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Author Topic: Total Chaos: Stirring the Anthill  (Read 2518 times)


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Total Chaos: Stirring the Anthill
« on: 22 October 2017, 02:33:39 »
Situation December, 3069. Draconis Combine
"Captain D'Vries has given me full control over 'Brotherhood' assets that are not currently on Solaris VII. At his behest, I have purchased additional assets to allow us to better handle contracts while our forces are split. This included a couple of new Mechwarriors. Despite our desire to recruit only those that faced the betrayal on Outreach, our reality is that there just aren't enough available and capable warriors left from that pool. The captain was able to get us a contract in the Combine through some of his contacts on Solaris VII. It was supposed to be a simple extraction mission as part of counter-incursion training. We go in, pull out their DEST team, and they tell the Nova Cats how they did. As this was training, I sent in our newest forces to see how they perform. However, the Dragon lies. I was told that the Nova Cats did not fight as one who is training, but as one who is protecting something. I was also informed that the extraction failed, but that Dragon was appeased by the results anyways. With some of the payment, I hired us an Aerojock, as we are lacking in that area. She will be a good addition to the force. At this point, I think our 'Brotherhood' might be in need of a new name." - Irena "The Wolf" Lupei

Optional Rules:
Floating Criticals
Careful Stand
Ground Vehicle Hit Location Chart removes the Critical on an 8 and the possible motive Damage on a 9.
VTOL and Hover Lateral Slip

Mission Options:
Polar Mission

The Brotherhood of Outreach
Lawrence "Piggy" Hamm (4/5) - Thunderbolt TDR-5SE "Razorback"
Wiktoria Wojewoda (4/5) - Whitworth WTH-1
(4/6) - Drillson
(4/5) - Bandit F
(4/5) - IS Standard Battle Armor (LRR)
(4/5) - IS Standard Battle Armor (LRR)

(4/5) - Kage Battle Armor (Laser)

First Nova Cat Guards
(2/3) - Ocelot (Standard)
(2/3) - Snow Fox (Standard)
(2/3) - Matador 2

Map Set-Up
[City Tech Map][Woodland][Rolling Hills #2]
All set long edge to long edge.
Attacker's edge was the "eastern" edge of the map.
The Kage deployed exactly six hexes away from the "western" edge of the map.
The Snow Fox deployed hidden, the Matador was the reinforcement unit.

Turn 1. The Kage jumped it's full distance away from the edge, while all hover tanks, moved as quickly as they could, given the hills, towards the lone Battle Armor squad. The two 'Mechs jumped as far as they could, as any other movement was much more risky on the ice.
Turn 2. The Snow Fox was revealed this turn, and aggressively moved towards the Kage - without risking falling on the ice. Attacking 'Mechs continued their jumping towards the Cats - again, any other movement was just a bit too risky at this point. Both hovers still continued forward rapidly, in the hopes to get close enough to the Kage to present a bigger threat. This is also the turn in which the Ocelot arrived, which also made a beeline for the Kage. Shooting that turn would see a warning shot from the Drillson (Needed 12's on the missiles, rolled an 11...) and warning shots *at* the Kage (Long Range, plus Basic Stealth, plus Battle Armor, plus Jump, plus Movement distance = +9 before opponent's skill and movement.)
Turn 3. Hovers get bogged trying to pass through snow drifts. 'Mechs continue their slow plod forward. The Kage is cornered and unable to keep himself at long range - the Clan 'Mechs come within Medium Range. Shooting ends up seeing a single Kage Battle Armor dead.
Turn 4. Hovers continue to get themselves bogged down. Thud and Whitworth continue jumping forward. Seriously 4 jump feel slow when your Kage is getting shot at... The Snow Fox moved a bit too close to the Kage, allowing for me to attempt an anti-Mech attack. He attempted to protect the Snow Fox, but well... the Ocelot fell as it skid on the ice. The anti-Mech attack succeeded needing 9's. At this point, I considered any result a "success" since I achieved one of the objectives of the mission - between that and the mission options, I made a Warchest profit from this game. Woo! Go me. Another Kage died that turn.
Turn 5+. At this point, things are a bit fuzzier, as I was a bit less worried about things. The remaining Kage would sadly be completely murdered by the two Clan 'Mechs before I could get any of my units within one hex of it, so the Matador will never show up. That means I am out two of the remaining objectives. The Ocelot would find itself losing his left torso to a combined Drillson, Bandit, and Whitworth fusillade. The Drillson would take a Heavy Laser and ER Medium to the side, taking out the engine forcing me to abandon the vehicle. (One point left in the side torso? Of course the crew bails.) With the Ocelot "crippled" by Forced Withdrawal definition, the last of the achievable objectives had been obtained, and I knew it was time for me to bail from the field. After all, I did not get any salvage from this mission, so trying to take out the Snow Fox was not worth my time. However, my Battle Armor had off-loaded that turn, and it would not be safe to just remount him the following turn as it would leave the bandit open to Clan laser fire.
The following turns would be a futile attempt to preserve the Battle Armor by leaping away, and then bringing the Bandit back to pick him up. After the battle armor was killed, the rest of the match was a fighting withdrawal. The Snow Fox had lost two legs to various fire, leaving the crippled Ocelot to pursue. We agreed that "surviving the track" was indeed simply not suffering center torso destruction, so I went ahead and fired on the Ocelot in order to prevent it from getting a shot in on my Whitworth's open right torso. Ocelot went down with two engine crits to the CT (making a total of four engine hits) and four points of inner structure remaining.

Force Losses:
IS Standard Battle Armor (LRR)
Drillson Heavy Hover Tank (Unable to recover vehicle due to a zero salvage policy for this mission.) Crew Survived, however.

Next mission will be Click, Click, Boom!
- Time to see how well Thunder-Augmented LRMs work in keeping the Word of Blake off of the vehicle I need to escort off the map...

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Re: Total Chaos: Stirring the Anthill
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 Thanks for the write up