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Author Topic: The Falcon's Clutches: Marik vs Jade Falcons  (Read 4956 times)


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The Falcon's Clutches: Marik vs Jade Falcons
« on: 03 June 2011, 23:43:34 »
Blunting the Talons

Duke Marcus Ziegler faces a grim situation. Marik scouts report the imminent arrival of a binary of Jade Falcons towards the HPG array and facility, one of several planetary facilities which have been primary targets for the Falcons. Accompanied only by his personal battlemech unit, the Marik forces must ensure his survival, and secondarily, that the HPG array remains intact. Reinforcements have been called in - war weary remnants of a nearby battlemech regiment already involved in several other fierce engagements. It is unclear wether they will arrive in time to ensure the Duke's safety, and that of the HPG facility.

Special scenario rules we used for this game:
* Falcon missions: kill Duke, destroy HPG array, retreat from mission area
* Marik missions: defend HPG array, ensure Duke stays alive
* Duke's Marik unit starts in the middle of map, defending HPG array
* any successful hit to the array will destroy it
* Jade Falcons light star will enter any map edge on turn 1
* Jade Falcons heavy star will enter any map edge on turn 3
* Marik reinforcements arrive Turn 5 on a map edge (chosen by marik player if duke is still alive by this time, else map edge chosen by clan player on a roll of 5+ on 1d6, the rolls become 4+, 3+ 2+ etc on subsequent turns)
* Destroying the array on any turn will alert all Marik forces in the region, allowing them to enter any map edge the following turn

Free Worlds League - Marik Royal Regiment
A battle hardened unit fiercely loyal to Duke Marcus Ziegler, although the length of the campaign has fatigued them somewhat, and their piloting skills reflect this.

Duke Ziegler's Personal Unit
* Awesome, AWS-9M (3050)
   Duke Marcus Ziegler, Pilot (2/2)
* Catapult, CPLT-C1, (3025)
   Pilot (4/5)
* Hunchback, HBK-5M, (3050)
   Pilot (4/5)
* Trebuchet, TBT-7M, (3050)
   Pilot (4/5)
* Spider, SDR-7M, (3050)
   Pilot (4/5)
* Panther, PNT-10K, (3050)
   Pilot (4/5)

Marik Planetary Guards - Remnants of 2nd Regiment
* (Approximate) Company Size of reinforcements. Many of these mechs have had the chance for only limited repairs during the extensive military campaign against the Falcons, and so this is reflected in pre-existing damage (and some depleted ammunitions) on these units.

Clan Jade Falcon - Gamma Galaxy

Binary Aplha
Throughout the long and fierce campaign on planet, a growing number of the galaxy's front line mechs have been destroyed. Losses in the Falcon ranks have been replenished where possible with second line mechs and young mechwarriors barely out of the sibko.

Alpha Talon
* Warhawk Prime, (3050)
   Star Captain Medron Pryde, Pilot (2/3)
* Mad Dog Prime, (3050)
   Pilot (3/4)
* Hellbringer A, (3050)
   Pilot (3/4)
* Summoner Prime (3050)
   Pilot (3/4)
* Conjurer (3055)
   Pilot (4/4)

Alpha Eye
* Kit Fox A, (3050)
   Star Commander Callum, Pilot (2/3)
* Kit Fox Prime, (3050)
   Pilot (3/4)
* Firemoth Prime, (3050)
   Pilot (3/4)
* Horned Owl, (3055)
   Pilot (4/4)
* Incubus (3055)
   Pilot (4/4)


The Duke's pesonal battlemech unit deploys at the centre of the map next to the HPG array, positioned behind the cover provided by the lightly wooded rolling hills. Jade Falcons Alpha Eye entered the mission area from the south, racing ahead of Alpha Talon.

Carefully positioned mechs of the Duke's personal unit.

Jade Falcons Alpha Eye race into the mission area, slowing their mechs to cruising speed.


The slow whining noise could be heard from the woodlands ahead as the forest treetops rustled quickly in the wind. Or was it just the wind?

