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Battle Reports
« on: 14 February 2015, 23:11:11 »
Game set up is 5 mechs each at 10k BV max based on base BV.  All mechs given ¾ pilots.

My force:
Warrior Hall - Bear Cub
Warrior Snuka - Fire Moth
Warrior Bekker - Karhu
Warrior Tseng - Grizzly
Star Captain Jorgensson - Kodiak



“Send it, Hall”

“Multiple medium mechs moving up the left flank, Fenris, Viper, and Pouncer, Star Captain.”

“Aff.  Tseng, assist Hall, the rest of us will continue advancing to find the heavier mechs.”

“Affirmative Star Captain, Tseng en route.”

“Snuka, keep wide so you can flank them, keep alert, the Warhammer and Kingfisher just pinged my radar. Bekker, stay between us and take the ridge ahead alongside me so we can lay down fire on these mechs.”

   The star began to spread out to engage the inbound forces.  Hall’s Bear Cub advanced quickly but kept distance so the LRM 5 racks could be effective and give him time for Tseng to bring the Grizzly to bear. 

   The Kodiak, Karhu, and Fire Moth advanced along the center and right flank of the battlefield.  Taking advantage of a ridge the Kodiak and Karhu took partial cover to lay down fire against the two heaviest mechs of the opposing star.  Snuka’s Fire Moth engaged its MASC system to push deep on the right flank and put
pressure on them with its immense speed.

   On the left flank the Bear Cub engaged the opposing medium mechs and began to fall back as they were pulling far left.  Realizing the small group of lighter mechs had moved so far to the left flank Tseng was ordered to advance forward and assist in engaging the Kingfisher.

   The Kodiak, Karhu, and Grizzly all opened fire on the Kingfisher and it and the Warhammer focused fire on the Kodiak.  The Kodiak’s heavy armor proved very useful as it absorbed 15 point after 15 point shot of PPC and Gauss. 

“****!” Jorgensson yelled as a Gauss slug narrowly missed the cockpit. 

        Fire exchanged between the now outnumbered bear cub went very poorly.  Expecting the high movement modifier and running modifiers of the opposing mechs to keep most of the shots from hitting was a poor gamble as it was hit with enough damage to fall and snap its own leg off. 

   Victoriously the medium mechs began to fall back to assist the outnumbered heavy mechs.  By now the Kingfisher was taking many shots and felt it by the left torso taking internal hits.  In return they caused the Grizzly and Kodiak to both fall multiple times, but were still holding together. 

“Bekker!  Advance up the center and get into the forest those mechs are occupying, make that blade very visible!”

“Aff Star Captain!” Bekker called back as his 65 ton mech burst from his own cover and began to haul across the battlefield.  He lifted off in his jump jets and landed under 90 meters from the Kingfisher.  This caused the 90 mech to push forward and engaged the Kodiak at close range.  By now the medium mechs were advancing from the left flank along their own line, pulling fire from the Grizzly, which by now was full of holes, but still firing rapidly.

“Snuka, get behind that Warhammer! Tseng, hold the mountain and give the viper pause about moving so close.”

“Tseng, this is Hall, I have a shot on the viper from long range!  LRMs are inbound!”

“Aff, I will keep my eyes open.”

“Hall, this is Jorgensson, where are you?!”

“The Medium mechs engaged me before I could pull back further, my left leg has been torn off, they left me here, and I am propped up between two trees firing LRMs in support of Tseng against that Viper!”

“Aff, do what you can, keep that mech in one piece.”

   Bekker pulled his Karhu forward looking at the back of the Kingfisher bringing both his Ultra A/C 5s to bear alongside a medium laser and large laser.  After the Fire Moth blew by to get to the Warhammer that was holding back the barrage of fire slammed into the back of the massive assault mech.  The massive slugs chewed apart the back of the mech alongside the large laser followed up by the medium laser…. Putting a hole through the cockpit’s little remaining armor. 

