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Author Topic: And then all Hell broke loose ...  (Read 1421 times)

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And then all Hell broke loose ...
« on: 12 June 2014, 12:50:11 »
We had our monthly Alpha Strike game at the Adventure Game Store in Hollywood, FL, and it was brutal.

Here's the setup:

The flat terrain was a combination of the Ruinscape tiles from Hawk Wargames and some print out templates of ruined buildings.
The 3-D terrain was cardboard buildings from the same company and a home made styrofoam piece.

Probably the first sign of that carnage was on turn one was when the building a Cidcada was perched on collapsed under enemy fire.

She lost all her armor in the fall.

Long story short, one side was run by a husband and wife team that kept to organized tactics and combined fire.

The other side, not so much.

You can guess how that went.

After two hours and losing half a company, the disorganized side forfeited.

No objectives where taken by either side.
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Re: And then all Hell broke loose ...
« Reply #1 on: 12 June 2014, 15:42:35 »
Awesome, thanks you for sharing!  I going have look into getting some of those buildings and streets for myself.
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