Mechwarrior Janice nervously fidgeted inside the cockpit of her Trebuchet, searching the horizon in vain for enemies. As she looked down at her scanner, now detecting several approaching targets, an enormous bang came from Mechwarrior Grant's Hunchback close to her right. Janice glanced at the Hunchback, massive shards of armour blasted off its torso from a long range laser hit. 

Directly ahead, the dark green Falcon mechs rapidly emerged from the woodlands.

"Give them all you got Grant, looks like they are only in light mechs!" Janice shouted, unleashing a large volley of LRMs towards an advancing Kit Fox.

Falcons slow to cruising speed, ready to engage the Marik Unit.

Long range fire is engaged between the Falcons and Marik mechs.


Some Marik mechs emerge from cover to engage the light Falcon battlemech star.

"Another star of Falcons coming from the west?! Where the hell are our reinforcements?"

Janice's Trebuchet was being skillfully picked apart by long range weapons, almost as if the heavy woodland she stood in made no difference. Chillingly, a childlike voice intruded on her commline, a Falcon mechwarrior challenging her to a duel, and Janice promptly ignored it.

The Marik units emerged from their hiding positions, hoping to overwhelm the light Falcon mechs with their superior weight and numbers. They needed to destoy these Falcons quickly, before the second star arrived, if they were to stand any chance.

Spider closes on the Jade Falcon light mechs, both of its medium pulse lasers landing hits on the Firemoth, and managing to inflict two engine hits. The Firemoth rocks violently yet manages to stay upright. The Hunchback unleashes a thunderous autocannon-20 round, but misses the quickly moving Kit Fox. Trebuchet fires an LRM15 salvo, but misses. Meanwhile, Duke Ziegler, Panther, and Catapult concentrate their long ranged fire on the Incubus, but the Jade Falcon mech easily evades the ER PPC fire and missile clusters. A single small cluster of missiles hit the Incubus, peeling off chunks of fragile light armour.

The Falcon lights are ordered by Star Commander Callum to despatch of the honorless Marik units quickly, before Alpha Talon arrives. Alpha Eye would take all the glory. The Firemoth unloads all its weaponry on the Spider engaging the star, Streak SRMs and medium lasers accurately finding their target and tearing off the Spider's right arm.


"Star Commander Callum, you have had your chance. Stand down as originally ordered, and leave the Duke to my star".

Star Commander Callum cursed. Although his star was comprised of young mechwarriors lacking battle experience, he knew they could easily match Medron Pryde's star for skill. The Star Commander heatedly barked orders into his own star's comm channel.

"Alpha Eye, continue to dispatch of these freebirth scum. The Duke and the HPG are ours!"

Jade Falcons Alpha Talon arrives at mission area.

Oh Sh**t

Star Captain Medron Pryde makes an entrance, flanked by Falcon mechs on blazing jump jets.

The vice tightens about the Duke's unit, beset from two fronts

Trebuchet, Catapult, and Panther turn to face the marauding Heavy Falcons star, while Duke Ziegler manages to retreat his mech behind some cover. Meanwhile, the Hunchback and Spider are in the thick of vicious close quarters fighting with the Falcon lights.

The Hunchback unleashes another devastating autocannon-20 round at the Horned Owl, blowing off its right leg spectacularly. Medium and small lasers scour the Horned Owl as it crashes to the ground. Star Commander Callum and the Horned Owl also unload their weaponry, into the Hunchback, which staggers and crashes to the earth under a fussillade of accurate pulse laser fire, and a Gauss Slug to the rear.

Amidst the close quarters fighting, the Spider continues to slice into star commander Callum's Kit Fox with medium pulse lasers, but suffers weapons fire from another Kit Fox at its rear. The Spider's armor is torn to shreds by LBX-autocannon, medium laser, and SRM fire, before the smoking Spider crashes to the earth, its pilot unconscious.