   As the Kingfisher toppled over the Fire Moth began to light up the rear armor of the Warhammer that was still holding back.  SRMs coated the back of the mech.  At this point the star had to pull back  as the loss of a light mech on the Ghost Bear side was not a good trade for a 90 ton mech on their own.  Tseng’s Grizzly was down to the internals in nearly every slot and was still dealing damage to the viper, but the pristine Karhu now inside the opposition’s lines was a very big threat that even the three medium mechs would have issue dealing with.
   This game was a lot of fun to play as it seemed to go south for each of us at different points.  If it were not for time constraints the game definitely would have had a few more turns.  The Grizzly was severely damaged but still good as far as engine and gyro were concerned as well as all of its weapons besides the lost ATM.  The Kodiak was heavily damaged but still had many more large laser and gauss shots to fire. 

   The opposing medium mechs were slightly damaged but now had to deal with the lightning fast fire moth and the brand new Karhu, with a 5/8/5 was a very agile heavy mech with a very dangerous melee weapon.  Depending on shots landed the 90 ton difference could have been negated, but the only resistance to ranged fire really seemed to be the Warhammer. 

Image is from the beginning of the game about turn 2.
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Re: Battle Reports
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3-for all engagement
Rasalhague Dominion:
Lance Commander: Captain Reign – Battlemaster BLR-10S
Warrior Gurdel - Warhammer IIC 4
Warrior Snuka - Bruin
1st Lt. Lukas - Valiant V4-LNT-K7

Opposition force 1:
Nova Cat

Opposition force 2:
Atlas II
Shadow Hawk
Timber Wolf

   This quadrant is vital to the region because of its water supply and defendable mountain range along with a large forest to ambush enemy forces.  This evening at 1830 three lances collided in an attempt to take the area.  The Rasalhague Dominion appeared to have the upper hand when opposing forces needed to pull back for other necessary tasks.

“Form up on my lead Arktos Lance.”
“Aff, Captain.”

“My radar has just lit up with enemy forces.  Looks like two mechs are inbound from the other side of the mountain range and three are en route from the forest.  There are other contacts a few hundred meters out but it appears they have engaged.” Captain Reign said, updating his Lance.

“Gurdel, maintain rear guard, take advantage of those ATM6 Extended Range missiles.  Snuka, you have the right flank, don’t let that Strider and Shadow Hawk flank us.  Lukas, push up the center ahead of me but keep moving fast.  Everyone maintain close range to take advantage of my ECM.” A series of confirmations were returned and they spread out from formation.

The Viper and Exterminator were making good speed straight towards Reign and Lukas, keeping very hard to hit.  Lukas was preparing to outmaneuver the Viper when a PPC shot from the right flank’s Shadow Hawk tore the canopy right off the cockpit.  “Captain!  My canopy was just blasted off by a PPC!  There is a Mad Cat pushing hard near my position!”

“Keep yourself alive, move forward and take cover in the mountains.  There is an Exterminator moving up on us and fast, focus on him.”  Lukas pushed forward and ran into the cover of the mountains under the cover fire of the Captain’s medium lasers and PPC.  More shots rang in from the Warhammer in the rear of their formation and even some fire from the Bruin as it was perched up on a mountain on the right flank.

The Exterminator and Viper used their agility and Jump Jets to bound between the woods, causing the Battlemaster and Warhammer to have to slow to a standstill so they would have the opportunity to hit the fast targets.  Trying to break the Dominion line, the Viper made a dangerous mistake by flying and landing directly in front of the Battlemaster with the Valiant nearby as well.  After a massive exchange of alpha strikes the Valiant carved off a piece of armor with its hatchet and the Battlemaster firmly planted its foot into the leg of the quick mech.  It promptly lifted off again.

Checking the radar, Reign was able to identify the mechs they had not been engaged by yet.  An Atlas II was fighting a Banshee and Nova Cat a few hundred meters off.  Just then the Viper blasted its jump jets, flying into the far rear of the formation.  “Gurdel!  Viper inbound behind us, light him up!”

