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Author Topic: Horses looking for a pedigree!  (Read 1957 times)


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Horses looking for a pedigree!
« on: 20 February 2012, 15:56:43 »
Kempten, Ghost Bear Dominion
As the Jihad dies down, the Clans have returned to their normal cycle trials and internecine combat. Looking to Bolster their breeding stock, The Hell's Horse have raided a Ghost Bear world  for the genetic material of Chris Hall. While the Bears have put up a strong resistance, the Horses have punched a hole in the line and are attempting to deliver a coup de grace against the trial's target and win Immediately.

Horses Objectives
Identify the GhostBear Commander and disable his 'mech.
-The commander can be Identified by a mech with an active probe ending the movement phase in range of him.
-A mech without an active probe can identify the commander by ending its movement adjacent and not firing its weapons for a turn.
-A vehicle can Identify the commander by ending its movement adjacent for 2 consecutive turns. It may fire weapons.
-An infantry unit can identify the commander by successfukky swarming the unit.
The commanders mech will be considered crippled under the following conditions
Destruction of two limbs, 2 gyro hits, 2 engine and  gyro hit. 2 hip hits.

Points scored
Per GB mech destroyed +4
Crippling the commander +8
Destroying the Commanders mech - 6
Identifying the Commander +2
Per horse mech destroyed -3
Per HH Vehicle destroyed -2
Per HH infantry point destroyed -1

Ghost Bears
Huntsman O
Huntsman A
Hankyu O   
Nova Cat B
Summoner G
Salamanders X5

Hells Horses
Uller Pr
Adder pr
Hellion Pr
Grendal Pr
Epona B X 2
Gnomes LRM X2

Salamanders X2

Turn 1

Both sides move to range as best as they can. With the Horses using the dip in the hill to draw a bead on the Huntsman at the back. Lining up 3 of thier units for shots on it. The shadowcat goes in to assist.
The Horses shots miss. While the Shadowcat starts the game with a direct strike with the arrow IV onto the Uller. Taking out a point of Salamanders and hurting a piont of Gnome with the Blast. And causing some actuator damage to the Ullers LB arm.
The Adder and Huntsman exchange fire for some armor damage.
Turn 2

The Bears push on the right flank with most of thier shots going wide on thier targets. In return they get a spattering of long range shoots scratching thier armor. And in spite of his run accross the table the ShadowCat lines up a shot on the Adder. And Scores a direct hit again. Taking the second Piont of Salamanders before they managed to disembark. And The adder ends up loosing the a side torso causing its heat to spike after firing both its guns. Causing it to shutdown at the end of the turn. The Horse commander is not happy with this turn of events.
Turn 3

The Horses push closer with the BALI which takes minor damage as it presents itself.  The Grendel and Summoner Exchange fire and the Grendal ends up on 14 heat due to it efforts. The Huntsman lands a kick on it just to show it why how the Warriors of Omega Roll. The Shadowcat misses this turn. But you can't have a great time every time.
The Adder starts back up. With no other damage as the Bears did not focus on it at all this turn.
Turn 4

The Adder begins to withdraw providing fire support as it goes.
The Hankyu chases down the Hellion and Epona who are skirting the rear lines. It proves a fatal move as the Epona takes the head off it with a PPC. The Shadow Cat shots just glance the Grendal.
The Huntsmen hit the Balius.  The Shadowcat looses the Mighty Arrow IV to the Gnomes in a spot of revenge.The Nova Cat throws down a few mine fields

Turn 5

The Novacat advances for better shots. A foolish mistake that proves costly for the bears, the Grendal risks 2 minefields and gets into the behind it and sets off the ammo in the left side. The Huntsman attempts to back it up. But only does minor damage to the Grendal and misses the Kick.
Gnomes and Elemental go head to head resulting in some mutual deaths.
The Uller takes a hit to the foot while assisting in the savaging of the Novacat. The Novacat warrior manages to stay awake and on its feet for a few seconds before a series of kicks sends it to the deck.
The Hellion and Summoner exchange fire while the Eponas move for better shots.

Turn 6

The Novacat stands and attempts to withdraw.
 While the Huntsmen attempt to harass the Balius which shruggs off the combined fire.
The Nova cats attempts are cut shot as it other side is cleaved off leaving it a smoking ruin.
The  Shadowcat receives more fire and makes the call to withdraw now that it only had 1 Med laser left.
And the Summoner continues to blast the Hellion and Epona until its head get slagged by a PPC Blast.

Seeing his forces rapidly dwindling. The Ghost Bear commander in one of the Huntsmen offer Surrender. Rather than see his forces picked apart any more.

The game started well for the bears. With the Shadowcat having a great time to begin with. Very happy with its infantry splattering, and messing up the Adder.
In spite of a bad start Pete kept his head and managed to turn it back for the Horses with the two head hits and taking the Cats arm. And Savaging the Novacat. But that was my own fault for being too cocky.

I did enjoy using the Arrow IV for hunting Battle armor. And it was interesting to see What the Balius could do.It's tough enough for a 65 tonner.

 Pete deciding to ignore his primary object served him well. Althou the way he was taking heads off it could have turned out badly for him had he focused on the Huntsman O which contained the commander.


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Re: Horses looking for a pedigree!
« Reply #1 on: 21 February 2012, 09:36:03 »
Nice!   O0

It's always great when a plan pulls together through persistence in the end.