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Author Topic: Clan Wolf v Society 400PV  (Read 2766 times)


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Clan Wolf v Society 400PV
« on: 13 November 2018, 11:05:36 »
Recently played a Clan Wolf vs Society game with a friend. Battle Report (to follow:

Clan Wolf v. Rogue Society Forces
PV – 400, Game Type – Standup Fight, Optional Rules – Formations, Formation Movement, Battlefield Intelligence
4’x4’ board with 10” deployment
Clan Wolf
Command Star – Dire Wolf Prime (Tactical Genius), Naga Prime (Combat Intuition), Warwolf Prime, Warwolf B, Savage Wolf Prime (Combat Intuation)
Support Lance – Warg Assault Armor x 4 (Combat Intuition x 2)
Light Recon Lance – Badger C B x4 (Manuevering Ace x4, Forward Observer x4)
The Clan Wolf forces were all skill 4. The goal of the force was to swarm hard units with the badgers and blow them up before anything could be done with those units because of both the Wargs using their Combat Intuition and the Naga’s Combat Intuition.

Rogue Society
Command Star - Osteon Prime (Tactical Genius), Pariah Prime x2 (Combat Intuation x2), Cephalus Prime x2
The society forces were all Skill 0 except the Cephalus which were skill 2. This was because of a misunderstanding of how TAG worked in Alpha Strike. This heavily inflated the PV of each unit, but also showed me the power of low skill units at range. The Nova CEWS configuration for the unit linked each Pariah to it’s own Cephalus and the Osteon. This was used to great affect with the indirect fire of the Osteon’s iATMs.

Turn 1 – Initiative winner, Society
Having lost the initiative, Clan wolf forces sprinted the Badgers forward to about midfield where they all deployed the Wargs to unleash hell on the Osteon. The Naga moved up to the forest in the South East side of the field so that it could start raining on the Osteon. The Osteon was savaged up until the point both players remembered that Combat Intuition is only available on turns that initiative is won. This favored the Society slightly through their BI bonus of a +1 (which will be seen later). So, after erasing erroneous damage on the Osteon, my Wargs were very exposed. The command Star moved up to the forest to get cover while moving up.
During the Society’s movement, the Pariah’s moved up and deleted two of the four Warg points off of the board. The Osteon took cover behind the north east rock formation and the Cephalus’ moved up along either side of the board, ready to spot. Woe unto the misdeployed Wargs.

The Clan Wolf forces, frustrated at their ill-timed deployment, still managed to get some hits on the Pariahs from the Naga, but whiffed with the Wargs and Badgers. The Cephalus west of the Dire Wolf met its end from a quick 6 points of medium range damage.

Turn 2 – Initiative winner, Society
Clan Wolf Command Star moved into the woods for that cover bonus to try to negate the huge advantage that the improved pilots of the Society (which is ironic from a fluff standpoint) had at range. The Naga stayed put for better modifiers for the artillery shots. The Badger’s loaded up the Wargs and moved up more on the Osteon’s rock formation, which would turn out to be a not very good move.
The Society moves the Pariah’s up just slightly, right between both occupied woods and the far eastern rock formation. The Cephalus moves around to get a good spotting distance on the Naga.

Clan Wolf once again whiffs nearly everything, except for some scratches inflicted by the Badgers against the Osteon. Standard pilots at range is bad.
The Society Osteon and two Pariahs delete the Dire Wolf and a point of Wargs off of the board.
(no picture available)

Turn 3 – Initiative winner, Society
The Badgers fled quickly around the rock formation around the northeast to try to corner the Osteon. Clan Wolf had forgotten at this point that they had lost initiative. The command star moved further into the woods to try to prevent back shots by the Pariahs against them.
The Society moved the Pariah’s to pick on the Naga at this point and moved the Osteon to the south side of the rock formation that it had been taking cover behind in the Northeast corner.

Clan Wolf managed to whiff almost everything again except for a good chunk of damage by one of the Warwolves on the Osteon with the assistance of artillery from the Naga.
The Society removes the Naga from the fight, destroying it via Pariah fire. Things are not looking good for the Wolves.

Turn 4 – Initiative winner, Clan Wolf
Freaking finally, Clan Wolf wins initiative. The Osteon moves to defend itself from the impending Badger swarm with the lone point of Wargs in support. The Pariah and Cephalus move to the far eastern rock formation to protect themselves from the wolves about to emerge from the forest to attack.
The badger swarm move to confront the Osteon and try to engage with the Combat Intuition on the remaining Warg, which, par the course, misses terribly. Same with the Savage Wolf that moves out of the woods with the Warwolves.

The Osteon tries to take down the last Warg point, but misses it’s shot terribly (somehow), but the nearby Pariah finally takes him down.
The Badger swarm takes down the Osteon behind the rock formation, while trying to be just outside of short range to the nearby Pariah.

Turn 5 – Initiative winner, Clan Wolf
The Pariahs and remaining Cephalus move up as far as they can to try to fight the Badger swarm in the north east, unable to really hug the rock face because of the location of the Badgers at the beginning of the turn.
The remains of the Command Star for the Wolves moves up to snipe as the Badgers move to swarm one of the last two Pariah.

One Pariah manages to hit one of the Badgers, not causing quite enough damage to ruin its day, as the Badgers all filed fire on it in return. The Savage Wolf also manages to land a shot on the same Pariah, removing it from the field. The Society admits defeat.

Clan Wolf really ruined their changes of using the Wargs as effectively by deploying them way too early. Additionally, not moving in their average pilots (meaning all of them) as fast as possible really crippled their effectiveness because of TMM’s, terrain, and other things that were routinely forcing them to roll 9+ for to-hits.

The Society, because of the misunderstanding about how TAG works in Alpha Strike v Total Warfare, overinflated the PV of the Cephalus pair, which reduced their number. Admittedly, the Society player really just wanted to use their Society stuff without thinking too hard about force composition.
For both players, this game was a great learning experience.


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Re: Clan Wolf v Society 400PV
« Reply #1 on: 13 November 2018, 11:06:26 »
Will reply with pictures tonight. The ones I have are too large and such action is difficult on mobile.