“Aff, Captain, my pleasure.”  Followed by the static caused by the twin PPCs firing.  A wave of ATM missiles followed quickly after.  One PPC missed but the other tore a torso apart.  The fire came too late as a cluster of medium lasers managed to tear through the rear armor of the Battlemaster.  It did not do any severe damge but the left rear armor was no more.

“Snuka, pull ahead on our right flank, engage that Timber Wolf, push it back!  Lukas, stick with me and stay within our lines, make any of them fearful to come within our formation.”

The Bruin began leaping forward unleashing salvos of LRMS, gauss slugs, and continuous pulse laser fire.  Drawing the attention of the entire right flank and the three mechs occupying it plenty of missiles and lasers were being returned. 

Having shown the Viper that staying within short range of the Warhammer was a fatal decision it quickly move out of the area and engaged the Battlemaster as the Bruin chased the Timber Wolf into the mountain range.  Having been so agile and hard to hit the Battlemaster had to stay stationary and weather the storm of incoming fire to get shots even close to the target. 

As Snuka pursued the Timber Wolf up the right flank and into the center of the battlefield the right flank began to open up.  “Gurdel, line up shots with those mechs on the right flank, keep them back.  Lukas, pull back and haul to the right flank as well.  Move fast, that is a lot of ground to cover.”  As his sentence finished the small mech blew by, firing off lasers at the mechs trying to flank Arktos.

The Timber Wolf began backpedaling and jumped onto the mountain nearest the fight between the Atlas, Banshee and Nova Cat.  Gurdel jumped up to the peak of the nearest mountain to their lance.  Keeping the pressure up a Gauss slug landed squarely in the Timber Wolf’s center torso.  But, the Timber Wolf had other plans.  Two salvos of missiles erupted from its missile racks and began to bombard the Battlemaster’s position.  Luckily, few caused damage.

As the right flank was holding with the Warhammer covering it from range and the Valiant charging in, Captain Reign focused on the Exterminator.  In an exchange of fire, Reign’s severely damaged leg took a lower leg actuator hit, causing his mech to crash to the ground, but received no severe damage.  After fighting to regain his footing the massive 85 ton mech stood again.  “Captain, this is Snuka, the Timber Wolf has broken off.”

“The Exterminator and Viper have broken contact as well as I began to approach to give you assistance, Captain.” Added Gurdel.

“It appears the opposing forces are breaking off.  Calling in this area is clear, I will work up a patrol pattern while we wait for command to move into this  mountain range.  For now, Snuka, keep perched on that hill, in the woods, Gurdel, maintain your rear left flank position, Lukas, scout the woods, enjoy the breeze missing that canopy.”

(I will post pictures tomorrow)
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Re: Battle Reports
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Battle Report 3-8-15

Battlemaster BLR-10S Major Rahn
Battlemaster BLR-4S Captain Reign
Grasshopper GHR-5H 1st Lt. Howlett
Hellbringer F Warrior Magnusson
Valiant V4-LNT-K7 1st Lt. Lukas

Timber Wolf A
Mad Dog F
Stormcrow ? 
Kit Fox A

   The Rasalhague Dominion deployed a star to engage a group of clan mechs that were moving within their area of operations.  Led by Major Rahn the star pushed forward to engage.

Game Setup:

     Map built with maps from map complilation 2, total of four maps.  Rasalhague Dominion deployed with the Hellbringer and Valiant on left flank within a mountain range.  Both Battlemasters and the Grasshopper deployed on the center/right flank. 

“Lukas, Magnusson, report.”

“Major, a single Timber Wolf is preparing to engage directly ahead on this flank.”

“Move up under the cover of the forest and mountains, get as close as possible.”


“Howlett, start jumping forward through this forest to get us visuals, Reign, stay close, we are going to be getting close.”

“Roger.” Howlett replied as the Grasshopper’s jump jets lifted the mech off the ground.