Vicious close quarters fighting

Duke Ziegler's loyal guards face the onslaught of the Falcon heavies, allowing him the chance to retreat

Star Captain Medron Pryde's heavy star strolls toward the ragged Marik unit, the Mad Dog and Summoner picking out separate targets for themselves. Disgusted at the pitiful forces standing against him, the Star Captain issues a duel to Duke Ziegler, who accepts it while retreating his Awesome behind some much needed cover.

"Janice, Holt, Doran, heck all units, retreat into the cover close to the facility!" Duke Ziegler's hoarse voice crackled over the commline.

"We need to get the hell out of here... there will be no reinforcements, the entire 2nd Regiment has been destroyed!!"

Mechwarrior Janice was shocked to the core, how is it possible that the entire regiment was lost so quickly?! However, she knew what had to be done. Her unit would die fighting to ensure Duke Ziegler's safety.

Coordinating her lancemates, Janice braced herself as she turned her Trebuchet in the direction of a monstruous falcon assault mech. Nearby, her fellow mechwarriors in the Catapult and Panther advanced under the cover of some light woods. Instinctively, Janice let loose with all her weapons, the combined fire from three mechs arcing out towards the approaching Masakari. Her heart sank as the large missile clouds sailed harmlessly over the Falcon mech's head, which jinked sideways and somehow avoided the laser fire which followed. A PPC shot from Doran's Panther managed to land a hit on the Masakari's right arm, blasting off armor chunks but not enough to cause it any concern, and Doran was in trouble.

Janice's heart sank deeper, as she watched a falcon Vulture unleashing streams of pulse laser fire at Doran's Panther. Huge chunks of the Panther's armor blasted away from its torso, shaking the mech violently from side to side. One of the medium pulse lasers managed to score a direct hit on the Dorans cockpit, the Panther toppling forward as his gargled scream was prematurely cut off over the commline.

Result of the close quarters carnage


"Janice!! Watch ou-"

Several enormous explosions rocked her mech, sirens blaring within her cockpit, now bathed with heat and red warning lights. A falcon Thor was fast approaching Janice's Trebuchet, and a glance down at her systems showed that its last salvo had breached her right torso completely, destroying the mech's LRM launcher and lasers.

The unit she had served so faithfully for more than 25 years was suffering damage and casualties at a frightening pace; never had she envisioned its end to come like this. Through tear strained eyes, the mechwarrior charged her limping Trebuchet towards a falcon Firemoth, which was wading through the smoking wreckage of Julian's Spider.

"Guards, we make our last stand here - For the Duke!!"

The Marik unit fights on desperately against overwhelming odds at close quarters. The HPG facility is overrun by both falcon light and heavy mechs.

Duke Ziegler slips through the Falcon's claws as the HPG facility is overrun.

The remnants of the Royal Marik Unit fights on desperately

While the remaining Marik units hold the HPG array in vain, Duke Marcus Ziegler races away from the heart of the combat zone in his Awesome, only to have his pathway blocked by a one legged Horned Owl, which, spectacularly, managed to revert to a standing position and fire on the nearby Hunchback.

The Horned Owl's pulse laser fire finds their target, destroying the nearby Hunchback's massive autocannon and blasting off its right arm. However, two well placed ER PPCs from Duke Ziegler's Awesome obliterates the Horned Owl's entire centre torso.

Janice's Trebuchet is rocked by two ER PPC hits from the Warhawk, the arms of the mech almost blown off from the sheer force of the blasts. The Duke's Awesome suffers laser, LBX autocannon, and SRM fire from both the Incubus and Kit Fox.

With two of their units already destroyed, and the rest of them heavily damaged, the Marik Royal Guards are on the brink of complete annihilation.


"Duke Ziegler! Commander Quinton Garth, Royal Guards battlemech division reporting for duty, we'll tie these pidgeons up."  An enormous cheer resounded through the Marik commline, as gleaming Marik mechs led by a Berserker could be seen approaching from the east.

"3rd Regiment Ground Company is also incoming, they will ensure your safe exit via the south - sorry we are late."

