 »
This was probably my best game yet in a long time. Battlemechs shooting and kicking the crap out of eachother. I played the Draconis Combine unit. I tend to use as I please with battlemechs so be easy on the cannon lashing, lol.

I like trying to tell a story so I write notes during the game. I also love telling what weapons worked to show others how weapons on one mech are better than others and so forth. I tend to forget pictures, because I haven't chose a paint/unit yet. So let me know what you think and tell me how I can improve my tactics and my reports.

Battle Setup

Tech level



Battletech x 2
Open Terrain #1
Open Terrain #2

Battletech Forces


Draconis Combine

Catapult CPLT-K2 - G 3 / P 4
Warhammer WHM-6D - Piper - G 3 / P 4
Marauder MAD-3D - Captain - G 3 / P 4
Banshee BNC-3S - Shades - G 4 / P 4

Eight PPCs and an AC/10!



Dervish DV-6M - G 3 / P 4
Hunchback HBK-4H - G 3 / P 4
Awesome AWS-8Q - G 3 / P 4
Victor VTR 9B - G 3 / P 4

Tracked APC (LRM Variant) - G 3 / D 6

Battle Report

Turn 1
Both units advanced towards each other. The Warhammer hung slightly to the left of the Draconis lance keeping the Taurian Dervish in check. The lone APC stayed put atop a large hillside.

Turn 2
To discourage the Draconis unit from invading Taurian lands, the Dervish fired two LRM 10s, launching a dozen LRMs towards the Warhammer. The Warhammer jokingly took the LRMs and returned two PPC shots to the Dervish stripping all the outer armor off the arms. The Awesome sent a PPC shot to the Banshee while receiving two PPC shots in return. The Catapult failed to connect any PPC shots while the Victor hit the Catapult with a big scary ML. The Marauder followed up on the Victor with two PPC shots.

Turn 3
The Dervish jumped to a safe hiding spot and dumped all of its remaining SRM 2 ammo thereby silencing the SRM 2 launchers. The Warhammer having scared off the Dervish put its sights to the Awesome and gave two PPC shots for two PPC shots in return. The Banshee continued its assault upon the Awesome as well sending an AC/10 shot along with a PPC shot to the Awesome. The Hunchback moved out to fire upon the now engaged Warhammer. The Hunchback's AC/10 struck the Warhammer directly in the head shredding all the armor off, but failing to harm any internal systems. The Warhammer's pilot stood fast and held his mech upright. The Marauder sent a PPC shot to the Hunchback in response to its dirty tactics. The Catapult and the Victor both failed to harm each other and settled for hand gestures, and harsh language. The APC failed again to hit something with its LRM. The APC commander yelled to its gunner "Turn it on".

Turn 4
The Hunchback moved further towards the Warhammer planting another AC/10 and a ML. The Warhammer fired a ML in return scoring a head hit damaging the armor. The Victor fired all of its weapons at the Banshee. The Victors arsenal included the first of many AC/20 shots, but it was not enough to tople the banshee. The Banshee closed the distance to the Victor and opened fire with a powerful short range barrage failing to do any damage more than a single ML. The Awesome switched its attention to the undamaged Marauder giving it a full volley of three PPCs. The Awesome's PPC barrage tore all the remaining armor off the left leg and damaged the left foot.The Marauder sent one PPC shot back in return. The Dervish having found a fire lane to the Maruder fires some LRMs registering a critical hit. The pilot kept the battlemech upright while avoiding any further internal damage.

Turn 5
The Hunchback and the Warhammer continued to carve eachother apart. The Hunchback gave the Warhammer its full weapons load while the Warhammer gave the Hunchback a PPC shot and a ML for good measure. The Banshee seeing the Victor move towards the Marauder fired and AC/10 and a barrage of ML fire at the Hunchback. The Victor switched to the Marauder and failed to do any damage. The Marauder shot the Victor for interfering with the current duel with a PPC and a LL. The Victor's left arm was sliced off silencing the attached ML. The Awesome continued to hail PPC fire at the Marauder which was successful in stripping the remaining armor off the right arm. The Catapult in support of the Marauder sent a PPC blast towards the Awesome. The Dervish and the APC hung back and rained LRMS together at the Catapult.

