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Author Topic: Betrayal at Dawn River AAR  (Read 1292 times)


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Betrayal at Dawn River AAR
« on: 19 September 2012, 06:38:59 »
Nova Roma June 3014 Anton's Rebellion Lieutenant Kerensky fights for her life against the infamous Bounty Hunter
Beta Regiment is sent to Nova Roma to defeat Loyalist guerillas When suddenly the roles are reversed and hunted become the prey.

Set up was handled differently for this game, I placed each mech about 6 hexes apart with the Dragoons in the lead. BV was about  8200 with a mix of 3/4 and 3/5 pilots. Using lots of heroscape terrain including a river and large ledge the Bounty hunter group struck first by winning initiative.

Rd 2 and 3 saw a huge amount of back stabbing by the quicker units. The Dragoons had several Davion units from previous contracts, Like the Fire Javelin and the PHAWK-D. They cored into the backs of the B Hunters Guillotine and Ostroc. While the Bounty Hunters Locust kept the pressure on Kerensky forces. The little 1E variant did very well strikingfrom the rear constantly. Both the Guillotine and Ostroc had several engine  hits hampers them greatly.

Rd 4 was a draw as both teams did heavy damage to each other. Kerensky finally got her first hit of the game as her large laser almost destroyed the annoying Locust's leg. The Bounty Hunter was piloting a royal variant Tbolt and laid down hit after hit with very accurate ERPPC and LRM 15 fire. Kerensky's Mad-3d with DHS and extra armor held up nicely although it's left arm was destroyed.

The Locust finally fell on this turn losing its leg by the Javelins mighty kick.

All and all a very good fun game. Extremely close draw this one was.