To the huge relief of the dwindling Marik forces, reinforcements in the form of an elite tank company and elite battlemech unit arrive on southern and eastern edges of the battlezone.

(and to the huge surprise of everyone present at the game, scenario organiser Kharnifex pulls out the secretly hidden stash of Marik elite units from his goodies container, nice one!)

reinforcements inbound!

Elite Tank Company and House Guards arrive to secure the Duke's escape

Dust clouds on the horizon

Elite battlemechs of the Marik Guards charge towards the overrun HPG array and facility

Tank Company units pour towards the HPG

The remnants of the Duke's personal unit are still embroiled in savage close quarters fighting around the HPG facility. Seeing their mission objectives slipping away, the falcon forces promptly concentrate their focus.

The limping and overheating Firemoth (with 2 previous engine hits) unloads all its weapons into the HPG array, easily destroying it, but leaving its rear to the mercy of the fanatical Catapult. Flying on jump jets, its 4 medium lasers strike the Firemoth from the rear, destroying another engine and tearing the light clan mech apart.

Amidst the chaos, Mechwarrior Janice in her Trebuchet engages in physcal combat with Star Commander Callum and his heavily damaged Kit Fox A. Nearby, Hunchback is also engaged in close combat with another Kit Fox, managing to hit its head with a small laser blast. The Clan pilot however, remains on his feet.

Star Captain Medron Pryde, and the rest of the falcon heavy star, attempt to pick off the Duke's escaping Awesome from the small hilltop. Several clan large lasers, ER PPCs and LRMs all strike the back of Marcus Ziegler's mech, one of the PPC hits scoring 3 critical hits on the right torso, destroying a PPC and some double heat sinks. Staggering, the Awesome does not fall, and continues its escape towards the woods.

The Marik elite mech unit unloads its weapons at the heavy falcon mechs on the hill, while attempting to cross the river. Plenty of Gauss Rifle slugs and PPC shots, but all go wide of their mark. The massive column of tanks unload PPC and LRM fire at the Summoner and Incubus, but fail to hit the jump jetting mechs. Manticores pepper the Kit Fox Prime with LRM fire, destroying all its torso armor.

Charge of the Marik elites

The Falcons aim for the escaping Duke's mech

HPG is up in flames.. can the Duke escape alive?


"The falcons are retreating, keep the pressure on the mechs on the hill. Especially that blasted Masakari."

Commander Quinton Garth's unit had managed to cross the river, and they were unloading all their heavy weaponry towards the hilltop held by the falcon heavies. The lighter falcon mechs had already retreated beyond the hill, still being harassed by the Duke's personal unit. The falcon heavy mechs, although falling back, were still trying to pick out the escaping Duke's machine with long range weapons.

"Raven one, bring the house down"

At his command, an aerospace strafing run engulfed the hilltop with flames and laser fire, confusing the falcon mechs momentarily. His own unit's advance was stalled momentarily, as the falcon Vulture unleashed accurate laser fire towards the pristine Axman at the head of his unit's charge. 2 precise large laser hits on the Axman's right torso must have hit the ammo bay, and the mech's entire right section exploded in a fireball. From the corner of his eye, large clouds of missile fire and PPC bolts sailed towards the escaping Duke.

Quinton Garth cursed in frustration.

"Dammit, we need to buy Duke Ziegler more time!"

A violent scream interrupted his thoughts. Mechwarrior Janice's Trebuchet was toppling forward towards the ground, the armless, charred Trebuchet alight with flames. The remaining mechwarriors of the Duke's personal unit fanatically threw their mechs right in front of the falcons on the hilltop. The Catapult rose on its jump jets into the blue sky, its feet aimed towards the falcon mechs below

Marik Units pour towards the Falcons in an attempt to help the Duke to safety

Star Captain Medron Pryde aimed all four of his Warhawk's PPCs towards the Duke's escaping Awesome.
A sly smile crept at the corner of his mouth, as he softly muttered to himself.

