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Author Topic: Early October 3073...Lyran Space  (Read 1737 times)


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Early October 3073...Lyran Space
« on: 09 April 2011, 19:05:52 »
(Our games units are gaining some notoriety)

To: Khan Phalen Kell, Arc Royal
From: Star Colonel Vivian Kerensky, 6th Striker Cluster
Re: Collaborative Efforts
My Khan,
It has been half a Terran standard year since we assigned a one time ristar codenamed “R” by the watch to a command that some solhama warriors might have rightfully died in a Trial of Refusal to avoid, the 15th Artillery Star. 
I am pleased to report that R has made the most of his situation.  While we initially made his star available to support other touman operations through isorla and trials our one time potential disappointment has collected equipment and bondsmen to now lead a full trinary. 
R has done so expressing honor to those who deserve it and the full wraith of Wolf vengeance to those who do not.   Through a Diamond Shark proxy R proved deserving of the Rank of Star Captain within our Touman.  Thus is the nature of these times and it cleared a debt of honor owed to R by the Sharks.   
R’s trinary now includes four points of Elementals won from the Diamond Sharks and several former Smoke Jaguar Omnis provided by subject Q as rewards for services rendered.  One star is composed of the Elementals originally assigned to the 15th now leading the four points won from the Sharks.  Several of R’s vehicle commanders have apprised themselves well and can claim over a Trinary of Robe Mechs fallen to their weapons.   While R has proven to be an adequate warrior, perhaps still below what his tested potential indicates, he has proven himself a shrewd unit commander and capable of the adaptability of working with allied units outside the Touman.   
R’s command has been assigned to a unit combining the assets of two units that the 15th has operated in close cooperation in the past.  This unit is now being referred to as the 12th Combined Operations Battalion, The Alliance has granted operational command to their agents.   R remains in command of the elements of the 15th but this will be its first, and for that matter one of our Touman’s first, merged operations. 
The 12th has been assigned to one of several operations in support of Q’s planned operations.  Their assignment has them entering a system with no known communications capacity.  I would recommend that a  system reconnaissance be dispatched if we do not have contact from units assigned to the operation at Q ops minus six weeks.  Should R survive this operation and provide similar results to past opperations it might be prudent to add R’s name to the list for Bloodright.
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