   The Battlemasters began making their way up the center of the field under heavy cover of forest.  As they moved forward the Hellbringer and Valiant began moving quickly to engage the Timber Wolf.  Getting closer, Magnusson tried to exchange medium range fire with the Timber Wolf suffering a PPC hit to the right torso, hitting the XL engine.

“Major!  The Timber Wolf has us outgunned and outranged, he is also using a river to keep us from getting too close!”

“Solid Copy, get to cover, see if you can maneuver around.”

   While the Major replied, the two Battlemasters emerged from the forest, the Major sending a PPC at the Timber Wolf, but only wound up tearing a tree down.  The Timber Wolf responded, but just caused more damage to the forest.  On the Right flank the Mad Dog was moving quickly to get in short range with the HAG-20s.  The Battlemasters continued to push up the field to engage the quickly advancing Mad Dog and the Stormcrow keeping pace.  The kit Fox remained in the rear, keeping any gaps from forming between the Timber Wolf on the far left flank and the Mad Dog and Stormcrow. 

   Advancing, Captain Reign’s Battlemaster charged ahead, over a stream, on a bridge to get to the Stormcrow.  In a savage barrage of combined fire, both Battlemasters and the Grasshopper open fire on the Stormcrow, coring out the gyro in one turn of fire.  The mech twisted and jerked as it lost all stability and crashed to the ground. 

“Lukas, Magnusson, push to the right flank, leave the Timber Wolf out there and engage this Mad Dog while we finish off this Stormcrow!”

     The Mad Dog was pushing hard on the right flank as the fire was pushed onto the Stormcrow.  The Valiant and Hellbringer ran as fast as their mech could push and engaged the Mad Dog.  Multiple LBX slugs landed from the Hellbringer, alongside its medium lasers.  The Valiant charged in and blasted away with its medium lasers as well.  Only, following the laser fire it swung its hatchet, cleaning the right arm off the mech, taking off a HAG 20. 

     Under the assault the Mad Dog managed to get off a few salvos of shots into the Captain’s Battlemaster.  It wound up punching through in both legs and both arms, but was unable to damage the internal components.  The amount of damage this Battlemaster had survived was devastating.  A total of 216 points of damage had been withstood by Captain Reign by this point as the entire enemy unit was concentrating fire on his mech.

     In retaliation to the Valiant it planted its foot hard into the Valiant, destroying an upper leg actuator.  The 30 ton mech quickly booked it away to avoid losing the leg entirely.  Warrior Magnusson moved in to engage the Mad Dog at point blank range.  He caused severe damage to the left side landing lasers and LBX10 slugs, heating up quickly.  Both torsos were destroyed and finally after a support salvo from Major Rahn composed of a PPC and 5 of 6 medium lasers the fusion engine was killed in the Mad Dog. 
     Howlett began to advance as the Dominion star cleared their lines of opposition units.  However, a streak of bad luck overcame the Dominion mechs.  A barrage of fire from the dying Mad Dog caused the Major’s Battlemaster to fall, damaging his torso.  A PPC to the torso of the Grasshopper, followed by medium pulse lasers caused it to crash into some trees and fall as well, stripping the remaining armor from her mech’s torso. 

     At this point the opposing clan mechs pulled back.  The ejected pilots were not pursued and upon recovering from the falls the Dominion star secured the area. 

After Action:

Game could have gone in a totally different direction if opposition took terrain to advantage- have ways to circumvent this scenario, jumping Grasshopper was a good start to have. 

There were a couple of positions where the mountains and rivers provided barriers that would slow the deadly Battlemasters from bringing their array of medium lasers to bear. 

The Hellbringer was almost rendered useless right off the bat, leaving him in the open just long enough to get shot a PPC. 

The Valiant did a fantastic job of cutting the right arm off the Mad Dog, just needs to make sure to get in rear or side arc to avoid kicks that go through the full leg armor.   

No pictures this time, sorry.  It was a fun game, I was very pleased with the dice rolls I was receiving.  I was just happy this was not a game where I took a 15 point hit to the head like usual!
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