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Author Topic: Alpha Strike, 1st game  (Read 1468 times)


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Alpha Strike, 1st game
« on: 11 January 2015, 04:05:33 »
I've been a long without actually playing anything (not since August I think) and I was happy to set up a game of Alpha Strike at the club in Bordeaux. My twi usual accomplices, Stephane (mars) and Jean Jacques (caturix on this board) were lending me a hand, being the guinea pigs in charge of running the Steiner or Marik camp. Most terrain (but for buildings) was lent by the club, and the minis are my set from an own starter box.

Here is the terrain. No special objectives, just duke it out and see how the rules work

Steiner had the following forces
Atlas Banshee Zeus Jagermech
Enforcer Vindicator Whitworth Panther
Quickdraw Clint Dervish Commando

Marik  had the following forces (actually the remainder of the minis)
Awesome Catapult Dragon Trebuchet
Cyclops Grasshopper Hunchback Hermes II
Assassin Cicada Jenner Spider

All mechs were TRO 3025 variants

Stephane actually set a fire support element on the little hill on his left, while Jean Jacques advanced his forces on a wide front

Marik's right seen from the hill occupied by the Steiner fire element

Steiner's center

Marik's left ; teh Catapult is actually holding back three mechsn the Commando, Panther and the Banshee

The plinking from the hill got the better of the Hunchback that was the first kill

But things got outright disorderly  from there, as mechs were duking it out in several furballs

In the end, Steiner had lost 4 mechs (Atlas, Banshee, Zeus and Quickdraw), Mark had lost 5 (Hunchback, Cyclops, Grasshopper, Assassin and Hermes II). A lot of the survivors were close to destruction - CLG had been reached simultaneously apparently) but we had to pack up as it was closing time.

Lots of supportive comments too, from the "historical" players who usually are not really interested in Battletech and woulds not mind giving AS a try :)

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