Turn 6
The Hunchback and the Warhammer continued to carved eachother apart. The Hunchback's AC/10 shot missed completely, but all of its other lasers fired true. The Warhammer was only able to return two MLs.  The Catapult moved into towards the Awesome to fire two PPC shots along with some machine gun fire at the APC. The Awesome in response to the Catapult's move fire three PPCs one hitting the head damaging the life support. The Marauder fired two more PPC shots to the Awesome causing the massive assault mech to topple to the ground damaging a heat sink. The Banshee unloaded an AC/10 shot and a barrage of short range firepower at the Victor. The Victor fired an SRM4 and an AC/20 back at the Banshee causing the battlemech to fall. The Dervish found a long open firing range to the Warhammer and fired its LRMs failing to do any damage. The APC's LRMs managed to register critical damage, but the Warhammer shrugged it off. The Warhammer and the Hunchback kicked eachother causing massive damage to each other's left leg. The Warhammer's left leg came out okay as the Hunchback's left leg was torn from the socket causing the mech to fall to the ground.

Turn 7
The Banshee's pilot attempted to stand up, but fell in the process and was knocked unconscious.
The Hunchback stood up!
The Hunchback fired back at the Warhammer missing with its AC/10 and only damaging with a lousy SL. The Warhammer fire a barrage of SL and ML fire back at the Hunchback damaging the head. The Catapult fired a PPC and two MLS to grab the attention of the Victor to take some pressure off the Banshee. The Catapult's bold move was successful as both the Awesome and the Victor moved towards the Catapult in an honorable move considering the vulnerable Banshee. The Catapult felt the full blow of all three of the Awesome's PPCs along with the Victor's SRM4 and an AC/20 shot. The Catapult stood tall and jut as viscous defending his comrade in his current despair. The Dervish's LRMs struck the Warhammer again tearing all the remaining armor off the center torso. The APC was most dishonorable moved towards and fired its LRMs at the downed Banshee damaging the right leg heat sink. The Hunchback and the Warhammer  went for more physical abuse as the Hunchback punched into the Warhammer's internal armor damaging a heat sink while the warhammer kicked into the Hunchback's internal armor as well. The Hunchback fell again.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The unconsious Banshee's pilot's mind stirs ...

Hmm... Picture no working ... :(

A moment prior to Shades losing consciousness during an unseen engagement prior to this engagement.

Captain: Shades is down, put some pressure on those Awesomes.
Captain: Piper, put some heat on the Awesome in front of you.
Captain: The Awesome near Shades is mine.
Captain: Jiminy check and push back the Stalker.

Captain saw the internal torso of his opposing Awesome center torso explode in a fireball as the remaining internal armor was completely destroyed.

Piper saw his PPC blasts follow true right into the opposing Awesome's already damaged head. The Awesome's pilot ceased to move along with his mech standing tall with a trail of smoke billowing from the mech's singed cockpit location.

Jiminy pushed his mech towards the opposing Stalker blocking its movement and giving a big light show of combined ML firepower.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Turn 8
The Banshee's pilot awoke!
The Banshee stood up!
Hunchback attempted to stand and failed damaging the mech. The Hunchback did manage to shoot a ML at the Marauder in defiance of the Warhammer's doings. The single ML destroyed the rest of the right arm armor, but failed to damage the weapons inside. The Catapult badly overheated backed off from the Awesome while missing any potential damage. The Dervish fired its LRMs at the near crippled Catapult and damaged the left torso machine gun and the put the right arm PPC out of commission along with the upper arm actuator. The APC in support fired some LRMs as well towards the Catapult. The Victor moved to the Warahmmer to finish what the Hunchback started and finish it off. The Victor got its AC/20 to tear into the Warhammer's right torso, but failed to damage any internal parts. The Warhammer focused on the annoyances caused by the Dervish with a blast from both PPCs resulting in the destruction of the right arm. The heavily damaged Awesome was now in the sights of a very pissed off Banshee pilot and fired two PPCs at it in hopes to slow it down. The damage inflicted tore into the left arm internal structure with nothing done. Even if something were to be damaged it was not something the Banshee needed at the time. The Banshee opened fire with its preferred short range barrage and the AC/10 shot shot strange into the Awesome's exposed heavily damaged center torso and destroyed the rest of the internal structure. The Awesome's systems shut down completely removing it from the fight. Battlemech Destroyed! In an attempt to topple a foe, the Victor kicked the Warhammer's left leg crushing a heat sink.

