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Author Topic: 3039 - Link a Satellite Network  (Read 2034 times)


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3039 - Link a Satellite Network
« on: 02 December 2019, 12:54:32 »
Lyran Force:        OpFor:
1x Atlas               1x Locust
2x Zeus               1x Commando
1x Hunchback      1x Centurion (AC20 version)
1x Locust             1x Stinger
                           1x Battlemaster
                           1x Whitworth

Objective was to capture three points to link up a satellite network.  The Lyrans plan, if not obvious from their force composition, was to capture one point with the Locust then hold it with the Atlas. The other mechs would go fight for the other two positions, waiting for the Locust to be freed up once the Atlas arrived on point.  The OpFor's intent seemed to be to rush all three positions without much engagement.  Their plan worked on two positions, with half of their force tying up 4 of the Lyran units.  Unfortunately their plan went awry once they turned their force towards the third objective, now secured by the Atlas.  Poor planning and movement decisions by the OpFor led to three of their units getting cored by the Atlas.  As the third mech fell, the Battlemaster decided to challenge the Atlas alone.  With the rest of the OpFor being finished off, the two Zeus' were able to turn their attention to the Battlemaster as well.  The game was called as the Lyrans linked up the remaining two locations.

The OpFor was definitely outgunned, but had better pilots across the board.  The light mechs had 1 or 2 movement mods and were in close range with the Atlas.  The Atlas, barely needing to move, had easy hits with the AC-20 and got lucky with each hit going to the center torso.  I believe they could have stood a better chance if the Battlemaster had challenged the Atlas earlier on, with the lighter units coming in afterwards to finish it off.  Good game with lots of action, and hopefully the OpFor players now know to keep range and movement high when fighting against anything with an AC-20.