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Author Topic: 3025 Mercenary Campaign  (Read 2761 times)

Kathil Uhlans

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3025 Mercenary Campaign
« on: 28 December 2011, 10:38:38 »
I'm GM'ing a Battletech/Battletech RPG campaign for several of my friends set in the 4th Succession War era.  We plan on mostly doing Battletech, but their characters will be generated using the RPG rules to add flavor and in case they get caught out of their 'Mechs. 

We've just finished the first two missions back-to-back, but I'll post their unit description first.

"6th of October" Mercenary Battalion (really more of a reinforced company)

G "Genesis" Company
-3 platoons of Foot Infantry (Ballistic Rifle, Paratroopers, Paramedics)

O "Omega" Company
-Red Lance (BJ-1 Blackjack, UM-R60 Urbanmech, FS9-H Firestarter, PNT-9R Panther)
-Wolf Lance (MON-67 Mongoose, STG-3G Stinger)

M "Mac" Company
-Maintenance Platoon (6 Tech Teams
-Medical Platoon (1 Medical Team)
-Motor Transportation Platoon (4x 10-Ton Flatbeds)

The date is January 1st, 3027, and their first three contract choices were:
Capellan Confederation-Patrol
Federated Suns-Assassination
Free Worlds League-Cadre Duty

and they chose the FedSuns contract for the high pay and short duration, the final contract looked like this:
Employer: Federated Suns
Mission: Assassination
Location: Tsingtao, Sarna Commonality, Capellan Confederation
Contract Duration: Two months
Payment: 794,042 C-bills
Independent Command
No Overhead Compensation
Full Salvage Rights
100% Straight Support Rights, but only for survivors upon contract completion.
Full Transport Rights

kind of generous, but they have to get the salvage to the dropship themselves, and they don't have equipment for that, so it's only what they can drag or carry, and the support is only for what's left at the end of a week of straight combat.
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