Turn 9
The Hunchback tried to stand again and failed again damaging the mech. The Catapult remained still because of its high heat levels and took time to vent excess heat. The APC crew saw no reason and not relenting and fired more LRMs at the Catapult. The Warhammer had quite enough of the annoying APC and fire a quartet of SL and ML fire to remove it from combat. Vehicle Destroyed! The Marauder fire two MLs into the Victor's right torso, however its ammo bins were safe. The Victor fired its SRM4 and C/20 at the Marauder in reponse to its close vacinity. The SRMs managed a head hit while the AC/20 completely destroyed the left leg silnecing two much needed heat sinks. The Maruder fell hitting its left torso rustling the internal structure a bit. The Banshee followed up with the Marauder's ML with a nice AC/10 into the Victor's left torso. The Victor's ammo were safe again. The Victor's pilot tried to keep the mech upright, but fell to the ground. The Dervish launched its LRMs at the lone over heated catapult and a few missiles hit the last bits of internal center torso armor. The Catapult's systems shut down leaving a powerless heated mech smoking from its center torso. Battlemech destroyed!

Turn 10
The Marauder stood up!
The Victor stood up!
The Hunchback tried to stand again and failed again damaging the left arm shoulder and the left arm hand.
The Dervish missed with its weapons. The Victor pummeled more SRMs and an AC/20 into the Marauder in hopes of bringing it down. The Marauder's left and right torsos internal structures were further torn apart along with the loss of a heat sink. The Victor felt the force of the pack as the Warhammer, Marauder, and the Banshee opened fire. The Warhammer's PPC missed. The Marauder's lasers destroyed the Victor's left torso removing the SRM ammo thereby silencing the SRM4. The Victor's pilot felt both side torso internal structure's damage along with a large snap from his mech as the center internal structure buckled resulting in the gyro being damaged. The Banshee's AC/10 hurt, the quartet of MLs hurt more, the SRM 6 showered the remaining center torso internal structure to oblivion. The Victor went dead standing among giants. Battlemech destroyed!

End Game

Carnage Report


Draconis Combine

Catapult CPLT-K2
Pilot hit (Head hit)
Life support damaged
Machine gun damaged
PPC damaged
Center torso destroyed
Battlemech Destroyed!
Warhammer WHM-6D
Pilot hit (Head hit)

Battlemech critically damaged
Marauder MAD-3D
Pilot hit (Head hit)
Pilot hit (Fall)
Left foot damaged
Left leg destroyed
Heat sink silenced
Heat sink silenced
Heat sink damaged

Battlemech critically damaged
Banshee BNC-3S
Pilot hit (Fall) x 2
Pilot (Unconscious)
Heat sink damaged


25%   Battlemechs destroyed
0%     Mechwarriors killed



Dervish DV-6M
Remaining SRM 2 ammo dumped
SRM2s silenced
Right arm destroyed

Hunchback HBK-4H
Pilot hit (Head hit)
Pilot hit (Fall)
Left arm shoulder damaged
Left arm hand damaged
Battlemech crippled

Awesome AWS-8Q
Pilot hit (Fall)
Heat sink damaged
Center torso destroyed
Battlemech Destroyed!

Victor VTR 9B
Left arm destroyed
ML silenced
Pilot hit (Fall)
Left torso destroyed
SRM4 ammo silenced
SRM4 silenced
Center torso destroyed
Battlemech Destroyed!

Tracked APC
Front side desrtoyed
Vehicle Destroyed!

50%   Battlemechs destroyed
0%     Mechwarriors killed
100% Vehicles destroyed
0%     Crew killed


The everyone gets a PPC lance was fun to use and quite powerful in the long run. The main thing to worry about is the ability to rise heat levels fast especially if a mech loses a heat sink.

The Catapult I thought would get a center torso ammo explosion actually died from a center torso destruction. Plus it was holding on to three points of internal armor for the last few turns before it finally died.

The Marauder's extra LL helped out with heat issue. I kind of would have liked the AC/5, but did not want the ammo for this lance.

It never occurred to me till we started playing I could have used an Awesome instead of the Banshee as it has PPCs.

The Hunchback refused to die and did't die. This time is the charm.

The Victor I under estimated a bit. I thought the slightly weaker armor would be an issue, but it was fine even for coming up close and personal. One thing it had to its advantage was coming up within the min range of overheated mechs and lesser short range resistance. It managed to avoid ammo explosions a lot.

The Dervish did exactly what it was supposed to with bigger mechs, stay way away and fire LRMs.

Need to try pre map selection then pick forces next time. We tend to pick force and then pick maps on the spot.

I think after this game I really need to simply pick a paint scheme for some of my mechs I use a lot. Trying to narrow it down is tough for me. I can never decide.


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Re: 3025 Draconis Combine versus Periphery battle report
« Reply #1 on: 23 October 2012, 12:59:30 »
Heh, the hunchback failed pretty hard eh?  Sounds like it spent the game flailing around on the ground.  O0