"And now your time is up, freebirth"

The blast of jump jets from a Marik Catapult sailing across the sky obscured his vision temporarily. The dishonorable surat is actually trying to land on us!! Cursing his luck, Medron Pryde aimed two of his PPCs at the flying Marik mech, hitting with both, and the second PPC managing to land a direct hit on the mech's cockpit. The mech's cockpit was blasted apart instantly, leaving a massive gaping hole emitting thick clouds of fiery black smoke.

The Catapult sailed unsteadily through the air beyond the hilltop over the falcon mechs, torn to shreds as it crashed and tumbled down the hillside behind them.

As the Star Captain looked again towards the Duke's Awesome, it was out of sight. Having made it to the safety of the heavy woodlands, a massive column of Marik tanks rolled in place to confront the falcons instead. Medron Pryde slammed his fists into a nearby panel and screamed in anger.

"Time is up, all falcon units pull out"

Marik Units throw themselves at the Falcons, meanwhile a lone aerospace strafing run is right on schedule.

Star Captain Medron Pryde grudgingly oversees the Falcon retreat

Duke Ziegler escapes under the cover of the forest, and the remaining Falcon mechs retreat

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Re: The Falcon's Clutches: Marik vs Jade Falcons
« Reply #1 on: 04 June 2011, 00:05:40 »
An extra pic from our day of fun, just because its too cool

Not the vastness of space, nor the Wolf's obstinate howl, will stay us from our righteous goal.
We are Crusaders and will trample all who stand in our way!


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Re: The Falcon's Clutches: Marik vs Jade Falcons
« Reply #2 on: 04 June 2011, 00:43:57 »
Thanks heaps for writing this up!! it was a great day.
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Re: The Falcon's Clutches: Marik vs Jade Falcons
« Reply #3 on: 04 June 2011, 04:34:10 »
 O0 [applause]

Excellent write up.

Epic looking forces, Great Scenario.
But the clanners in your group have got to stop closing with the enemy.
Unless they are going to start getting Sneaky on them.

Love the Hunchback mod. Anychance of getting a close up on it.

What is the tank at the bottom of this picture?


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Re: The Falcon's Clutches: Marik vs Jade Falcons
« Reply #4 on: 04 June 2011, 06:36:12 »
Yeah I myself still have a way to go regarding playing the clans, seems to be a fine art balancing skill with style. Me and a mate controlled a star each in this game.

The tank at the bottom is a heavy LRM carrier i believe.

As for the Hunchback, i cant say i'm the proud owner of that fine mini, so unfortunately cant grant get the closeups as yet

Not the vastness of space, nor the Wolf's obstinate howl, will stay us from our righteous goal.
We are Crusaders and will trample all who stand in our way!


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Re: The Falcon's Clutches: Marik vs Jade Falcons
« Reply #5 on: 04 June 2011, 07:04:47 »
Yeap IWM Heavy LRM carrier,

Lord Zed/Zig owns the hunchback, he made it using the plastic hunchback that comes from the starter box, a citadel plastic skull cut to look robotic, and some armour plating for bulk, and some kind of canon to make the AC20 look more menacing,

he is working on some pirates, and they remind me of the Reavers from Firefly/serenity, really excellent

here's a blurry camera phone shot, its the best I have atm.

"I think it was two ninjas taped together to make one giant ninja!"

The First Proserpina Hussars were eager to fight the Smoke Jaguars, but the commanders assigned them to attack worlds held by Clan Nova Cat instead. They faced a hard fight on Kanowit, but took Mualang by winning a round of miniature golf. This obviously minimized further losses.


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Re: The Falcon's Clutches: Marik vs Jade Falcons
« Reply #6 on: 04 June 2011, 07:15:49 »
Excellent mod on it.
Loved how the extra bulk can make it look so much tougher


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Re: The Falcon's Clutches: Marik vs Jade Falcons
« Reply #7 on: 05 June 2011, 03:35:52 »
Wow I want that tomahawk.
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